Hello again! As I look at the astrological map of December, the pathways the planets are tracking have an element of mischief and wonderment about them, testing our capacity to recognise our own timing – not just calender timing. ( And let’s not overlook there are different calenders for different cultures! )

We often forget the Universe has its own timing and as we are a microcosm of it it is not as difficult as we may think to go on a different track and see its signs.  Recently a client commented to me that people around her felt they were having ‘blurred vision’.  At least in terms of direction and decision making. That seems to   sum up recent times – how to work best with the confusing and unsettling conditions   in society:  the financial upheavals in the world and making  material plans for the future.   It has been said that when in a fog wait till it lifts. Interesting thoughts and insights can arise whilst waiting, but so often uncertainty and anxiety create paralysis internally, preventing timely action – even the recognition of the fact we are ready for ‘catching our personal  wave’.

Think Outside The Box!

In my consultations I often get asked:  ”Will it change?’ or ‘When will things get better?’    It is a natural part of human nature, the child within us, to question in this way.  At such an uncertain time instead of finding it unpalatable and getting paralysed within, maybe we could get a new relationship with what is happening, being ‘Present’ with it and start being more creative  in going about our day to day lives. Trying to fix things mentally with out of date tools and mindsets brings about cul de sacs. Think outside the box!  The word crisis also means opportunity and crossroad.  What new landscapes and inner resources are waiting to emerge at vulnerable times , if we don’t scuttle for the nearest shelter?

Okay, so this month what are the main players in the heavens up to and how can we  align best with them? The trickster Mercury is doing one of its 3 week retrogrades. Its quicksilver nature can make us a bit dizzy and upside down when it comes to arrangements, communications and decisions. It went retro on November 24th and will go direct on December 14th.  In the sign of Sagittarius at this time along with the Sun in that sign,  we would normally be encompassing the bigger picture quite happily and seeing the details fall into place.  However, the pull between our vision and day to day necessities can seem frustrating now.  Taking big steps, highlighting causes, making big statements of protest and justice  (an example is the industrial strike in the UK today – 30th November-  whilst Mercury, the messenger, is  retrograde,  may not be easily resolved or finalised. Remember the saying – ‘You can change a great many things. Or you can change.’  Something to peruse on. And with the thinker Mercury in philosophically minded Sagittarius, it’s an excellant time for re -paving  our outlook.

Now let’s take a look at an important date : The 10th  December.  Two things happen which will wake up any sluggishness. Firstly, the wild card planet Uranus,  itself  being  in retrograde motion since August,  goes direct. You will feel the restlessness and pending impatience days before. Suspended animation is replaced or released with inner and outer leaps. So do be sure of what you want,  using discernment before hand. The projection forward  is amplified several hours later that day by an eclipse of the Full Moon in Gemini.  Lunar eclipses assist in erasing old programming and, in the case of this one,  new pathways become more visible . Maybe some of the blurred vision disappears! Ideally,  implementing  ideas and action after the 14th when Mercury goes direct ,  would be wise. The themes  this month are wrapped around  using words with discernment, having fore thought  and holding onto the bigger picture /dream.  Retracing steps and bringing them up to date with your current thinking as you reach mid month will provide good tools to plan for next year.

Talking of retrograde planets – always useful phenomena for rectifying matters and reclaiming lost opportunities –  Mars , the planet of initiative and drive , is  behaving that way in the coming months . It entered Virgo in  early November and will stay in that sign till next July. Virgo is very analytical and has an acute eye for detail and perfection  so whatever area of your birthchart and section of life it rules, there is going to be a lot of activity and    introspection  surrounding it.  Find out from me which area it is !  It’s a long haul and as Mars is attention seeking by nature and brings results, it’s timely for addressing that part of you and  your life.

More soon …