Personal Reading

Having had a preliminary chat with Ysanne it became clear to me that I really wanted to have her do a reading for me. I went along very excited about the prospect, but was surprised at just how much direction I felt I was receiving throughout the session.

Ysanne is so thorough and explained everything in great detail, which helped me gain so many insights. I have listened back to the recordings several times, taking notes and allowing the messages to come through.

Ysanne is so kind and I really felt that I was in the presence of a master of her craft at work. Her compassion and intuition came through so strongly and made it a very eye-opening reading.

Zeenat Ahmed-Peto

London, UK

Family Reading

I highly recommend an astrology reading with Ysanne Lewis.  As a special birthday gift I booked a session for both my daughters and then we all had a group session so Ysanne could read our charts and highlight any significant crossovers and insights. This session was very special in many ways – not only is Ysanne very talented, she was spot on with many things which made us giggle with recognition and acceptance about each other. We left the session uplifted, more bonded, having had a very insightful,  fun and reflective afternoon.  A real gift that will last with us for many years to come.

Teresa Leyman

Surrey, UK

Children and Family Readings

I first heard of Ysanne when a good friend gave me a reading by her for my newborn son on a CD prepared by her. He is now 9 and I’ve recently listened to it again. Even at the time I felt a resonance between her reading and my sense of his inner nature (he was 1 year old when I first received it), but its benefits are far greater than merely descriptive. There are many ways in which knowing what I do from that reading I am able to understand him better and hear him with more empathy. I have since met Ysanne – and she has done similarly helpful readings for me, my daughter, and other friends. She is not a fortune teller. She is an intuitive interpreter of whatever it is that our birth chart says. I recommend her highly.


Barrister, London, UK

Book Testimonial

“I read the Time Catcher and it brought my astrological and timing reading to life. It gave further information on astrological subjects which Ysanne mentioned during the reading and which had stimulated my curiosity; in this respect made the reading more valuable. The book contains information about subjects like the moon, the planets and eclipses, how they affect our lives on earth and how, as laymen, we can use knowledge of their movement and timing to make better decisions about our actions. I found the discussion about numbers particularly fascinating, especially their patterns and how this is reflected in changes in society and our own lives. In this way I now understand why astrological timing is so important in any major events coming our way.”

Tim Housley

Business English Teacher, Finland

Personal reading

“Comfort in her style, consolidation with the affirmation of events in my life she wouldn’t have known about in advance and a fresh confidence to explore new possibilities with my untapped talents, describe the feelings invoked in me following my reading with Ysanne. She is so knowledgeable and capturing this all on a CD is priceless. I would most definitely recommend Ysanne.”

Dawn Robinson

IT Training Consultant, London

Timing and General Testimonial

I contacted Ysanne to ask for help in choosing a date for facial reconstructive surgery (as you can imagine I absolutely wanted this to go well). I had a list of suitable dates and was terrified, my inclination was to delay this as long as possible!

However Ysanne, after drawing up my chart really felt that the first date 24th March was the most auspicious. I found her reassurance very comforting. I went ahead, had the surgery and am delighted with the results.



Speaking Engagements

If you need an interesting and informative speaker for your group, Ysanne Lewis is your woman! Her talks, being about  and forecasting trends and cycles via astrological tools,  are of course just a touch different from your usual business talk. But she makes the subject very accessible and relevant to her listeners and she had our rapt attention for the duration of the talk. We also took away some very useful ways to apply some of the basic concepts of  the planetary cycles to our businesses. It was clear quite a few of our members were convinced of the value of having a consultation with her and will be booking a session.

Liz Bygrave

Small Business Network, North London, UK

Timing, Personal and Business Readings

Ysanne has amazed me time and again with her “spot on” readings. The most recent involved a reading regarding a prospective career change. I had been offered a job in a completely different field and was very excited about making a change. However I would be leaving a 30 year career and wanted to be sure that I had fully considered all angles of this decision. Ysanne provided valuable guidance concerning this change. When she asked me when I thought I might start this new job, I told her it would be at the end of July. She hesitated as she consulted her charts and then told me that she felt it would be closer to the end of August. Here’s the most amazing thing: I started my new job on August 31st!

