“Nature is not on the surface, it is in the depth. Colour is the expression of the deep on the surface. It rises up from the roots of this world, it is its life.” Paul Cezanne

Colour is energy and information, affecting us at all levels.

We are attracted to particular colours at specific times when our bodies and emotions need balancing and healing.

Research shows that the colour turquoise makes up the dominant proportion of space in the Universe.

Too much black and/or white encourages isolation and detachment from life.

The rainbow colours are literally a bridge to communicate with once we can translate their language literally.


In my biography and readings/services section, I mentioned that I am a colour therapist.

Looking back on my life, I realise that I’d actually intended to make colour and its healing power my main occupation at the time I trained at the Hygeia College of Colour therapy, Gloucestershire, England.  This was in 1978, and I attended courses run by the pioneer in this field, Theo Gimbel. However, life was determined to open me to another path….

When astrology called me to her and became my dominant occupation,  these two subjects nicely cooperated and enhanced each other. In tandem they were and still are to a great extent, though, at a business level, my astrological work expanded more.

My first public speaking experience was at the Summer Schools at Hygeia in the late 70’s, and as an extra mural teacher there, I learnt to weave the energies of the horoscope and cycles of the cosmos, with colour, mythology/psychology and healing.

My love of colour – and its gift to us – to be able to use it relatively safely and simply to help others,  has stayed in my heart; it is always a delight to be asked to give workshops, talks and consultations.

I created the Astrological Colour wheel as a specialised and beautiful tool and picture to personalise  colour for you. By placing the horoscope with its 360 degrees of the zodiac onto the full spectrum of colour, you can see which colours cluster around which planets and star signs. You can see why you are drawn to some colours and not to others. If there are colours you don’t like there’s a very good reason, and by learning to embrace them gently and gradually into your life, you bring on stage aspects of your nature which you have either been afraid of or lack confidence with.

There are many ways of using colour therapeutically. I work with visualisation techniques, counselling, hands on healing and, of course, with the help of astrology which can give indicators as to the psychological  patterns which build stress and illness in the body and mind. By linking these to the relevant colours which can assist the healing process, and encouraging my clients to understand the power of colour and its wise language,  new doorways beckon which are timely and rewarding.


Come and learn more about it on my WORKSHOP.   See below:



Explore the Power of Colour and its relationship to health

From the moment we are born we are surrounded by the energies of colour. In this workshop you will learn how to apply colour more consciously and wisely for the healing of self and others.

Also, as we all have colour preferences and dislikes, there will be the opportunity to discover the deeper meaning behind these for yourself.
For example, did you know that:

GREEN strengthens and balances the Nervous System,
MAGENTA helps you to transform inner darkness and to let go,
VIOLET restores the dignity of the soul,
TURQUOISE strengthens the Immune System,

Ysanne Lewis - Colour Chart During this day, you will gain first hand experience of colour and learn simple techniques to help and heal with it. You will work with the astrological Colour Wheel I created, and discover how your horoscope blends beautifully with it, enabling you to see which colours can be used most effectively in specific areas of your life i.e. in  decision making, social life, learning, artistic projects etc.

Colour is a huge, fascinating and easy to learn subject. Whatever your field of interest, I am skilled to help you apply colour more beneficially in your life.