“Whatever is born at a particular moment in time takes on the qualities of that moment….” – Carl Gustav Jung

We have always used some kind of mapping! A ship doesn’t sail without the maps and weather being checked. We don’t go out on a journey without consulting satnavs, timetables, weather maps and the like. Casting charts has always been important and the astrological / astronomical map of the heavens and its signatures aligns beautifully without own timings and cues.

I will help you find the best timings for startups, new branding, events, surgical operations and weddings etc. Auspicious timekeeping is vital in personal and business life as cycles permeate life from the stock market to health, new ventures and changes, as well as personal growth. Using the core coordinates – date, time, and place (longitude and latitude) of a business or project – I look at how the planetary cycles can help you align better with your timing, everyday cycles and business plans.

Peaks and troughs are cyclical and at heart we actually know, via our inner timekeepers, the right timing, but, in this increasingly frenetic world, we can lose connection with them with off kilter situations being the result.  My work has proven valuable for financiers, business owners and creative projects over many years and I love helping people be in sync with the rhythms available through the outer and inner clocks.
  • Find out the optimum timing for your beginnings, changes and conclusions
  • Discover why you repeat patterns and sabotage your opportunities
  • How to avoid mismatching yourself with people, jobs and activities
  • Understand the patterns which converge to provide the right conditions for events to succeed
  • Find your next step
  • Successful people  ‘Catch The Wave’ of cycles. Their antenna is finely tuned; is yours?
  • Consultations and seminars to assist you in finding the right time to make the moves and changes that best suit your personal and business life.

My focus is to provide clarity and help you work with your unique inner clock!

I contacted Ysanne to ask for help in choosing a date for facial reconstructive surgery (as you can imagine I absolutely wanted this to go well). I had a list of suitable dates and was terrified, my inclination was to delay this as long as possible!

However Ysanne, after drawing up my chart really felt that the first date 24th March was the most auspicious. I found her reassurance very comforting. I went ahead, had the surgery and am delighted with the results.



Ysanne has amazed me time and again with her “spot on” readings. The most recent involved a reading regarding a prospective career change. I had been offered a job in a completely different field and was very excited about making a change. However, I would be leaving a 30 year career and wanted to be sure that I had fully considered all angles of this decision. Ysanne provided valuable guidance concerning this change. When she asked me when I thought I might start this new job, I told her it would be at the end of July. She hesitated as she consulted her charts and then told me that she felt it would be closer to the end of August. Here’s the most amazing thing: I started my new job on August 31st!

Ysanne has become a respected guide in my life. I won’t make a major move without consulting her first!

Michelle Benedict-Jones

V.P. of Development & Community Engagement, New York, USA

I and 4 family members have received readings from Ysanne and we each found her insights thought-provoking and helpful. I have also given 3 different friends a reading as a Christmas gift which they all appreciated. Last year I had to make some big decisions regarding my business so I consulted Ysanne regarding the timings. I had already set a completion date when I consulted her and she explained to me that it was quite likely that the date wouldn’t hold and would be delayed for a few days until certain planetary configurations had passed. This was completely out of my hands but turned out to be 100% accurate and if I hadn’t had the reading the missed date would have been very stressful, instead, I was confident that all would be well in a few days and indeed it was! She also explained about the 9-month lunar gestation cycle and highlighted future dates to look out for from a business perspective. Although I hadn’t consulted Ysanne regarding business planning before last year my successful experience leads me to repeat the experience when making impactful decisions.

Sara B

Company Owner and Director, Guildford, Surrey, UK