Following on from my last post in January, we are  now right in the midst of  revising and redirecting our intentions and mindsets.  So, I thought it was timely  to jot a few lines to remind us of what the planets are impressing on us and to encourage you to create space inside for the shifts at work! With the expansive planet Jupiter moving ‘direct’ now the entrepreneur in us all can have an airing!

I want you to imagine the planets as cars shifting gears after standing still for a while , some going forward , some back at around the same time! It’s an optical illusion but, gosh,  it  really effects  us here on Earth. In my last post I wrote about Mercury being retrograde and urged you to work with the prefix ‘RE’ as much as possible in the 3 week span from 7th February – 1st March.

On 1st March it went direct, but coincided with Mars going  retrograde until  20th May. So… on the one hand we are feeling a need to get moving, especially with projects and communications  and yet, with Mars  pulling on the reins of impulsiveness and action this  Spring and Summer, we  can see quite a few reversals and mishaps.  Using this time  internally as a standstill patch; being  outwardly active but  also  open to the flux of life ‘without effort’ and taking in the moment to look back and observe without judgement,  allows nice synchronicities to happen! “Coincidences are  just one of God’s ways of remaining anonymous”   

Taking the natural course of action without defensiveness  or resistance  allows us to use grace with purpose. The Tao and martial art  approach in our dealings with others is our higher ground now.   Refining how we  handle conflict and inequality and  being aware of what we project onto others will prove essential until late summer. With confrontations and impulsive conflict he /she who initiates first can lose – you will observe  this phenomenon regularly in the world now and in the coming months.

There is a heightened sense of familiarity in new encounters,  and big impacts arising from them. Relationships can seem fated, or come to a natural end this Spring /Summer time. Feeling re routed from our usual course of action will prove quite healthy – do bear that in mind when resistance comes up!  Mars wants  to stir up and in Libra now that conflicts with the desire for Libran diplomacy.

Timely retreat can be the mark of the spiritual warrior and walking away can  sometimes  be the highest ground.  When to push forward and when to pull back takes a lot of wisdom. As we begin to understand others more and walk in their shoes we can initiate things and lead because we are attuned more in cooperation  and understanding of their own nature. We are helped by Venus having entered Aquarius on 5th March enabling us to be more expansive and have an open mind.

With Jupiter going direct on March 6th, we are invited to look again and go back to past opportunities we have left behind.  Areas such as publishing, travel of the mind and body and entrepreneurship want and are ready for expansion and should roll smoothly.  Saturn  going retrograde in early March  firms up and makes clear what is worthy of our past efforts – and what isn’t.  I feel that what with the dance going on with  Mercury, Mars, Jupiter and Saturn and the looming Uranus/Pluto quadrant angle (tension) on April 8th, there is a lot of back and forth movement and the need to unhassle  and untangle a build up of confusion, misunderstanding and  even unnecessary fear.  It’s okay to say we don’t know and thus allow insight to come into that void.

A last note:  the New Moon on March 1st sets the stage for the following four weeks – In Pisces, we are urged to create a bridge between the real and what’s also possible!  With  Neptune, its ruler, lined up in conjunction at that  time, dreams and ideals   become important. Again, create bridges and take first steps or revisit lost, healthy  opportunities. Not rushing our fences, creating new responses to old problems and being more in the moment are good axioms this Spring time. As the poet said,  “What is this world if full of care, we have no time to stand and stare?”  Strangely, everything gets done if we relate to it with grace and poise. Not easy at this time of ‘sliding doors’  and outer pressure but  a creative challenge to embrace! Creating new habits out of the dusty outmoded patterns and daily responses serves well now. As Aristotle once  said: “We are what we repeatedly do! “

Wishing you happy surprises and special moments …