This is a big news week planets wise! In fact this period from  mid March to mid April is a turning point for us at quite a few levels. And my job is to translate this astronomical language into everyday words and their resonance with life here on Earth!  Something I have been doing for the past 36 years, enjoying acting as a navigator and bridge between what is above and what is below…


This week – 17th March – saw the 7th and final exact square – 90 degree angle- between two major planetary players, the quick fix, impatient, rebellious  Uranus and clearing house,  transformative rather ruthless Pluto. They have been forming this tricky angle since early summer 2012 –  playing with our heads a  bit.  Nothing seems certain, and the world seems in two camps: taking risks and  huge change,  or  clinging  on to falling rocks by acting from  fear and staying ‘safe’. Maybe a bit of a generalization but I am sure we can recognise those factors. Have they encouraged you to think outside the box  more and be your own guide on your magical journey? I hope so for when we use courage, magic happens…

This configuration – and its impact doesn’t disappear overnight –  has hurtled us into the dark moon time this week  leading up to the New Moon on Friday 20th. This is an especially powerful New Moon as it coincides with a solar eclipse and. as due to the Moon’s declination, it totally obscures the face of the Sun, it is called a total one. The Sun takes a back seat and so does our everyday consciousness. The Moon, in astrological language,  governs our past, unconscious patterns and habitual responses and wants a big say now. It will be completely total over northern Europe, Arctic, north Africa and Western Asia, but its significance affects us all as a whole of course.

Solar eclipses occur twice yearly, and  we see this one  leading onto a lunar eclipse at the full Moon on 4th April.  You will notice a two week period of releasing and new expression if you are mindful and cooperate with your inner cycles which the Moon wisely links with!


What are we  learning this spring about overdue change – essentially self change regarding mind sets and self responsibility? Be mindful that this eclipse  affects the Earth’s and our bodies electromagnetic fields ( hence  a feeling of unusual tiredness and being drawn into our inner world) is happening at the last degree and last sign of the zodiac – Pisces – to be followed thirteen hours late by the vernal, if we are in the northern hemisphere and autumn if we are in the southern, equinox. The  tides turn in nature and in our bodies and souls. I would like to suggest that we don’t resist these sea changes in our lives. Rarely has the saying ‘going with the (bigger) flow’ been more applicable!

This last degree of Pisces and of the natural calendar year is a big clearing house  offering the possibility of renewal following dissolution of the old.

On the world stage ? Well, we will see. Eclipses can certainly mirror on Earth demises and upheavals and history bears this out but nothing is cast in stone and I am more interested in encouraging my self and others to take responsibility for the inner critic, bully, victim, and their conflicts etc. This, ultimately  and holographically,  influences the whole and a quantum leap can occur.


What I  am finding of beauty this March with the afore described cosmic picture is that at this sensitive degree of the zodiac we have greater access to  higher dimensions – the doors of perception are wider – and for us all whatever our day contains  maybe we should take time tomorrow morning around 9.36 am GMT and also over the weekend, to be in a quiet receptive state, be in nature, turn down volume on outer life and be mindful of the insights we get. We can start now and continue with intent until April 4th at the lunar eclipse which highlights relationships and how we confront matters.

Because the Moon represents our inheritance and karma be aware that things and old patterns can rear their heads. Observe but don’t react and, by allowing this, move on. See it like the dance of shadow and light!

Above all, fear needs addressing now. Fear feeds off our capacity to be centered and heartful.  Remember, if you are coming from fear you will always be part of the audience!

Some part of you is giving birth now and somehow it will feel familiar… The inner world is more in power now than the external world and the ego may find that a bit scarey. Knowing you are part of the soul of the universe (uni = one) enables you to surrender to the part of you that is bigger than you think you are, and let more light into the parts that you avoid thus feeling toxic with,  whether physically or emotionally.


In my last blog I addressed the retrograde movement of Mercury. The prefix ‘Re’ before actions and decisions was important to allow into our lives for the three weeks  from  22nd January – 12th February. Mercury was in the sign of Aquarius  We have two more Mercury retros this year – May 18th – June 11th and 17th September – 9th October. I am mentioning these early on as it occurs to me they are happening also  in Air signs of the zodiac  – Gemini and Libra respectively.  These cover the period between the equinoxes and also the cycle of the solar and lunar eclipses in the spring and  autumn.

The mind and thought patterns are up for reviewing at these times. Linking in with the on going theme of inner  fresh air and finding useful stories to adopt,  I would like to suggest addressing  subtle re wiring of old thought pattern, bringing our minds back to neutral from time to time so we can see what is really in front of us without the filter of old stories, and being more mindful of our breathing and observation powers.

The Invitation

The invitation to look a little deeper at our own more primal and vulnerable side, to stop trying and to hand what we don’t know over to our higher self if only for a small time can be oddly  refreshing. Don’t make it complicated! Silence can be full too, but a good full!

Clarity can be painful but liberating, leading to the authentic self which leads to a healthy new intimacy with others.  So, a powerful  month for us all. How lovely if the insights we glean now, replacing tensions and fears and indecision,  can be replaced with healthy excitement and inner fresh air.



 If you feel your life is changing and your astrological map  would benefit from a look at  timing and new insights do contact me. Timing is everything, isn’t it? And I am here to guide  you at this special junction in the year.

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