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Welcome to my latest thoughts and research as we reach out
towards the end of an unprecedented year.




In some ways you couldn’t make this year up!

As human beings though we are endlessly adaptable and inventive; 2020 has certainly proven this to be the case.

So how are the cycles of the planets mirroring the tumultuous stage show here on Earth? Just as seasons change, so do the planets in their orbital movements.


We have a Full moon lunar eclipse in Gemini on November 30th and a total solar eclipse on 14th December in Sagittarius. Both are concerned with bringing up and clearing out the past, and in those polarity signs our mindsets and how we communicate are intrinsically linked. With the 14th December one, it will be visible over South America.

The word ‘eclipse’ means ‘to leave’. What do we need to leave behind? What people, things or mindsets are eclipsing our own needs and light?

As the Sun and Moon are the two ‘eyes’ and lights of heaven, holding onto our own light within is important at this time. These eclipses are a call to unity and new beginnings, heralding the way to the upcoming major meeting of Saturn and Jupiter on 21st December. Eclipses affect the Earth’s energy field and can be exhausting for our nervous systems, so take more rest if you can.



The giant planets, Jupiter, Saturn and Pluto, meet and change into new cycles in their mighty movements.  Quite some dance they are doing! Cycles can be short and long and the slower the planet the longer the cycle. When two long ones meet they are historically significant in their impact. Jupiter represents our beliefs and world views, Saturn our boundaries and life lessons, and Pluto our power of transformation and our endings.



The teacher planets, Jupiter and Saturn, meet at the first degree of a sign once every 20 years. The last ingress– conjunction – was in 2000 in the earth sign of Taurus. They travel, so to speak, through one of the elements – fire, air, water and earth – for around 200 years and, as we approach December 21st, we reach the end of the earth cycle of conjunctions which began in 1802. The next 200 or so years the conjunctions will be in the air signs (Aquarius, Gemini and Libra.)

Air is very different to earth, and the way we structure our society will start to be radically different from the hierarchical, materialistic one, we have gone through of late.

A more community based, hopefully more fair-minded and equal society, is being carved out.  With the air element linked with the mind and nervous system, we will need to pay more attention to mental health; the cost and loss of good mental health has not been fully realised during the pandemic.  The mind and body are an intrinsic pair and there is sadly a growing divide when it comes to the issue of dealing with this virus, and ignoring its impact on our mental health.



On December 21st the giants, Jupiter and Saturn, the socially responsible bodies, move into the sign of Aquarius. In many ways this year of hardship and uncertainty ends with some optimism and new, more conscious thinking and some needed fresh air. The last time they entered Aquarius together was in 1405!

Aquarius is quite the revolutionary too, when beliefs are strong enough with a cause in mind. One thing is for sure, situations which are stuck in the old order and ways of thinking will change quite quickly.

The old ways aren’t working; we have seen that in many areas of life. If you have planets or your ascending degree in the early degrees of Aquarius, big change is afoot. How will you be reinventing yourself next year?

Fresh air, new technology, new reforms and ideas are ushered in via this electrical, sometimes rebellious and freedom-oriented sign of Aquarius. The importance of connectedness and a healthy mindset will be high on the agenda, personally and in governmental approaches.

In myth, Prometheus stole fire from the gods who controlled humankind, to give humans independence of thought and action. His foresight makes him the archetypal Aquarius, the individualist, (think of Rudyard Kipling’s tale “The cat that walked by himself”), and the team player.

A waxing cycle will start on the solstice and the waning one is indeed fading. Jupiter will stay in Aquarius for 12 months and Saturn for two and a half years. Their meeting point on the winter solstice is the key to a new framework and an understanding of how fear paralyses and controls.  Better choices surely lie ahead. The necessary foresight and vision will lead.



At school or college, we heard about Heisenberg’s principle, which, in layman’s terms, when stripped of its links with quantum theory and mathematics means we can never be sure of anything!

It stated that there is inherent uncertainty in the act of measuring a variable of a particle. The Heisenberg asserted that it is impossible to know both the position and the trajectory of a particle. This theory formed part of the basis of quantum mechanics.  The deterministic universe implied by Isaac Newton earlier was very different.

Well of course uncertainty has been a major emotional state this year and it is no comfort zone! What have we learnt this year as we waited for things to go away or clear up, as in a bad dream?  We like to live as though we can control things. Nature shows us otherwise. The planets are consistent in their cycles though, and a reassuring mirror that permeates life. The language of them is so very useful for timing and for understanding patterns at work in history and society. This is what I love about my work and I am always learning!

