“All the world’s a stage and the men and women merely players” William Shakespeare

Theatre Charts


The rhythms and messages of astrology have been incorporated into dance, music, literature and art for roles, themes and timing since the ancient and medieval eras.

Your birth chart contains a litany of images, timings and archetypes used throughout history in the theatrical arts. The cycles set in motion at birth indicate your timings, flows and blocks of energy.



For professionals or amateur performers and groups:

  • Which area of theatre/media would you excel in? Let your astrology chart reveal that secret.
  • Are you always cast in similar roles – and wanting change?
  • Do you have blocks to success – and wonder why?
  • Are you exploring a new role – which feels uncomfortable?
  • Are you a budding performer – and want more confidence?
  • Is this an arid time – and do you want to transform it?

Whether you are a performer or a director or producer, experience in a workshop setting your chart being acted out for you with astro-drama techniques. All ages, budding, amateur or professional performers will be inspired by these workshops.

I am always delighted when theatre groups – professional and amateur – invite me to facilitate one.



Exploring your Creativity through Astro-drama.

Below is an example of a Creative workshop I run for people interested in getting out of their chairs and really getting to know their horoscopes and the arts in experiential ways!

Did you know that your Astrological chart is a precise tool for mapping out the areas of your creativity?

It can accurately pinpoint the timing and nature of expansion and the quieter times. Also, it highlights the comfortable and not-so-comfortable inner characters you perform, whether on stage or in daily life.

Come and explore your GOALS and your PRESENT CHALLENGES and their TIMING in this unique workshop with me. No astrological knowledge is required as you will learn in experiential ways!

SO, are you interested in discovering more about:

  • Which characters are ready to appear on your ‘Stage of Life’?
  • The timing for your new ventures?
  • Your latent artistic gifts – why they are blocked and how to access them?
  • Or, simply come to explore the fascinating connections between the language and imagery of astrology and your own creativity.

This workshop will be geared to your specific needs and interests via the stories, characters and timings as portrayed in your birth chart. Your birth chart will be provided and is yours to keep. In gentle but transformative ways, I will facilitate new awakenings in your inner and outer creative life.



This workshop encompasses the different, yet related subjects I work with and offer you:


I will help you see and understand your horoscope as a living, moving map of your life and share with you simple, practical and fun ways to enhance who you are becoming at this time in your life.

During this workshop you will:

  • Explore your own individual “PLAY OF LIFE” as shown in your horoscope.
  • We each have a cast of characters within us and these roles are beautifully laid out in the birth chart. So also is the timing of the planetary entrances and exits over the years of our lives which highlight our leading roles, walk on and ‘stage fright’ parts, resting times and scripts. What ACT have you reached and which parts are being acted out by other people in your life?
  • Explore the power of COLOUR and its relationship to talents and health
  • Explore your RELATIONSHIPS with men and women via the ASTEROIDS.

With my intriguing and unique insight, I will guide you in understanding your own approach to love, sex and friendship using the symbology of the ASTEROID GODS and GODDESSES.  Some eye openers here!

* Explore the timings of the SOUL CONTRACTS you set up prior to birth with partners, family ancestry and past lives. Discover ways to re-negotiate, release and understand them.

No astrological knowledge is necessary. This is ideally a 2-day workshop but it can be condensed into 1 day if requested.



My Art of Timing workshops give fascinating information on cycles and how timing works, as well as practical tools and tips to leave with and the opportunity to ask me questions about timing for your life and business. Check out your time of birth if you can and the date your business started!

The next public Art of Timing workshops and talks will be held in Autumn 2018. This workshop concept is also great for private bookings, groups, teams etc. I will also be giving an evening talk in October at The Kensington and Chelsea Library, London {date to be confirmed} entitled “Demystifying Astrology.”

Contact me for more information or to book or invite me to run an event on the Art of Timing or other of my topics.


Workshops to Explore your Creativity via Astro-drama

Your life is your Creation, make it WONDERFUL!!!

My work with professional artists and creative people.

My early enthusiasm for drama and music led me to train through LAMDA (gold medal), and I also have the Certificate in Drama Therapy through Roehampton Institute.

Because of my interest in Imagery and Characterisation, studies in my later 20’s led me to astrology, and, along with other creative people, I found I easily relate to the rich imagery within astrology and mythology.

Since the Art of Astrology is such a precise tool for pinpointing Characters and Timing, I find it exciting to offer my skills to you.

Shakespeare famously once wrote: “All the world’s a stage and the men and women merely players. They have their exits and their entrances and one man in his time plays many parts.” And so it is!

I provide private consultations and workshops for professionals, amateurs and the layperson, So whether you wish to understand better the creative roles you are playing and how they show up in your chart, or just want to discover latent gifts and overcome blocks, this kind of work might be just up your street!

Let’s take a look at the comparison between our lives and theatre…

As my clients discover, I compare the astrological chart, as well as our lives, to a theatre stage – that we all have a Play of Life (some of us a Greek drama!), and a cast of characters which live within us. I liken these characters or actors to the personalities of the planets, which, dependent on our individual horoscopes, have varied strengths and weaknesses. There are also acts and scenes, all of which contain beginnings, crisis points and endings. The rehearsals are there to ensure we strengthen and improve our roles for the play to move on smoothly.

We all have leading roles which we are very good at. Maybe they were encouraged in us as children, or they generally make us feel comfortable and we get approval or love because of them. At times though, it’s good to decide if they are getting burn out or type cast. Do they know when to leave the stage? Maybe you feel a bit resentful that people see and rely on you a lot to play that role!!!

And what about the actors within you that get major stage fright? They may be the traits or potential talents which we have truly suppressed from early years because we overused them or we were laughed at or bullied for.  And from then on we attracted folk to us who ‘played’ that part for us. This part could be our anger, decision making, creativity, impulsiveness or a myriad of others. Whoops! When this happens, it is like in a play when another actor has to go on in place of the ‘stage fright’ person. I think we owe it to others as well as to ourselves to heal and bring into our lives the parts of us we repress and consequently project onto others.

When a big life change is thrust upon us, we are flung into a new role, like an understudy never having expected to play that part. There is a fear of not knowing the script well enough due to not being at all prepared. Examples could range from taking on a ready-made family, to having to stand in for someone at a public function and being scared of the spotlight. Sometimes to our surprise, a hidden talent comes to light! The timing was right, and, if the cue isn’t missed, a new star is born. Certainly, a new act in that person’s life has started.

In ancient Greece and Rome, actors wore masks to help their audience identify with the roles. The word ‘persona’ means a mask, and we too wear ‘masks’ in the form of personalities to suit different occasions! Take a look at how well cast or miscast you are in certain roles! Maybe time has moved on and the role doesn’t fit, yet you or someone in your life keeps you at it. The cycles of the planets in YOUR chart can help you see and cooperate with embracing the new.

As children, we play at roles instinctively when we dress up or emulate our heroes. Take a look at whether you were moulded to fit into someone else’s ‘play of life’.

And what about the timing for these different roles to come into our lives? Just as actors are taught to recognize their cues, our inner director really does know when to give the cue to perform, change costume and go on and off stage. Our astrological charts pinpoint all this beautifully.