Welcome to my first blog of 2017! And welcome to my new book  “The Time Catcher.”

It is lovely to be  in touch with you again. I have been amiss in not writing for a few months, but I was immersed in writing my book  “The Time Catcher.”  I  was thrilled to have  this published recently.  Based on my  work of 38 years – come 1st March –   as an astrologer and timing consultant,  I very much wanted to make accessible a complex subject and inspire and inform you my clients and the public at large.

I have been told it is written in the narrative style, and indeed, it is based on radio shows where I was the Timing Host for Radio W.o.r.k.s World; an international media  station. Along with over 100 other hosts from many countries we aired our expertise to uplift and educate people and it has been a lovely edition to my life. Seamlessly, the content for my book fell into place.

Recognising how we are all connected with the planets, nature and cycles and patterns has been a dream of mine to write about for a long time. Some or much of it may ring bells and be familiar,  and other content will be new to you.  At a time in the world where there seems so much uncertainty and  division, it is important to align with the bigger picture and  know there is guidance and meaning in the natural world and the cycles we can observe in the heavens, our bodies and life here on Earth. I have pulled together many threads and this book contains tips and tools to flow more with timing – not clock time but that of our inner timekeepers, which are in  a dance and rhythm with nature and the cosmos.


Many of my clients have urged me to write this book, so here it is… Do please email me at  info@ysanne.com  if you would like a copy and  to arrange it, or just go into this link:

The Time Catcher

or visit it at my website www.ysanne.com


    Since I last wrote to you, much change has occurred,  hasn’t it?  It is instinctive to feel ‘on alert’ as we never know  what will happen next it seems. We forget change is actually the norm in life but we don’t like it when things are out of our control and challenge our beliefs and way of life.  So, how can you tend to  inner change and keep yourself on track? How can you trust your inner timekeepers?

When things go along steadily and  there are roles and defined characters, it is easy to get a bit lazy and, unlike children, who are natural explorers and like trying out new identities and activities, we let lie fallow and slumbering unlived parts of us. With a crisis and when change is forced on us, we find these parts getting an airing and being used. They may not have done so otherwise! Often we look back and see meaning  and value in that.


What unlived parts are surfacing in you now? Like actors coming on stage with different costumes, you are actually growing and having the opportunity to be more whole. Your birth chart is a landscape of  characters, stories and talents. However, many of us stick with the tried and true and observe others playing out the parts we don’t.  As cycles in our lives move and cycles on the world stage move, you can allow latent skills and resources to surface. This past year has seen  the need for this. It can keep you youthful as well.

Blaming the outside is never a good look or stance, but people who are finding new opportunities coming to them because of being open and accepting of new chapters in their lives and in history, and working with  rather than against change,  are finding this quite a magical time. It is a privilege in some ways to be alive now, and though you may feel awash with confusion at times, finding the inner compass and  signals in the fog is very possible. It is okay to not know! That awareness gets you out of your own way and allows in higher guidance and serendipitous meetings and happenings. It is all too easy to use old mind sets and busyness when you are vulnerable to create more fogginess.

So, what is happening in the mirror of the heavens – what messages are there to be translated?



The planet of growth social concerns and learning, Jupiter, has been in the sign of Libra since last autumn It is travelling through it until late  October 17th 2017. Libra is the balance point of the zodiac, and issues of fairness, justice and re balance are high on the agenda. New legislations and political relationships and partnerships are common. Look back 12 years to  late 2004 through 2005. What was happening then? This time round, Jupiter is in opposition to rebellious Uranus and  in a 90 degree angle to powerhouse Pluto.  What are you feeling philosophical and even opinionated about? Or who in your life is behaving like that?

Reform, mavericks popping up, and fresh air – welcome or not – cannot be avoided on the world stage. In your personal life how are these things showing up? Can you be inventive with challenges now? Can you avoid complaining and being too impulsive? Can you instead invest wisely in your time and self to allow light into the  cracks you observe in the structures around you?

This winter and early spring time sees some old patterns get a final review. If not final, then at least a good look at them will present itself.



Firstly, we are between two eclipses. The lunar one at the full Moon was on February 11th and – as they come as a pair – the solar eclipse one at the new Moon will be on February 26th. Eclipses clear the  way for new starts and often see endings in one form or another. They affect the earth’s energy field and thus our physical bodies. Watch for connections between the 11th and 26th.

In August there are again two eclipses  on 11th and 21st.  Again, connections between this month of February and then will be obvious. The total solar eclipse on 21st August,  at the last degree of Leo, over the USA, will highlight leadership issues,. It is on the same degree as  President Trump’s ascending  degree ( degree rising when he was born).  Let’s wait and see what transpires…. This past year, things that have got too established and rigid, have certainly seen eruptions.

