Hello my Friends and Clients.

As we approach the passing of another year it seems timely  to look at the changes afoot in the heavens and how we can heed their wise messages. We are all interconnected with the cosmos  and with each other. Surely, by aligning with the bigger cycles in nature and with the planets we flow better? It is easy to forget this.



These are the major players, changing their costumes like actors in a long running play, to pay attention to in the starry landscape above us as we move towards and into 2018:

JUPITER – our largest planet – exposing and magnifying matters deep within and on the world stage, which have been unattended

SATURN –  the realist, taking stock and valuing integrity and commitments

URANUS –  new ways of handling our resources, mother Earth and pot bound conditions

The stars ‘do not compel’ but mirror life here and within us.

If you would like to know more and about these next few weeks as well, please read on….



Just at present, we have the trickster – but often timely in its messages – Mercury, just having gone retrograde in Sagittarius. It started that backward movement – retrograde- on 3rd December and will go direct on 23rd December. The 3rd saw it conjoin with Saturn and the Full Moon in its opposite sign of Gemini.

A conundrum, as Sagittarius and a Full Moon want big expression, and Mercury, normally so fast and  active mentally, wants us to retrace steps and rectify matters. Think of retrograde as a useful time to put the prefix Re in front of our words, actions and plans.

Until the 23rd it won’t be easy to be patient or revise ideas or bring things to resolution and completion, especially as it is a busy time of year completing projects, planning new ones  for 2018 and Christmas looming.  So, let’s keep in mind the timing of all this and cooperate as best as we can with a sense of humour! It is very easy to overload ourselves and others with  negativity and  hard luck stories.  it is draining. We are here on earth in a slice of time and it is magical.

Much emphasis on the signs of Sagittarius and Scorpio at present asks us to tap more into our wisdom banks and use strategies outside the box for emotional decisions and how we express assertion and anger.  Being ‘right’ or wanting to spill out resentments, blame or buried feelings won’t  pay off at all now. Getting perspective and using the available power  present to help ourselves do.

This is a time of some natural endings, conclusions and new outlooks.  So, don’t rush or fret too much.


JUPITER – our discoverer .

In mid October, some weeks ago,  this our largest planet entered new terrain unvisited for 12 years. It entered Scorpio where it will  be through 2018 until mid November.  Scorpio is the sign of transformation and rebirth, of  sex and its usage and  the usage of emotional power. A highly magnetic sign, we also have dynamic Mars  there this month. Where do you want to use your will?

Wherever Jupiter is placed in your own birth chart in the coming year signifies  growth, expansion and  a deepening of your values and power.

As it is in the sign of  sexual power, and, coming on top of the solar eclipse in late August in Leo – the sign of leaders, limelight and celebrities, it was no surprise  to an  astrologer to  expect an exposure of misuse of sex, charisma and power. Hence the plethora of harassment cases .

In myth Jupiter or Zeus regularly misused his seductive and sexual skills with humans, sometimes rape, and duly got punished. Myth mirrors life.There is a claiming back of ones power as Jupiter magnifies what it touches and brings to public attention. The rapid  use of  the words ‘gender fluid’ and transgender is showing up in an increase of young people and indeed society embracing sexual identity change. Another arena which Jupiter is magnifying.


A deeper look at our resources materially and spiritually, and  at the Earth’s resources is on the cards. Again, no surprise that the issue of plastic waste is  strongly profiled now; the oceans and eliminative functions are ruled astrologically by Scorpio, and they will have their say along with their supporters!

Scorpio is the sign of the unknown and invisible Plutonian depths and this is certainly a time of uncertainty in the world. With uncertainty, fear steps in. Can we choose to take risks  instead of freezing our energies?  Shall we bring the unlived parts of us on stage to develop new skills and forms of expression, which might, without big change, never have had an airing? I like to think so. We are actually eternally resourceful!

Connecting with the taproot deep within us has rarely been so available.


SATURN – new structures 

We enter the sign of Capricorn on the winter solstice every year. And this year, for the first time in its 26 and a half year cycle, Saturn, its ruling planet, enters that earthy, pragmatic sign.  It will make its home there for the next two and a half years. Saturn helps us get real, to stop being the scapegoat and victim and claim our own inner authority.

Capricorn energy is all about how we manage and plan things. Also how we can parent ourselves better and be more discerning as to whom we hand our authority to and relate to. The blame culture seems to me to be on the increase, and  responsibility starts within us. As we change, so others do.  I foresee a new relationship to commitments and contracts and a potential new stability  of structures which may be slow in the making but effective.

Cracks show up more and, collectively, we experience the need for different foundations and boundaries. Getting a better sense of boundaries personally will grow.  We will notice a new teacher within us guiding us.

Wherever Saturn turns up in your birth chart in this time period expect a  learning and growth in that area. Saturn rules the bones of the body and the framework of things so take your time and don’t take short cuts. In politics and on  the world stage,  we will see firmer more solid, if less exciting, leadership and restructuring  of institutions.


URANUS –  the  breakthrough maverick

In May 2018, Uranus  finishes it’s seven year cycle in Aries then and enters the slower, earthy vibration of Taurus ( for seven years). Pot bound, overly preserved situations will show cracks – Uranus is linked with earthquakes. Taurus is the energy of nature, resources and earning  and providing money and goods . I think we can expect   an urgency in how we handle our resources. And inventiveness in new ways of running business.

Needless to say  mother Earth and indeed our bodies, which come from nature,  will become increasingly sensitive  There may be interesting research and discoveries connected with the healing of both,  A greater understanding of energy itself will arise. 84-85  years ago Uranus was in Taurus before. Worth looking back at? Whatever Uranus is transiting in your birth chart will trigger change and light coming through any cracks and pot bound situations.



Because these are the  major and slower moving planets changing zodiac signs, it is as though the Spirit of the times is changing. Changing of the guard! In all areas of life and there will be growth and new awareness. Children born in this coming year; indeed the next few years,  will form a very different insight and value system. A certain maturity and awareness of collective needs will emerge as they age, creating a society built on quite different foundations and values.



I am specialising  more in timing advice nowadays. Helping people choose the optimum timing for start ups, events, business changes and  personal changes.  I am still doing my regular astrological work of course and talks and radio shows.

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 I wish you all a truly peaceful, loving Christmas and Holiday time and a wonderful next new year of your lives in 2018

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