Ysanne Lewis speaking at American Women's Club, London

Ysanne Lewis speaking at American Women’s Club, London

Ysanne LewisAn international keynote speaker, the Art of Timing Expert, astrologer and panellist of 40 years experience.

Ysanne travels the world from the UK & USA to Canada & Hong Kong; from Dubai & Europe to Australia &South Africa, consulting and producing readings for her clients, a range of high flyers, entrepreneurs and those in the public eye.

“There comes a time in all our lives when we seek greater insight into our relationships, career and business paths. I help people gain a deeper understanding into their timing, dates and personal maps in order for them to navigate their own opportunities and life challenges more confidently, competently and intuitively.”

Using her unique ‘Timing Consultations’ and astrological charts to highlight specific dates when turning points, changes or expansion will occur, Ysanne helps her clients to make critical decisions regarding life and business.

Does it work? Clearly, it does as Ysanne’s clients return time and again, and she is most in demand regarding the best moment to branch out or to start a new venture.

Ysanne has a range of talks to suit her diverse audiences and their requirements:

Demystifying Astrology

Astrology (astro – of the stars / logy – language) evokes much controversy…ridicule, scepticism and fascination as well as respect from surprising quarters. As Sir Isaac Newton, the great astronomer, once said to Halley (of comet fame) when he attempted to dismiss it, “Sir I have studied it, you have not!”

If you are curious to learn about your inner Time Keepers and natural diaries and their link with the planetary cycles, this talk will give you a new slant on your life and the tools to apply to your relationships, self-growth and business.

How does it work? This is not fortune telling but a science of timing. Ysanne illustrates the links with genetics, psychology, the business world and the timing of events. She outlines the research that shows its applicability to our day to day cycles and trends. It has retained a credibility since antiquity, but how? And how did ‘star sign columns’ become a significant media presence, despite the value placed upon astrology in some universities and business institutions?

If you are curious to learn about your inner Time Keepers and natural diaries and their link with the planetary cycles, this talk will give you a new slant on your life and the tools to apply to your relationships, self-growth and business.

This talk is also suitable as a workshop.


The Art of Timing

Timing has always been important to mankind and we have always used some kind of mapping. For travelling, hunting, farming; and sailing – a ship doesn’t sail without maps and weather forecasts. Casting charts are still important and the astrological/astronomical map of the heavens and its signatures align beautifully with our own timings and cues.  Auspicious timekeeping is as vital in personal and business life. Cycles permeate life from the stock market to personal growth, health, new ventures and changes. “Whatever is born at a particular moment in time takes on the quality of that moment.”  

Ysanne will focus on helping you to work with your unique inner clock. Peaks and troughs are cyclical and Ysanne will show techniques and provide information to help you get in rhythm and connect with your inner timekeepers – or inner diaries. Just as in nature most of us know instinctively, via our Inner Time Keepers, what is the right time for us but, in this increasingly frenetic world, we can lose that connection resulting in a life that can be off-kilter.

Successful people catch the wave: their antenna is finely tuned. Find out the optimum timing for your beginnings, changes and conclusions. Discover why you repeat patterns and sabotage opportunities. Understand the patterns which converge to provide the right opportunities for events to succeed.

This talk is also suitable as a workshop.


Authenticity & Connectivity

Big words! But when understood and integrated, they bring about a beautiful simplicity, intimacy and empowerment in relating to a person or group. How do we tap into it?

This magical gift is available to us all and Ysanne will highlight the keys to its doorway. Courage, the path with a heart, and the authentic self, are what we will explore in this talk.

Whether it is in the arena of personal relationships or connecting with an audience, its value is priceless!


There’s A Place For Us – The Soul of a Place

It is said we take ourselves with us wherever we go, so how can a relationship with a place change us? What are its stories, its history and how do they intertwine with our own?

People and places shape and form us. Just as we are attracted by, indifferent to or actively dislike certain people so we are about places – whether a town, county or country.

Whether a place is given to us by birth, university, through a job, a relationship, or by choice the soul of the place affects our potential and personality. Ysanne looks with us at places in our lives and how they may have affected us: then and now.

This talk is also suitable as a workshop.


Do You Know Your Business Cycles?

Planetary cycles and angles (not star signs, and astronomical rather than astrological) align with business cycles – troughs and peaks. Astro-economists work by matching financial data to planetary cycles, and some individuals, whether they’re major employers or entrepreneurs, will only sign contracts or bring about business mergers at astrologically auspicious moments.

Every business or commodity has a start point – a template – and resultant cycles. Find out the best times for startups, changes and trading. Ysanne will highlight recent stories of planetary cycles /data/ and financial changes and events in the business world.


Inspire Your Life – and Be Inspired!

Where does inspiration come from? How do you tap into it? When did you get your first inspiration?

‘Creativity’ means ‘a half of the whole’. If the creative intelligence gave us life then surely we are most alive when we are being creative. What and where is this invisible half we tap into when we get a bright idea, devise a solution, or create something out of left field? Life is a journey, within which we must create space for inspiration and inspirational relationships. Courage, passion, loss and the inner explorer accompany us on this journey.

Ysanne uses stories from real life and from myth and legend to illustrate her talk. And to encourage you to look at the river of your life with its different tempos, rapids, and sources.

Ancient myths and modern Stories – Classic Timing: The Poetry of the Soul – details available separately.



A Selection of Recent Speaking Engagements

Women of the Year Association (WOYA) London, – My Life as an Astrologer & Timing Expert, Summer 2018

Sretan Dan Centre, Zagreb, Croatia – Two day workshop on The Art Of Timing and Bring your Horoscope Alive. May 2018

Small Business Network, North London – Catching The Wave: Creativity and Timing in Business

Driven Woman networking group Workshop, London – The Art of Timing.

