Welcome to the World of Astrology

Natal Atrsological ReadingsYour horoscope, based on your date, time (if you know it) and place of birth, is YOUR Soul’s contract with Time and Space in this lifetime – Now there’s a thought!

All this information lives within you, and more and more I have grown to see it as a roadmap. The routes we take in life, with their detours, crossroads and landscapes, are up to us to choose. The signposts which help us to link with our direction and to read the inner compass are where astrology comes in.

The capacity to be more than we think we are and to heal our inner ‘wounds’ by growing in awareness, is how I like to explore and use astrology.

For those of you who know nothing about astrology, here are a few interesting thoughts: A horoscope is comprised of not just the Sun sign – the ones you see daily in the newspaper columns – but all the planets in their various signs of the zodiac on the day of your birth. Also, the ascending sign, based on your time of birth (important for understanding how you express yourself on the surface and how other people see you.) The cycles set into motion at your birth time are triggered by the progressions and the transits in your chart which indicates the times in your life when new pathways and abilities surface.

Each of the planets can be seen as a character that lives within you. Even in our everyday vocabulary, we have the words jovial, loony, plutocratic, martial and mercurial – a direct link with Jupiter, Moon, Pluto, Mars and Mercury. In my work, I look to see what needs strengthening in your nature and what is timely to be released. We wouldn’t need all this help if we trusted our inner timing and instincts, but how many of us do?

If you enjoyed reading about the way I work and you feel my approach would sit easily with you, take a look at the type of consultations I offer and learn more about the subjects I am involved in.

Natal Readings

A large part of my astrological work is natal readings. These readings last up to an hour and a half and I take a deep look at your life in general, your life purposes, talents, past lifetime influences, answering outstanding questions and providing clarity on your path. Readings can be geared to specific areas such as vocations, finance, relationships, soul path, past lives etc. The reading also includes information about the influences for you to work with in the future.

Events Readings

Finding the best date and time for events such as a wedding, signing a contract, re branding, starting a company or a project, sits very happily with astrology. Short sessions spent finding this out and then exploring the chart together prove very useful so that things start on the right note. An event chart has a personality and strengths and weaknesses just as an individual’s does.


These are detailed perspectives of your present situation and the influences of your year ahead, giving you valuable tools to work with for the next 12 months. Realising your potentials at the right times enables you to be in alignment with your growth path, helping to create a fulfilling life. Whilst we are in physical bodies we are beings of cycles and I aim to bring that awareness into my work with you, putting you more in touch with their timing and power. These updates take about one hour.

The ideal way to have these readings is in person with me, but I am happy to produce a reading for you via consultations over the telephone, Skype and other social media. All sessions are recorded for you to keep. On later listening to your CD, further insights and clarity are gained.

Relocation Readings

Astro cartography and the creating of charts based on your new city or country of abode or even holiday place are very valuable for understanding how you relate with this new or potential choice of environment. By placing your chart on the ‘world map’, we explore which places suit you best for work, personal growth, relationships and health. Have you ever wondered why you get on better and are happier in certain countries? Why certain aspects of your nature respond well there? And why some places are a no-no for you? A country and even a city has its own spirit and personality and it’s fascinating and helpful to know how it gels with yours!  It all falls into place when a reading of this kind is explored with me. Sessions last approximately one hour.

Relationship Readings

Whether you are just curious about the inner workings of your partnership – personal or business – or have a need for insight into the ‘rightness’ of committing yourself to someone, these readings are truly valuable to get a clearer picture of ‘why’ you have met. It is not my job to say you should or should not be with a certain person, particularly when it is a love connection. What I offer is a discussion about the many strengths and weaknesses, what needs developing, how you can grow together better and the soul connections. These readings make nice wedding gifts as well. Coming to see me in person whether by yourself or ideally with your partner, can allow you the opportunity to ask questions and make decisions. I also work with ‘composite’ group charts, for example, a family chart, or business group chart.  Sessions last approx sixty to ninety minutes.

Children’s Readings

Ideal, whether as a gift for christenings, birthdays etc, or for your own purposes. I take a constructive approach and see a child’s chart as an inspirational tool kit to be listened to and used regarding the developmental years and with health, education and vocational choices. Inner emotional wounds and areas of lack of confidence can be helped once their origins are recognised.  The chart can shed light on the child’s relationship with parents and siblings and gives an overview of how he or she fits into the family line – what gifts, healing and influences are being introduced. These readings last between an hour and an hour and a half.