There is always beauty even in this confusing world! I make sure I look for beauty as much as possible. It brings things back to the heart and encourages a trust in Life.

On that note, I came across some writings by Johannes Kepler, the astronomer from the 16th century. These are beautiful words and are so inspirational – from across the centuries to now!

“We do not ask for what useful purpose the birds do sing, for song is their pleasure since they were created for singing.

Similarly, we ought not to ask why the human mind troubles to fathom the secrets of the heavens…. The diversity of the phenomenon of Nature is so great, and the treasures hidden in the heavens as rich, precisely in order that the human mind shall never be lacking in fresh nourishment”.


Keplar wrote about the music of the spheres. Each of our birth charts is a symphony – many parts making a whole.

The many ingredients in our birth charts, as seen in the heavens at that moment of birth, can be synthesised by an astrologer like myself, so as to understand the whole picture of our inner landscape and to provide tools and guidance with which to live our potential, and to live our musical symphony with its tempo, harmonies, pauses, and melody.   Good timing and listening to the inner cues are essential!

As we move towards the end of 2021 it is timely to look back, with perspective, at what we have learned and how we have grown in awareness.

There is a wave of inspiration and creativity approaching soon when our largest planet Jupiter enters the mystical and imaginative sign of Pisces in later December- very overdue.

It is easy to overlook how vast the mind and vision are, especially at present when undoubtedly there is uncertainty, fatigue, and inertia present in many peoples’ minds.  It has been named by many people as ‘pandemic exhaustion’.

Nearly two years of societal changes, the constant back and forth of restrictions, and the new unexpected directions that have governed our lives, have numbed us into a certain passivity.  The lack of spontaneity we were so used to can dull enthusiasm.

With the virus of fear being such a big controller, maybe it is healthy to have an enquiring mindset now and not to be on automatic pilot.

We are in the midst of much planetary activity which challenges us to think outside the box and establish a new relationship with uncertainty.

So what planetary signatures are present as we end this year and embrace 2022?


On December 4th at 7.43 am UK time, we have a new moon solar eclipse in Sagittarius.  It is a total eclipse and as we approach it we will feel the power of it. The word eclipse means to ‘leave’ and often dredges up the past and brings situations to a conclusion.

This one is conjunct the fixed star Antares and is associated with the qualities of fiery Mars and the need for change – whether it be destructive or transformative in its action.

What needs to leave your life now?

At times of solar eclipses in history we have seen leaders be toppled or die, regimes change, and in our personal lives, the need to clear what has been unexpressed or are in the shadows. We feel especially tired, and/or have a need to retreat and rest more. What needs to leave your life or be revealed sets the stage for the next six months.

Sagittarius is the sign of expansion and systems of belief – what do we believe and how do we want to walk our talk?


Throughout 2021 the old order – conservative Saturn – battles and confronts the progressive planet Uranus in a series of three exact tense angles (90 degrees). The pull between security/safety (Saturn) and freedom (Uranus) has heightened the root causes of differences in our world views.

On 23rd / 24th December there will be the third and final tense angle before those planets start separating. The isolate and divide scenario which has increased in tempo this year reaches a peak. It still persists through 2022, though less so, as those planets dance at times quite close to one another. It won’t be till 2023 that the tension really lessens and more clarity arises.


Every 18 months Venus goes retrograde for around 40 days. Her cycle creates a pentagram and a rose shape over 8 years.

This time she begins her descent out of our view on 19th December.

Value those 40 days and soften the edges of your heart, whilst creating good boundaries when it comes to people who undermine us and who are unhealthy for us.

Venus rules our values and relationships and for those 40 days, she puts those subjects under a microscope and helps us understand what really matters. A time for re-evaluating ourselves – are we being valued by others and how do we rate our self-value?

People from the past may reappear – but are they right for us now? Have lessons from the past been learned?

New associations may have a familiar vibe to them. Any new partnership, especially between 11th December and the new year when Venus aligns with Pluto, god of the underworld and the past, may indeed be very powerful and compelling, but challenging.  Dealing with the shadows in our relationships is on the table for examination!

With Mercury going retrograde on 14th January 2022 for three weeks, this cerebral, curious-minded planet conjoins with Venus with the theme of re-thinking and revisiting ideas and relationships. This is not a time for rushing but for pacing ourselves and using wisdom and discernment with decisions and commitments.



How we use our time and thoughts can indeed be beautiful- if we choose. It is easy to get caught up with the details, the worries and uncertainties. Mental illness has risen drastically since March 2020. No surprise there.  Being as present as possible in our actions and thoughts empowers us.


With Jupiter entering Pisces, on December 29th, travelling through that sign until 11th May 2022 (when it enters Aries), and re-entering it in October until Dec 21st, the guidance is very clear regarding reconnection with our creative and spiritual roots. We had a taste of its expansion and beauty earlier this year from May 13th to July 28th.

Going beyond words is an important theme with Jupiter in Pisces. We get glimpses of how the arts can enhance and heal our minds and we want to merge with them more. Meditation and compassion develop, and we gain more faith in our higher selves and in Life itself, rather than blind acceptance of the status quo.

Naturally, this has to be balanced with action, so Jupiter moving into fiery and active Aries in later May augers rapid progress where it is needed.

On April 12th Jupiter conjuncts Neptune-the ruler of Pisces- heightening our need to go beyond and use kindness, compassion, and cooperation, rather than subjective judgment and fear.

This influence extends for many months so long as we balance it with common sense and manifesting our inspirations.

It certainly is a busy year approaching. Strategic approaches and dancing with the waves of change rather than fearing them are helpful things to embrace.

When we consider that sometimes safety and certainty are a mirage, we can use these coming months to create a stronger base inside us – not one conditioned by a panic-based reaction to media news, but one born of a trust in our instincts and common sense.

Taking a deep breath before reacting is a good beginning.

As we explore inwardly and outwardly during the months of December and January, be aware that 2022 opens us more to the spiritual dimension. The recognition of our higher self is always present and can guide us if we bring clarity into the equation. This creates space to see things from a different and healthier perspective.

Polarisation, so evident this past year or so, needs a kinder conversation than it has been having!

I wish you a heartwarming Christmas and holiday time.

I am here if you wish to find out more about how these ongoing astrological cycles are aligning with you and your life.

If you would like a timely update of your birth chart, a look at your business chart, or a gift of a reading for a loved one for Christmas please contact me.