May I advise in these next few days to rest a little more, clear some decks and not push the tide? Our bodies are intertwined with the cosmos and nature, and cooperation serves you well when you  get the messages so beautifully laid out in the skies.  The Sun and Moon lined up with Neptune on 26th, and Mars with Uranus, can make us all feel unpredictable with a push towards action which isn’t well thought out. In Pisces, idealism, extra sensitivity and deep unconscious awakenings can emerge. What is fantasy and what is real now and in the coming weeks?

It is a good clearing house if you don’t feel swamped by the oceanic  waves. Ride them and harness your imagination, knowing you are a soul in human form and your thoughts and emotions  can be harnessed positively and not rule you! What needs to leave will, and the new path, maybe overdue, beckons. The unfamiliar may prove delightful but you won’t know that until you try it. There is an emphasis on the fire and water signs now and in March, so use their creativity and intuition to help steer you. Not forgetting you need to feel grounded. Often, it is as though we are cut off at the ankles, not being connected with the earth and our  sense of belonging to life here.

We all need timely reminders to re-evaluate our direction. This is when planets turn retrograde and we can take stock and pause.  Balance is vitally important this year, so getting centered, taking – if only for minutes – time out and being present, will pay off. There is no hurry, even if the outside world is telling you there is!



From the 4th March to 15th April the planet Venus is in retrograde mode.  Compared to Mercury doing this at least three times a year, this is not a common activity of Venus.  It is the least common occurrence of all the retrograde planets. Less than ten per cent of people are born with it retrograde. Those folk find it harder to trust and have very strong inner values,  dislike superficiality and can carry hurts and feel ‘different’.  Venus is all about values and what you value. How you are loved and are loved and how you find beauty and richness in life, regardless of income.  The prefix ‘re’  applies in your thoughts and actions to self value,  valuables and money, relationships and creativity. Your core values are exposed.

How are you valued by others? Does it reflect how you value yourself?  In its synodic eight year dance with the Earth,  Venus traces a rose shape in the heavens and incorporates the golden mean proportion,  found in sacred architecture.   It also incorporates  the  Fibonacci numbers which  show up in our body, spirals, shells  and plant and flower proportions. As above, so below, and  Venus mirrors our need to love, release and  re-evaluate.

It is closest to the Earth at this time, highlighting  this timely look at core values and attachments.

Who is ready to enter your life? Who is ready to leave it and have a new  start? When Venus goes  direct after April 15th, this is a good time to make  fresh  starts, a new business  enterprise,  a creative hobby or a new love life.  Above all, a new relationship with Self beckons. In the sign of Aries, independence of an authentic kind wants to be acknowledged. It is too easy to be in a relationship for non authentic  reasons of neediness, co-dependency, and familiarity where groundhog day (repeating) scenarios keep happening.



When you get enough signals  from life you can grow or you can get pot bound.  A look at your commitments and how you are valued is perhaps overdue.  Venus, in her nature aspect, does not like being pot bound. As long as she can  grow and see her partner grow and her values grow she is happy. This is your springtime now to address these matters. How much richness  can you feel just by being alive and getting a good and healthy balance between giving and receiving is a lovely task ahead.

Look back eight years at what was happening in March 2009 when Venus was retrograde then in Aries. Are you still repeating emotional patterns or, like organic life,  are you growing and having healthy relationships?

When she is retrograde, she is in the ‘underworld’ and not with the pretty flowers, and old pain and angers can surface. Only you, though, can choose to let go and value life in new ways. You may find  old loves return or old issues with people re surface. Valuing what has passed and looking with new eyes at what you were  or are attached to is needed.  Time out to do this is advisable.

Timing is everything; it is no coincidence when cycles come into play and things ‘return’ to be looked  at as to whether they are in balance or not. With Jupiter in Venus’s home sign, Libra, this year, it really is  a wake up call to learn to love in healthy ways and value your core needs better. The better you value yourself the better relationships you can have, knowing it is an honor to share time with someone  as well as  enjoying your own space equally.

If things are toxic and not being addressed, what a waste of one’s precious life.  When you fear loss you freeze things in your mind.  A bit like an account being frozen! There is so much richness to enjoy, and the more  you appreciate the things you have, people you know and have known, and the beauty around you which is free,  you encourage richness and above all inner freedom.

This year presents, it seems to me and through the lens of astrology,  the perfect opportunity to raise our consciousness to a higher, healthier level. Humor, kindness and the adventure of exploring meaning in our lives,  allow us to be true observers and not judgers of life. Whatever you fight or hate tells you something you are  allowing to  inwardly imprison you, preventing free flow of  love and acceptance of  change.

The unlived parts of you want to  be on a path of discovery this year. Let them take you to new places in your mind and heart, whilst the world is going through its upheavals and changes, and some lovely alignments will show up in your life.  Move gracefully with time and your world.


Thank you for reading this and  for your support over the years! If you feel it is timely to have an update of your birth chart and let me help you navigate your map this year do contact me.

Have creative days ahead