People I Recommend

There are special people with their special gifts who enter our lives when the moment is right, and I’ve included a selection here who, as clairvoyants, therapists, counsellors and providers of real treasures of holistic products, I can highly recommend.

Do look at their websites – you won’t be disappointed. They have all helped and inspired me over the years. – Amantha Murphy, who lives in Southern Ireland and visits England regularly, is a medium, shamanistic teacher and healer. She works with the goddess energy and the land and facilitates pilgrimages to sacred sites in Ireland. Exploring her website is a true delight; take a look at its visuals and her ceremonies and workshops in Britain and abroad. – Anne Hassett, who lives in Bath in the west country of England, also known in her work as Acushla, is an excellent clairvoyant, tarot and palm reader. Wise and caring, she is known internationally for her talents. She is also a reiki master. Her book, “Reading your Childs Hand,” is a gem and highly recommendable as a gift and for understanding your children better. ( )

Her book, ‘’ The Secret Power of The F–Word,’’ despite its challenging title, is a highly spiritual and life-transforming book, and is available from her website or on Amazon – Bernay Laity runs a design and colour consultancy and courses. Personal colour analysis enabling you to find your own unique colour pattern, providing creative ideas and tools to enhance your life. – Emma Hamel’s Soul Coaching consultations and courses provide a unique approach to understanding your purpose and past and future life path. Her insight and clarity will open many doors for you and help to align soul and daily life. She is also designed my website. – Grant Hamel is a performance coach working with leaders towards transforming into authentic leadership. – 100% natural, cruelty-free skincare and lifestyle products. Originating in South Africa, Africology is a skincare and lifestyle brand that has a deep-rooted belief that goes against the use of all chemicals.  Africology has successfully captured the intelligence of nature in order to create a range of beautiful, non-toxic products containing natural ingredients such as Aloe, Rooibos, Marula and African potato. and – Hanne Friborg lives in Denmark and also travels with her work. She does excellent telephone readings as well. For me, she has proven to be the finest healer I have encountered, combining healing, clairvoyance, Aura-soma colour therapy, gems and crystals. Her English is fluent. She can be a lifesaver on occasions! She runs courses and also takes tours to sacred sites in Egypt where she is totally at home and well respected by its people. – A totally dedicated and skilled McTimoney chiropractor for people and animals, Ian Miller sees his work not just as a manipulation of bones, but a loosening of tensions in the soft tissues which attach to them and which can pull these bones out of alignment. His laser light therapy works effectively on the body’s nerves. I can’t recommend him strongly enough. – Fascinating research into the physics and spiritual side of Light. And the application of Light for the enhancement of our health and the environment. If this subject draws you you will find a  wealth of knowledge here. – Jane Battenberg has vast experience as a Neuro-Linguistic Programmer and Time Line Dimension practitioner and trainer. She lives in California, visits here twice yearly and also does excellent phone consultations. She really does bring about change within. Her book is called “Eye Yoga – How You See Is How You Think” by Jane Rigney Battenberg and Martha Rigney, is literally eye-opening.  Get the book here… or from Amazon. – AQUA VORTEX  Water energiser, and other amazing health and life support solutions and products. Check this out – truly remarkable holistic products for your growth in consciousness and your wellbeing. – Publishers and distributors of astrological and metaphysical books, including the bi-monthly magazine from the States, ‘The Mountain Astrologer.’  Always an excellent selection of books.