HOW  are you finding this roller coaster of these three eclipses  which stretch from late April to late May?  They are , to say the least, unusual in their effects on you, and the key phrase ‘a process’ is important. So let’s take a look at why…

Eclipses re align us and our energies and often mirror endings and the need for deep change and for realisations. They usually occur in pairs but this a triple eclipse energy, activating our  fertile creativity and asking of us to clear out stagnation in whichever area of our birthchart /life it is highlighting. The lunar eclipse on 25th April was quite a taskmaster for us.  The Sun in Taurus – comfort zones and the Moon in Scorpio – transformation –  asked of us to sink deeply into the ‘under the rug ‘ stuff and relieve some of the pressure that has been building over the past year so stubborn wounds don’t fester more.  Fear keeps us in uncomfortable comfort zones doesn’t it? But when we get past the fear – and these few weeks are a reminder that something has to give –  it is beautiful … the freedom. Taurus’ s need to discover what we must have and Scorpio’s need to  know what we must leave behind is an interesting dance! Being creative with our lives doesn’t always mean artistic.  As kids we are naturally creative and curious so  why not now – or have automatic habits and responses stagnated us?

Okay,  so nearly 2 weeks on we have the Annular solar eclipse when the Sun and Moon are in Taurus.  As we approach its date, 10th May at 00.28  GMT,  we are encouraged to settle into a more stable  grounded feeling. Taurus rules the senses,  and this eclipse time suggests readiness for mobility but to get solid in foundations – self knowledge , projects, resources etc first. What is REAL now?  Take a moment or two to  feel the process at work – what shape, what resonance does it have? There is a stellium of planets conjunct the Sun and Moon – Mercury, Mars and the asteroid Athene. We are dealing with issues of self worth,self sufficiency and  core values. These eclipses are  technically speaking conjunct the lunar ‘south node’  and that point is all about the past,  and   ‘path of least resistance,’  So old ways can pop up, stubbornness resentments and inertia. For those spiritually inclines, it’s a karmic time of release, rectification and choosing new inner or /and outer paths.  Up to us! What do we really want?

There is a bridge at this time with the late May/early June annular solar eclipse last year -2012 – so look for connections there.  As Venus conjuncts the fixed star Alcyone at the eclipse on this approaching 10th May – Alcyone representing themes of deep emotion and release – there is a lot of healing energy  available, for the planet and us.  Ecological issues, Earth ‘rumbles’ and  issues surrounding material resources and  resources from nature will come to our attention in this next few weeks.

The third (lunar ) eclipse on May 25th,  is preceded by the 3rd of seven hard aspects between Uranus and Pluto, culminating in 2015.

Uranus shakes things up and Pluto forces us into the unknown through loss of the known.  Evolution at work and a need to trust the process and think outside the box!  With this eclipse highlighting the sign of  early Gemini/Sagittarius, we are asked to look at our mind sets and judgments and  think with the heart more. Wherever this eclipse falls in  our individual birthchart – or in countries ‘birthcharts’, we can expect  wake up calls in the arena of communication, agreements and belief systems/religions.  Let’s wait and see!  It may be feeling a little hard to keep in time or up with time at present, so remember to breathe (!)  to be clear about what is essential now on a daily basis and listen to your instincts.

I can envisage volatility in the financial markets in these coming weeks, and countries where the eclipse paths  ‘run through’  getting our attention.

Want to know more of these matters and how they affect your birthcharts and lives?  I would be happy to hear from you and if you feel it is timely for an update or look at your chart do get in touch with me.

I will be back in touch in early June

Warm Wishes