I have been a professional timing consultant, astrological forecaster, writer and speaker since 1979. Before that I had a background in the performing arts. 

I am from Bath in the west country of England where I built up a clientele, then spent some years in Long Beach California.

Since 1991 have been based in Guildford, Surrey. I enjoy being part of the  public speaker circuit in London.  

I have an ongoing international clientele in countries including Scandinavia, Austria and other European countries, the USA, Dubai, Hong Kong, South Africa and Russia.

In recent years I have earned the reputation of The Art of Timing Expert and Advisor. Good decisions require the right timing!’

I combine expertise in the techniques of planetary cycles with strong inner guidance, using a creative as well as a practical approach to problem-solving and the improvement of timing in our personal and professional lives. My interest and passion lie in assisting people, via private consultations and workshops, to make a leap forward as a direct result of their time with me and their birth chart. As a child I loved maps and patterns and now see myself as a navigator and bridge between the maps in the cosmos and our own inner timekeepers. Every birth or business or event has a starting point and ongoing cycles and I help you track their progress and be in alignment.

Understanding the patterns which cause us to react in habitual ways, rather than to CREATE in our lives, is vital to be healthy at all levels. We are living in powerful transformative times when the choice of being a creator or re-actor has never been stronger! We can assist in this process by being more in touch with our own unique cycles of growth and change and not staying pot bound.  Okay, we don’t always like cracks in the old reality, but that is where the light gets in!

Under a more artistic umbrella, I created ‘Star Performances’: an experiential way of bringing the horoscope alive. It is a canopy for workshops and consultations for performing artists and students and for people who just wish to explore their creativity with the help of the clues and insights gleaned from their charts. At the same time, I produced a book in CD form entitled ‘To Touch The Face of The Stars’ – A Magical Journey to meet the Key Characters of the Planets within you in Words, Imagery and Music.

If I was asked what makes my work tick and is unique to me, I would answer that it’s the art of making an ancient yet timeless subject accessible to the everyday person. My skill lies in keeping it simple, allowing the birth chart and inner being of the client to talk with me, so that gentle yet powerful changes can take place on this magical journey of life.

We all want to get the best out of living on this beautiful planet, not only for the present but our journey to come, and that is why my work as a timing expert and astrologer can be so beneficial.

I write newsletters/blogs for you to enjoy and take tips from, using the backdrop of the cycles of the planets and my own interpretation and intuition. These ongoing articles will talk about the patterns and changes occurring in the world now as mirrored by the language of the heavens – ’as above, so below’ – and how best we can grow and cooperate with the messages we are being given from a wiser source than our everyday minds. So, as time goes by, do dip into my Blog regularly to see what is happening.

You can find my Blog here.


London and Guildford-based Ysanne Lewis has been an astrologer for nearly four decades; she has an international client base and is in demand for business astrology and other talks and readings in Dubai, New York and Europe. One of her specialist fields is the development of personal birth charts and horoscope readings and she has written for Woman’s Own Summer Special (Summer 2014: Your Best One Yet? and How To Get What You Want This Summer) and Closer.co.uk (Prince George’s birth chart: What the Future Holds for The Royal Baby and How Will The Lunar Eclipse Affect Your Life?).

She has featured as an expert on the parenting website, Parentdish (What Are Astrological Birth Charts?), Parent Plus Emirates magazine, the Surrey Advertiser, Metro and BBC Surrey and Sussex County Radio, Marlow FM and Radio Works World.

She is the published author of “The Time Catcher” – ‘How to time your actions to turn challenges into opportunities.’

Ysanne believes that “the charts work because they enable each individual to take hold of their life, to become a creator rather than a reactor or victim”.

Ysanne runs educational and inspirational workshops for both astrologers and non-astrologers, and she enjoys injecting humour into her talks! She is a versatile astrologer, applying her art to colour psychology, drama, timing projects for personal and business people, in-depth readings, soul contracts, and star sign columns for UK magazines.

Ysanne has given talks at the Astrological Lodge in London, to AGMS and conferences and business clubs in the UK and overseas, as well as team building events for the NHS, yoga associations, retreats, and the International Association of Colour Therapists (IACT).

She dreamt of being an explorer when young and, in her love of maps and patterns, she found her forte. She explores the maps of the heavens, seamlessly weaving the meanings of cycles, patterns and timing into the beautiful tapestry of life, acting as a bridge and navigator between the heavens and our inner timekeepers and geographical landscape.

Intuitive, and with a common sense approach to her readings, Ysanne still feels like an explorer, a hunter, curious to discover what is around the corner and how astrology can inspire and help us be ‘in time’ with our lives and pathways.