Soul Contracts – Our Agreements Along the Pathway of Time


Ysanne Lewis Astrologer, Intuitive and Timning Consultant - Soul Contracts

What are Soul Contracts? When and where do they start and end?

How did they begin?

Why have we chosen specific roles and ‘services’ to one another in this lifetime?
Are they up for renewal or release?

What is the greatest gift we can offer?

Honouring the Contracts of the Soul

Now for something a little different!  I like to stretch my clients a bit, encouraging them to see the bigger picture of their journey. It is so easy to hand our power over to others, including astrologers, and from the word go I have been keen to educate rather than spoon feed people with regard to being a creator in their life, and certainly when it comes to making decisions.

When I work with clients, a question I often get asked is – “am I supposed to be in this job, relationship, country, situation?”  One or all of those areas of life are mentioned with regularity. It is easy to remind them of their free will, and to ask them, “What do you feel at the heart level?” And of course, that is better than making what amounts to a predictive answer which may or may not be an accurate or wise one!

Over time, I have become more and more of a believer and acceptor that the soul has contracts to fulfil in life, and not just the legal ones!  If we take into account the pre-existence of the soul before birth, and even that the soul travels through the stream of time – reincarnation – then it makes sense that the higher self may well commit to agreements with the coming incarnation.

After birth, the memory generally fades regarding this and we find ourselves in situations, relationships and services to others which often feel either too short-lived (not all contracts are supposed to last forever,) or too long lived. We find ourselves getting locked into obligations, fears of loss, comfort zones etc, and we don’t let the soul have a say regarding the right time for contracts to start, be re-negotiated or be released. We have forgotten what we set up before birth!

Nature knows instinctively when to shed skins, and renew but we humans can so easily drag old ‘skins’ into the future.

In my work, whether with individuals or in a workshop setting, you get the opportunity to look at the TIMINGS of these contracts. We look at what has perhaps reached its ‘sell-by date,’ and needs either to end, or have change within it, (usually when you are feeling consistently toxic or tired in a situation.) What you are ready to enter into is the next step to work with.

Another fascinating area I explore with my clients is that of ancestry and your role and drama within it. Entering a family line is like taking on a family shield – as in heraldry –  and is a Contract. Getting perspective on the role(s) you played in childhood, whether they be a scapegoat, a peacemaker, a rebel, an outsider, a black sheep or a hero etc, is important so as to take a look at whether you are still doing it in adult life! Breakthroughs occur when we heal ourselves of certain patterns. Family dynamics undergo changes as a result.

I use guided imagery to help you recognize where you are with your soul in time. The cycles in your astrological chart are immensely helpful in this respect.

Sometimes we have temporary contracts – a bit like ‘temping work’ – with people and places. I would like to share with you something I do regarding this. I find it invaluable as I travel a lot with my work as well as for pleasure.

Next time you go travelling, make sure that just as you arrive, you inwardly – outwardly if preferred, taking into account there may be people around you – speak to the Spirit of that place. Say your name and why you have gone there and ask it to protect you and support you during your time, in matters of health, relationships, money making, etc. And state that in return you will do what you can to help its people if called upon. Believe me, it works every time! You have set up a short-term contract with that place. A reciprocal one. I always thank the Spirit of the country when I leave.

See below for an outline of a workshop I run.

Soul Contracts Workshop

What are Soul contracts? When and where do they start and end? How did they begin? Why have we chosen specific roles and ‘services’ to one another in this lifetime? Are they up for renewal or release? What is the greatest gift we can offer?

This workshop will awaken the awareness of the contracts we’ve made throughout Time, putting into context the journey of the Soul along its path of reincarnation, and the pre-birth agreements we’ve made with our ancestral lineage and present-day family and partnerships.

The horoscope is ‘Our Soul’s contract with Time and Space’. Our birth time reveals links with cycles from the past and sets into motion future cycles. Encoded within us is the map of our lineage – our Soul’s contracts with the Stream of Time. We will explore this map, so you can make sense of where you are NOW in your relationships with others. How you can honour their higher selves and your own, rather than perhaps reaching points where you live in trapped roles, or with recurring feelings such as confusion, duty, guilt and neediness.

With the insights gained from this workshop, you will come to your own realisations and sense of Soul-timing, thereby making clearer choices and freeing yourselves and others on the journey of the Soul.

Topics Covered:

  • Transforming Ancestral Patterns
  • Which Role are you playing in the Family Tree?
  • Your timing, via your birth chart, for releasing old agreements and embracing new ones.
  • What did you ‘set up’ prior to this lifetime?
  • Rescinding the pledges and wishes which are blocking future growth
  • Re-negotiating contracts
  • Guided time-journeys to highlight soul contracts-beginnings and release points

I am happy to run this, when invited, for groups of up to 15 people. Please contact me to discuss further.