Pitch Perfect Club, London – Inspiration in your life.

American Women’s Club Kensington, London – De mystifying Astrology / There’s A Place For Us – The Soul Of a Place

Drink Works Innovative Branding Company, London – Getting Lucky

London ladies Club – De Mystifying Astrology

The Room Upstairs, London – The Art of Timing

Woking Astrology Group – “Ancient myths and modern Stories – Classic Timing”

Pitch Perfect Club, Panellist: – Authenticity: The Power of Really Connecting

Australian Women’s Club – Catching the Wave – Creativity and Timing

Havant Complementary Health Organisation – Understanding our Cycles and Timing via the Planets.

Supper Club Bentley’s, London – Inspire Your Life – And Be Inspired!

NRG Networks – The Art of Timing,

Pitch Perfect Club, London – The Power of Doing

Oyster Club, London –The Art of Timing

Sister Snog Business club, London – Inspire Your Life

NCGR, Chicago – “Ancient myths and modern Stories – Classic Timing”

Latitude Training, Cape Town – Navigating your life via the planetary cycles



“Thank you for your absorbing and fascinating speech at our recent Woman to Woman lunch. It was excellent. Our members greatly enjoyed the occasion and afterwards,  I noticed many of them were very keen to speak to you personally and some requested a private consultation too.  Your book also illustrated your philosophy very clearly and complimented the skilful talk. I expect other groups will appreciate your presentation and you will be kept busy in the future. Thank you again,” Sylvia Davis, WOYA (Woman of the Year Organisation), Hon.Sec., London

“Sretan dan Centre organized Ysanne’s two workshops in Zagreb, Croatia: The Art of Timing and Bring Your Horoscope Alive. Both workshops were well received and were full of deep insights, especially when Ysanne did personal plays of individual horoscopes. The students have learned a great deal about planets and their impact and gained new perspectives on their own life paths. Ysanne has a way with people that they feel free to openly share their deep and intimate issues and it was beautiful to watch how the horoscope readings and plays gave them clarification and hope. There were some tears of joy, too. Thank you, Ysanne for your heartfelt workshops!” Sanja Plavljanic-Sirola, Stefan Dan Centre,  Zagreb, Croatia

Ysanne recently gave a talk at an event we were hosting and without a doubt delivered to the audience on style and content. Highly informative, extremely insightful and inspiring to all those in attendance, delivered with style and engagement. Additionally, Ysanne’s professional approach in preparing for the event made everything go extra smoothly. The audience, along with myself and the team from Drink Works, found Ysanne’s talk highly relevant in pointing towards areas of opportunity that few have – or would – have considered. We could not have asked for more and cannot recommend Ysanne highly enough.” David Batchen, Director, Drink Works Brands & Innovation Agency, London

“Ysanne Lewis’ presentation on Demystifying Astrology was engaging, interesting and exciting. She did an excellent job of explaining the break down of science and timing in our life. She is equally passionate about her work as she is professional and leaves everyone with a little something to think about.”  Lorinda Kamerman, American Women’s Club member, Knightsbridge London.

“Thank you so much for giving such a wonderful talk to our members at the Army & Navy Club. Many of the ladies have told us how much they enjoyed your presentation and how interested they were to hear about Astrology and the science behind it.” Caroline Trefgarne, London Ladies Club

“Your presentation was fabulous you gave a wonderful explanation of “The Art of Timing” which focused on working with your inner clock. It was really fascinating and your personal journey really added to the talk.  I have received many compliments from the members who were present at the presentation and all thoroughly enjoyed the morning.   Your talk caused a lot of interaction between the members, which was wonderful and helped to make the morning so successful.” Australian Women’s Club, London

“Ysanne gave a Masterclass at our Seed Pearl Club on “The Art Of Timing.” She spoke about the timing of decision making. As a business club, we constantly strive for ways to enhance our members’ knowledge base in the most diverse ways possible. Ysanne certainly delivered that and more. I was curious to see how business people would accept her approach to timing and its interface with the planets and their cycles and delighted to see that they were fascinated.

“I believe a couple of my members sought a private consultation as a result of the talk. As a speaker, Ysanne is engaging and connects well with her audience, stopping to interact and answer questions without losing her thread and delivering extremely interesting and highly original content.” Tanya Rennick, The Oyster Club, London

“Ysanne Lewis came to do a talk for a group of people arranged by Latitude Training in Cape Town in January 2014. Ysanne spoke specifically about what to expect with cosmic and personal timing and cycles over the coming year and the audience really understood the tool as a business planning capability. They got how timing is essential if they want their businesses and lives to flow with a level of ease.

“The evening was a great success. People were curious, asked loads of questions and went away with a feeling of more control over their lives than they had when they arrived.” Latitude Training, Cape Town, South Africa

“I really enjoyed your talk and felt that you took us on a journey with you. Your tone and pitch were perfect and I really like the way that you paused after you said something you wanted us to listen to and repeated it so we could think about it fully. I loved listening to you.”  Rebecca Howlett, Lawyer, Mackrell Turner Garrett, London

“Thank you for the inspirational and absorbing talk you gave to The Room Upstairs. I was delighted to see how well it was received and to hear how many of the audience to advantage to come to you for readings as a consequence. As a sceptic myself, I was impressed with the accuracy of your reading and intend to call on you for help again in the future. Sandi Goddard, The Room Upstairs, London