Here are 10 minute podcasts on the art of Timing and my work, my background in colour therapy and tips for everyday use in our lives.

It’s all in the timing

Colour Therapy

Dr Jane Battenberg interviewing me on the present planetary cycles, timing and Covid 19. Jane is a remarkable teacher, author and wise woman. I have learnt so much from her over the years. Her work with Change Within and with Eye Yoga being two major aspects of her work I have benefitted from.


Golden Muse TV: Soulful Musings with Chrisoula Sirigou interviewing Ysanne Lewis exploring how timing and planetary cosmic influences help us expand and understand life.

Carla Delaney talking with Ysanne on the subject of astrology, her life as an astrologer and this year’s forecasts on Morning Matters Lifestyle programme Marlow Fm 97.5

“Ysanne came over very well on the radio when I interviewed her. She knows her subject well, speaks with authority and dispelled many of the myths and misconceptions. Thank you Ysanne for taking the trouble to visit the studio and volunteering to do a monthly forecast which I look forward to.”

Carla Delaney, MarlowFM Mid Morning Matters Lifestyle programme
Business editor and radio presenter.

interview with ysanne

interview with ysanne