Hello again!

I am aware I have been off  blog media  for  a while and my apologies to those of you who have asked  where my newsletter /blog is! I appreciate your patience. I have been allowing my inner world  to have more of a  say and  found the beauty of pausing  occasionally as in a dance or piece of music, valuable. It enriches and makes one more discerning of  what to allow in from the outer world.

Tibetan Odyssey

I have just returned from the  Tibetan Plateau where I encountered and got to know the last remaining, free Tibetan community –  in the Spiti  Valley.  At 15.000 ft it was no mean feat and yet I adapted to it very quickly, including altitude.  A remote valley whose customs, Buddhist  religion and family life I found an honour to be part of  for 16 days.  The passes and precarious  tracks we  traversed by jeep  were an endurance test yet I  surprised myself by my mental attitude and alignment with this.  This place has been helped so much over 25 years by Joan Pollock of Spiti projects,  who created a community centre, clinic and  school there and helped improve hygiene and education. She works tirelessly  to preserve this  culture. www.spiti.org

This really showed me how it is important to  step out of comfort zones and know what our spirit is capable of. An unlived part of us ( I wrote about this in my last blog) comes on stage and is more  welcome than we had supposed.

 The  Roller Coaster ride of Time.

In my last blog I asked ” Is time your friend?  How are you resonating with that now? Are you resisting the changes within your psyches and life around you or are you  trusting the process?

This is a roller coaster time and  many changes regarding relationships, home  and work changes and wake up calls are happening.

Let it be said that the cast of  performers in the heavens – the planets – are playing quite  dynamic  roles and the play is not easing up for a while.   The cosmos is bringing some fascinating planetary alignments to the table. A dynamic aspect between Mars and Uranus, on and off till mid autumn time 2018 , sets off  sparks and frustration. The first was back In May 16th, the second August 1st and the third on September 18th.   How can we make   conflict creative in our lives?

How can we overcome impulsive reactions or impulsive cutting off from things which may need change but perhaps not alienation? This second Mars Uranus aspect is maybe the most powerful as Mars is at its closest to the Earth since 2003.  And at perihelion it is ‘right in our faces’ ( that bright red ‘star’ we see in the south  east/ south at night recently.

With six of the planets by early August in  retrograde motion we are being urged  to use the prefix ‘Re’ more. Reflect,  take stock and observe more.  Especially how the pasts we created  have created our present circumstances.  As the unexpected and sudden changse  come our way this is important.

Mercury, our fastest moving planet, has just started its retrograde phase until August 18th.  It does this – though people  grumble about how it  stalls and  creates hiccups – just at the right time. It is not natural to keep pushing forward – but our minds ( ruled by Mercury) try to.  So we need a reminder to  reflect, re-evaluate, re – assess  and re visit  things in our lives.  We may find in the next three weeks people and old opportunities re appear. Even lost objects!

When we resist our inner timekeepers and the mirror of the heavens we get lost temporarily.

Anger and desire for freedom are strong archetypes at work now. In a way it has to come out. It is said that  holding onto anger is like holding onto a burning coal – the only person it hurts is you. And of course, internalised  anger hurts the body. Learning to express firmly but cleanly at the  time is healthier.   This is a time when  long repressed  anger can   erupt.  To help the collective, we can learn how to handle this at a personal level. This permeates the whole.

Fiery Mars is  traditionally the masculine planet, the survivor and the  warrior.  It is ‘out of bound s’- an astronomical term -between July 7th and September 24th, highlighting primal energy and lack of discipline.

The Lunar Eclipse 27th July

WE have the opportunity, as we experienced the lunar eclipse  on 27th July – 9.20 pm  BST – and move into August, to get clearer feedback on what no longer lights our fire, our passion or inspiration.

It was a total eclipse here in the UK at 4 degrees Aquarius . As it is a heightened full Moon, the polarity of Aquarius and of Leo – where the Sun is –  sees  the pull between  the ego and humanity being strong.  Mars  in Aquarius is very close in degrees to the Moon  so matters relating to fair play and seeing other peoples’ point of view – or not –  need  addressing. Aquarius  rules equality and so  over reactions and fiery conversations need tempering with objectivity. When we can see a bigger picture and   acknowledge what lights our fire in a healthy way we can find the new  directions a lunar eclipse can bring. The word ‘eclipse’ means… to leave.

As eclipses  run in pairs the solar eclipse back on July 13th  links with this one.  Can you see a connection from  two weeks ago?

 Power and leaders

There is a magical third eclipse  at the new Moon on  August 11th.  With the Sun and Moon  then  in Leo, the sign of  performers and  leaders, we can take a new look and realise what is real and unreal in those roles. On the world  stage and within us. Changes on the world stage in leadership  will  be happening. How we view power comes  to our attention. Are we reading someone else’s script? How and where can we be centre  stage?

Also, how we shine our light…or not.  Is someone in our lives over shadowing and changing us? Are they eclipsing our real  selves?  This last eclipse of the year leads the way back to our hearts – the true home. Simplifying matters , trusting with courage the unknown and changes at work, strengthens  self esteem and self love.

Uranus entered Taurus earlier this year, activating new  values regarding our   selves , the earth and our resources.  A shake up is at work and following the heart, keeping the humour and getting a new sense of community and belonging carries us along on our journey. Habits and fears and  a need for familiarity are not our best friends now, Thinking outside the box, and being open to what people and situations are really  telling us  – rather than what we presume they are will serve us.

A time of RE-IMAGINING OURSELVES is at work. Let’s make it creative and healthy. As the old ways change and we welcome the new we realise we are more than we THINK we are.

                                          I hope you have enjoyed  my  thoughts.

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I wish you happy days ahead.