Hello again! It has been a while and there is so much going on in the heavens which is vital to know.

As we are beings of cycles the Moon and its cyclical messages are close to our hearts so let’s take a look. This Autumn is an unsettled time  but it will help  unravel some of the complexities and questions we have got enmeshed in of late. This blog  aims to take a look at the fact we are beings of cycles and by honouring the outer and inner cycles – which astrology is the key to –  make some sense of the troughs and peaks of this Autumn.

The key to unlocking  the complexities at work, as we move towards the eclipses in later October and early November, is  in the doorway which says ‘no shortcuts’ or  ‘checkouts!’  These eclipses and their general time period  are not uncommon but this time they are accompanied by ‘in your face’ strong planetary configurations forcing us to grow up a bit, make overdue choices and do things in new ways – outside our normal box. They are trigger or turning points!


Thinking outside the box is easily said but hard to maintain as we are habitual  beings, aren’t we? Very pleasing when we find that freedom but equally easily forgotten.  Lovely Venus – harmoniser and lover of nice happenings – entered the shadow lands of Scorpio – intensifier of emotions and passions – on September 11th and  will stay there till 7th October. So, we are experiencing powerful emotional terrain especially  in this later part of September. To avoid stagnating or wallowing in off kilter emotions we can choose to find inner peace in these shadow lands by sometimes simply smiling at them and allowing them, like weather moods, to pass. And they will.

On 19th September  we have our monthly Full Moon – this month in Pisces, the sign of dreams, imagination, hopes and illusions. A tendency to feel unfocused, or experience over the top emotions accompanies it. Even wanting to check out on the mundane and indulge in emotion, fantasy and what ifs…?  However directly contrasting  this is a strong line up of Saturn, Venus and the Moon’s north node in Scorpio with Saturn dominating the stage with its sobriety, caution and ‘face facts’,  half glass full attitude.  Bubbles can burst if we are wearing rose coloured spectacles.  Actually there is no reason why  the combination of all these players cannot cooperate. There is room for fantasy and room for objective reflection and necessary spade work.  Commitments old and present rear their heads and can open wounds and fears as well as a good attitude of  ‘let’s deal with this now, or at least make future plans’. Something starts to make sense out of any shambles  we have or imagine we have.


As we enter October a new Moon appears on 5th. New Moons are optimal times to set new intentions ( By the way, if your birthday falls on a new or full moon, especially an eclipse one,  expect a significant year ahead to look back on.)  This New Moon in Libra – Sun and Moon  conjunct – wants to initiate harmony and reconcile opposites, but, again, there is a tug of war, or to put it nicely, a contrast in the skies as we have a Grand Cross of dynamic  planetary energies providing fodder for issues of right and wrong – and their  ‘judgments’, personally and globally. Accompanied by a lot of impatient action and speech. Clearing the decks in relationship issues is good now.

How we react to things matters now. Interestingly, there are links at this time to the period of the early to late 60’s when two major players, Uranus and Pluto, were conjunct and we saw huge social change and a shift of values from a more conservative time. Some of the visions seeded then  can manifest now in present time.  Again, matters around justice, war and creative expression are to the fore.


On the 18th October, there is a lunar eclipse in Aries opposing the Sun in Libra. This eclipse, when the Earth is in a direct line between Sun and Moon, leads us into the Solar eclipse  when the Moon blocks the Sun’s light  on November 3rd.  Eclipses reconfigure the earth’s electromagnetic field,  reconfigure our consciousness and download new templates! Again, a trigger time period for release, letting things fall away and making room for the new. Usually 90 days after an eclipse we see the results/effects.  The Full Moon degree lines up with the fixed star Arcturus, the 3rd brightest star and, from antiquity, linked with inner authority, growth and big insights. There you are ! – use it?


Partnership issues come to the fore now and the ways in which you relate to the world can be an eye opener . Pluto goes direct in its motion on the 20th October after many months retrograde, and sees us potentially owning our power more – hopefully in a clean and gentle but firm way. Pluto brings things to the surface; transform them, don’t erupt with them if possible!

On 21st Mercury  goes retrograde in Scorpio  for 3 weeks – till 10th November. Mercury, the communicator and messenger, and Scorpio – depths – investigates well at this time, again resurrecting things and making discoveries. New resources  are available. And perhaps a recognition that our most valuable resources are spiritual rich ones.  Apply the prefix ‘re’ to your actions and decisions. Things, places to visit and people often reappear. Don’t rush decisions and details, and back up equipment.


The New Moon  solar eclipse on November 3rd in Scorpio, is a powerful reminder of the close of a major cycle and what is left and its importance in our lives. The Moon stands between the Sun and Earth, blocking the Sun’s ‘power’ and allows us to harness and understand our pasts,  latent power and above all transform and metamorphose into a bigger sense of self. We can disempower ourselves very easily and stay ‘small’ for fear of change and loss –  ‘better the devil we know ‘  attitude.  But there are no safety nets in life,  so making ones own self the safety net, by trusting ones instincts and  not blaming or expecting from the outside, really helps to attract and be in alignment (some call it luck) with life.

On 1st November, leading into the eclipse, Pluto, the traditional ruler of Scorpio, forms the 4th of 7 dynamic angles to Uranus. The former 3 were on June 24th 2012,  19th September 2012 and 20th May 2013. They complete in 2015.  This ‘square’ aspect, 90 degrees exactly  – tension thus the need for decision making – can cause discord , but remember that what we reject in ourselves we project onto others.  If you feel insecure remember the inner safety net and acknowledge it! New Moons are new beginnings but with the eclipse on the 3rd and the first few days of November leading into it, take time to let things fall away, have more quiet time and, if the ‘edges’ you reach are uncomfortable, then make them creative ones. 19 years ago, 1994  – a cycle of a solar eclipse,  the Sun was on same degree on November 3rd . What was happening in your life then and what emerged, and what wants to be recognised now?


Pluto ruling this eclipse is all about how we handle our power and our resources materially and spiritually.  Are we inwardly in poverty consciousness whether we are materially well off or not?  Think of  yourself as having  a ‘Bank of Spirit’ and know you have rich resources there Then we avoid feeling small and cramped in our life and responses and can draw on  this bank when needed.

So, here were some thoughts to reflect on and fit into your life from my astrological viewpoint!

I like this thought :

NO ONE RESISTS US LIKE OURSELVES!      True, isn’t it? So why blame the outside or wonder why we don’t get what we want?

Sending you my warmest wishes for this Autumn time. Please leave comments on my site here if you feel my musings fit into what is going on I your life now. And if you feel it is TIMELY to have an update of your birthchart,  a family member’s, partner, or your business , I would be delighted to discuss this with you. I do readings in person, by phone or by Skype.

Have gentle days ahead