I hope you enjoy my  Solstice News  musings!


AS we approach the winter solstice  on 21st  December at 23.03 pm GMT in the northern hemisphere,( and, if you are in the southern one  do say ‘hello’ to the warm weather from me,)  our souls and bodies  try to remind us to slow down  into a more paced  rhythm and to honour the solstice.

The word sol-stice means ‘Sun standstill’ and, just as the Sun holds the centre of our solar system, our astrological Sun is the central axis and core of our inner cosmos. Hence a good time these next few days  to re- connect  with that light within which can guide us, reflect and locate our footing!

I would like to take this opportunity to wish you  an  easy, enjoyable passage into 2015.

And…. THANK you my friends and clients for encouraging me in my work and in your lovely periodic feedback regarding my readings and blogs!

When I reflect on the nature of my career ( do you reflect on yours?) I weigh up many factors and conclude that, as an astrologer and  acting like a bridge between the macro and micro worlds, my art /science/navigation tools, remind me I do not just run a business but  that I am being of service, using as I do one of the oldest professions in the world. I am so grateful for choosing this pathway when I was twenty seven. And grateful for it having chosen me…. for my interesting clients, whether they require personal  readings, business start up timings, website launches, financial investing, and – my favourite – childrens’ readings for  parents to use as inspirational tool boxes in the growing years.

Think on this a moment:  When we align with planetary patterns and our own inner cycles, the beautiful key exists in seeing their connection which our bodies know but which our minds so often interfere with. When we feel that connection we also feel we are part of the bigger picture;  when we don’t we feel isolated.  My job is to help you reconnect and work in cooperation with your inner map and the link with the  on going story of the cosmos. Cells within cells, worlds within worlds…! We operate better when we know this. Our timing is better.

HERE  are just  a few pointers to know about as we  journey into the new year… At the time of the winter solstice,  and when the Sun enters Capricorn, we have a New Moon almost on top of it  two hours later at 1.35 am GMT on 22nd December,  highlighting the importance of handling our authority with wisdom and recognition. Capricorn doesn’t much like showing its vulnerability so if  we have our Suns, Moons, rising -ascending –  signs or Venus in that sign we have the opportunity to express that more in a self respectful,  self compassionate, but not in an out of control way.

And of course that applies to the world at large.  Capricorn’s  ruler, Saturn, likes us to be real and and to manage and not run away from our fears and dreams.  Capricorn invites us to get our priorities right, and take a closer look at how authoritative conditioning in our lives from past or present doesn’t aid the authentic self. Guilt and blame – the scapegoats – (which link with the downside of Capricorn’s symbol of the goat…)  are great excuses to not take responsibility which is a Capricorn /Saturn positive trait.


Saturn, at this winter solstice time, is entering Sagittarius for the next 30 months and, as Sagittarius governs principles, over the top opinions, and a  ‘wax lyrical’ approach to high ideals,  as well as adventure, higher learning and optimism, we all have much to learn (not just Sagittarian  born people)  from this transit.

Saturn takes us to  task in Sagittarius regarding sitting in  judgment, being attached to being right, black and white scenarios, and placing ourselves into teacher or preacher mode. It will be so interesting to see what changes occur on the world stage with those issues. Something has to  change regarding religious themed and principled themed conflicts. Again it comes down to how useful on a larger scale these matters are. Humbly walking one’s talk without glory or getting lost in the mystique of words or philosophies, will prove liberating.

It would be nice if leaders, renegade fighters and indeed our inner rebels and messiahs recognise this too!

Uranus goes direct in motion on 22nd December after months of retrograding, coinciding with the sixth of seven quadrant angles with Pluto.  Maybe we will feel a need for clearing out the past and its stale thoughts and allow the  ushering in of the innovator and maverick in us!  On 16th December we felt the impact of this sixth of the seven 9o degree angles between Uranus and confrontational Pluto.  The shocking tragedy in Pakistan occurred.  Issues to be resolved are being brought to our attention.

The seventh is in mid March.  The future does not have to follow the past, if consciousness rises. By then we can get a greater perspective on these planetary angles which started in early 2012. Surely, free will means using our will not to conform to the past?

Pluto entered Capricorn  – first degree in 2008 -six years ago – when we saw big cracks emerge and a global financial crisis due in part to mismanagement of funds by those in authority.  We still feel reverberations and fear the same might happen. Getting a healthier relationship with money and handling it better is the key. this solstice when the Sun and Moon are at that same degree, let us reflect on the richness inside us.

Whatever shape your life is in this set of planetary configurations now lends itself to taking better charge of managing what we have and want. The inner parent can be a helpful guide now!

Indeed, next year as  a whole  will be important for  the next level of change,  new consciousness and new forms of communicating with the enemy within and outside.

But dealing with conflict starts within ourselves and being creative with it.  Choosing not to bottle it up and thus seeing it projected, or distracting ourselves from over due decisions will become necessary. Saturn in Sagittarius will remind us of this in 2015/16.

The message of this winter solstice,  along with the loud messages being given now by the behaviours of the afore mentioned planets, is to take some quiet time and, as the pendulum settles for a moment, get clear on what you don’t want, especially from inside of you, and clear the decks a bit allowing new, useful  stories and a kinder sense of your own authority to emerge. We live in a world nowadays – the cycle kicked in in the mid 60’s – where connectedness is everywhere but maybe .. there is less intimacy and personal contact. use this solstice time to re=connect with self and with what is truly valuable to you. Forget ‘playing to the audience!’

So, take a little time out each day for LIFE.  Remember : “Life is something that happens to you whilst you’re making other plans,”  so choose creative gaps in your day  to let your soul have a say..

As  by now you  know I love quotes,  I came across one the other day by a John Wanamaker which made me chuckle a little:

“People who cannot find time for recreation are obliged sooner or later to find time for  illness”

Recreation : to  re – create.  Life and our bodies need to re charge each day (Nature is a prime example) so whatever makes you feel creative and alive just do it, if only for a few minutes.  It’s not always about extra sleep, nice though that is;  if you enjoy something it gives you good energy and you are living in the moment –  a healthy state.

I wish you a Healthy, Creative and Loving 2015!


PS:  I would love to hear from you in the New Year  if I can help with direction, timings and insight! What does your personal journey look like  as it intertwines with the cosmic one? Do you want to align better with it?