Certainly, unlived parts of us have come on stage, either out of necessity or because we have had the time to explore neglected skills and talents. Time itself isolated and changed us due to the pandemic, giving us a different perspective on values, priorities and the roles we play. We will look back and know we are irrevocably changed.

With strong Aquarian energy abounding next year, and with its ruling planet Uranus in a challenging angle to traditional Saturn, finding and manifesting more of our core essence and inner freedom will be important.  With that comes responsibility. They can work together!



Mid-November, rapidly approaching, sees on 14th a conjunction of Jupiter and Pluto. The sky king god and the god of the underworld don’t find it easy to communicate or reach agreement about matters of power.   As they are present still in the sign of Capricorn, we witness with politics, especially in the USA, strong feelings and divisive behaviour. More and more we witness generally divisive issues and lack of trust. Where there is no trust there is no unity.

This conjunction occurred in April and late June this year.  It has shown up in previous epidemics/pandemics – for example, the Spanish flu in 1918. This is the final of the three ‘hits’ this year Along with the Saturn–Pluto conjunction back in January, the themes around Covid 19 were obvious to astrologers.

Power and strong opinions hold sway!  Capricorn teaches hard lessons, and the drive to achieve and control are strong themes. The wisdom inherent in that sign is beautiful once allowed in. By the end of this year we will see a moving on of awareness and perspective. Even as Jupiter moves away from Pluto in later November, we will see less pressure in some areas of our lives.

With anything new, and this chaotic pandemic certainly is, mistakes are normal and it is important to admit them. Being in power and making decisions is no easy task and it is easy to blame when not having to make the decisions ourselves. Each country is experiencing this pandemic and its fall out in different ways, and has the opportunity to grow in awareness.  Fractious opinions cause cracks and fissures. Blame makes it worse. Fear also narrows perspective.  It is not a good adviser!

The word universe is of course linked with unity and oneness; it is very easy to overlook that.



As the warrior planet Mars goes direct in movement, also on the 14th after two months retrograde, the script in the heavens is turning a page and speeding things up in matters of action and impulsiveness/spontaneity. This is perfect if in rhythm and alignment, but overload, poor reactions and bad decisions are possible now.

The combination of the Jupiter/Pluto conjunction and Mars, in its home sign Aries and bursting out from being held back, will see much exposed and a hungry need for truth.  Explosive behaviour is likely.

With Mercury having gone stationary/direct on 3rd November (not the best astrological time for action), is now retracing the degrees it retrograded over until the 20th November. All in all, waiting a bit and reflecting will serve us in areas of both communication and action.

With Neptune ‘squaring’ (90 degrees) the lunar nodes at this time, impulsiveness and overreactions will create more confusion and fogginess. It is better generally to bide one’s time this later autumn and be discerning in our actions.  The call to wisdom has never been louder.



When affairs are soul size as they are now, wisdom and responding from the heart are essential.

Regularly check in with your internal dialogue and notice whether it is draining or uplifting you. Distinguish between the essential and non-essential in thoughts, words and actions as you go about your day.  Simple but powerful tools!

Bringing our minds back to neutral, so we can see what is in front of our eyes, without the filter of old stories, will prove useful as we travel to the end of this extraordinary year.

As we can see there is a lot of activity with the planets! Things are changing, dissolving and re-forming. I am optimistic in the main that light and clarity will emerge more as we go through 2021.  Big cycles in history always create new ground and this is no exception. It takes time and during these big cyclical changes we can’t see clearly. That is where trust comes in.

In the coming 40 days leading up to the solstice and new cycle, use them as initiatory steps. 40 has always been a significant number for spiritual growth.



By refusing to have fear as a companion, and instead coming from the place of kindness, by breathing deeply through the inner and outer waves of confusion and flux as a daily exercise, we can grow so much and understand how we are essentially a unity on this planet and not a cluster of divides.

It is a privilege to be on Earth now at this pivotal time. I truly believe that. With awareness and love, we can raise the frequency on the planet and be of help where our heart and instinct guide us. We are then not isolated. And isolation is a big problem.  Connecting at the heart level and sending light outwards will be life-affirming.  Remembering to do this is of course the key and the discipline.   



These dynamic planetary changes will of course align with your own birth chart. What is ready to grow, to be released and to emerge in these coming months? I would love to help you relate to these cosmic movements, which are now ushering in new possibilities for you.

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