Ysanne has become a respected guide in my life. I won’t make a major move without consulting her first!

Michelle Benedict-Jones

V.P. of Development & Community Engagement, New York, USA

Childrens Readings, from ParentDish

Lara Robinson, a clinical psychologist in her early 40s, had her son’s chart reading done by astrologer Ysanne Lewis when he was 10.

Finding it enormously helpful in understanding his hyperactive nature, it informed Lara’s educational choices for her son.

“He is a complex child,” she said. “The insight I gained into his psyche and family ancestry have enabled me to guide him better than I might have otherwise”.

Lara Robinson

Clinical Psychologist, UK

Radio Works World

Ysanne is The Timing Host and each week her eloquence, fluency and wordiness invites you to have a better look at how best you could invest your time in discovering your Inner self and to do so with volubility and courage. Our listeners are waiting with bated breath for Ysanne’s next radio show. Her show is known for Great Breaking News and clarity, an exciting cocktail of stillness and bold, daring insight information about what is possible in your life time.

Marina Nani

Radio Works World International


“Every time you feel lost and maybe a little bit too crazy or different in the world, be sure Ysanne is writing a News Letter ( about the challenges and problems that you may or may not meet in the time to come. I read this one together with two other News Letters from a Danish astrologer and a Danish clairvoyant. All three saying exactly the same, but from three different perspectives. And if I should ever doubt it, it told me that all of our voices count. Thank you – again – Ysanne!”

Kirsten D


Childrens Readings, from ParentDish

Hugo Gough, a chartered surveyor in his 40s, had his daughter Zara’s chart read – also by Ysanne – when Zara was born 17 years ago. He found the observations and interpretations about her character to be incredibly accurate.

“When matters popped up in her little life and at school, we were able to draw on that guidance that Ysanne had first given,” he said. “A simple example was Zara’s keen desire to be in the spotlight and at the front of every queue.

“Ysanne had previously suggested that we might like to help her with this by getting her to ask if other friends would like to go first, or stand in the front. It was a way of enabling Zara to fulfill her natural desire to ‘show off her mane’, but do it in a way that took account of other’s needs as well as her own”.

Hugh has recently re-listened to the original tape.

“I’m amazed at how familiar so much of what she first said now seems to us, knowing Zara’s character as we now do,” he added. “I am going to suggest to Zara that she listens to the tape herself now she’s a teenager.”

Hugo Gough

Chartered Surveyor, UK

Personal and Business Readings

I was unsure what to expect having arranged two readings with Ysanne – one for myself, and one for my business – having never had a reading before.

Wow, what an experience! For my own reading, she pin pointed several important dates and times where things had occurred in my past, and explained why they had happened. Clarity was given to situations and how and why I react to certain things in the way I do. We covered the near future, with good timings for events, and times to be wary of. There was so much information to take in, that it was an absolute blessing that Ysanne recorded the whole reading and gave it to me on a CD at the end. I have referred back to it several times.

It was the same for the business reading – exploring the past and explaining events, right through to the future and preferred timings for events that are planned, for example our relocating the business to new offices in 2016.

Ysanne is most definitely not a fortune teller, what she is however is an insightful, informative, knowledgeable and intuitive reader. I will be running important timing decisions past her in the future for clarification! And to top it all Ysanne is a lovely patient person, and explains things in a very understandable way to someone of my level of understanding.

I can thoroughly recommend her services.

Nicola Fisher

Director of The Creative Haus, Herts, UK

Personal reading

“A thorough and professional reader of the present, the past and the future. Practical, spiritual and totally inspiring. I cannot recommend her enough.”

Juliet Donovan

Barrister, Criminal Law, UK

Personal reading

“I approached Ysanne for an astrological reading as I was about to embark on a major life change. Ysanne skilfully outlined the trajectory of my life to date and gave a superb and thoroughly accurate assessment of past events and what the future holds. She also used her timing skills to calculate a launch date and time for my new Law company. Her calming counsel, intuitive and insightful attitude and clarity of thought and expression illustrates her in-depth knowledge of, and passion for, astrology. Having my session recorded and posted to me on a CD was an added bonus! I have already recommended Ysanne to family and friends.”

Darren Sylvester

Solicitor, London

Personal Reading

“I actually won my session with Ysanne and I have to be honest I wasn’t expecting a great deal. I am not reader of my horoscope so went into my reading, I am ashamed to say, with a little bit of a closed mine. But I can honestly report back that I was blown away.  Doing the session on the phone made it even easier and Ysanne was so clear, and precise with her explanations and the reading it was like I was sat in a room next to her. So many things rang true that I was turned into a believer.  The years of experience and knowledge just shone through when Ysanne did her reading. I would highly recommend it to any one as some thing personal or as a gift.”

Angela Harkness

Director of High Heelers, UK

Timing /Business and Personal

“I and 4 family members have received readings from Ysanne and we each found her insights thought provoking and helpful. I have also given 3 different friends a reading as a Christmas gift which they all appreciated. Last year I had to make some big decisions regarding my business so I consulted Ysanne regarding the timings. I had already set a completion date when I consulted her and she explained to me that it was quite likely that the date wouldn’t hold and would be delayed for a few days until certain planetary configurations had passed. This was completely out of my hands but turned out to be 100% accurate and if I hadn’t had the reading the missed date would have been very stressful, instead I was confident that all would be well in a few days and indeed it was! She also explained about the 9 month lunar gestation cycle and highlighted future dates to look out for from a business perspective. Although I hadn’t consulted Ysanne regarding business planning before last year my successful experience leads me to repeat the experience when making impactful decisions.”


Company Owner and Director, Guildford, Surrey, UK

Personal Reading

“Ysanne is a seasoned astrologer and timing specialist. She is a joy to work with an brings together a warmth and insight in delivering readings and consultations in a way that both those familiar and well versed in this science / art and those who are new or curious about it. I had the joy of first working with Ysanne via our work in the speaking circuit where we were shrewd and attuned enough to swap expertise. I’m glad the session with Ysanne helped as it honed and open up to my own intuitive skills when it comes to timing and action – which is actually an important in my work. In today’s world working with hard intellect alone is rarely enough. Working creatively, intuitively and aligned to your, others and life’s flow is important and can bring an additional valuable insight and set of possibilities. If you are keen on the inner science of your own birth, timing and how it can be aligned, explored and utilised in your life and work it’s worth chatting to Ysanne.”

Rasheed Ogunlaru

Coach – Speaker and Author of ‘Soul Trader – Putting the Heart Back into Your Business’, Business Coach and Partner to the British Library Business & IP Centre

Family, children and personal readings

“Ysanne has done several astrological readings for me . She compared my daughter’s and my birth charts, also my business partner’s and mine. Her workspace is relaxed, warm and informal, extension of her and her home and I always look forward to going back for more. She also makes a great coffee!

Learning about my child’s astrological influences helped me understand our relationship on a different level. Ysanne is very intuitive, sensitive and experienced and listening to her interpretation of our charts was fascinating. Looking at my child outside the context of my parenting and our family circumstances, is also refreshing , definitely worth doing to ease some of mother’s guilt, if nothing else. I usually listen to her recorded readings when presented with challenges I can’t understand, such as health problems or unexpected events.
I can wholeheartedly recommend Ysanne to anybody interested in deepening their understanding of their family dynamics.”

Vahida Diaz & David Gilbert

Acupuncturists at Affordable Acupuncture, Guildford, Surrey, UK