2019 – The Year of Thinking Differently

The most priceless gift from the Spirit of Time is the openness to be here and now – in the moment.  Every moment has memory and the start or birth of anything holds that memory. This year is a special one for cooperating with these concepts.

With my work over the past 40 years, I have become very aware that life moves in time frames and cycles, just as our bodies do.  Time in our 3D world exists so that everything doesn’t happen at once! Yet… even though our bodies and hearts know this, telling us very quickly via illness, stress and anxiety that our ‘clever’ minds are not recognising limits, rhythm and rest, we are indeed the only species who seem not to obey our diurnal cycles.

In this highly wired world nowadays, there are many people feeling constantly on the edge, blaming others and feeling out of kilter.

Change starts with Us. Yes it does! Where else can it start?  Henry Ford, the car manufacturer once said that the best way to predict the future is to create it…

The language of the stars lives within us as do many other symbolic languages. They are important signposts this year and here are some indicators.

The planets mirror our personal and collective cycles. History has time frames too and, as we move towards 2020, we witness the ones furthest from the Sun forming important conjunctions to one another. Those meetings of these giants represent beginnings and closures of social patterns and cultural attitudes. New Time Spirits are ushered in. Timely as ever!

To quote the eminent psychologist Carl Jung

“The meeting of two personalities is like the contact of two chemical substances. If there is any reaction both are transformed.”

Saturn and Pluto are moving in to form such a conjunction. They are on the same degree of the zodiac at the end of this year.  They have a 32-37 Year cycle. The last time they met in that union was 1982-3 and before that in 1947 and in 1914-15. Saturn likes structure and stability and Pluto likes to deconstruct and transform.  Pluto’s key phrase is ‘transform or die.’ Interesting dialogues are forming.

Jupiter – the expander – and Pluto line up as we enter 2020.  That conjunction has a 13 Year cycle and was last in force in 2007.  Jupiter is in its ‘home’ sign, Sagittarius, then as it is now. Hopefully, we can connect with the teacher that Jupiter is, and learn important lessons of gratitude.

The Jupiter/ Saturn conjunction – they get together every 20 years in their cycle –  has always been significant for shifts of cultural attitudes and big changes politically. The axis of the zodiac signs, Cancer and Capricorn, are the game changers as well this year. And with those giant planets in that sign of Capricorn in these coming times, big governmental and corporation changes are on the agenda.

How do we feel about our inner authority nowadays? And how do we nurture ourselves in quality feeding ways?  This axis is all about reforming and rebuilding. It is the soul’s journey of initiation and growing from needy child to responsible parenthood.  A look at how we treat those we put in leadership and in power may be overdue.  People in those roles are due for changes too with Capricorn the sign that governs, in the ascendant now and in 2020.

The eclipse cycle got off to a quick start in January this year. In July there are two more, at the new and full Moon times. And again on December 26th. Eclipses highlight earth changes, clearing houses, weather conditions and endings and beginnings.  Again, the signs of Cancer/Capricorn are highlighted. The ruler and the ruled characters within us need a new balance.

The awakener Uranus has ushered on stage a new personality recently. In its 84 Year cycle, it enters a new sign every 7 years.

In May 2018 until November it was in the early degrees of the earth sign Taurus, and then it slipped back into Aries and will re-enter Taurus on March 6th residing there until 2026. Uranus can make insecure whatever it touches and awakens us to change. Taurus rules our resources, bodily needs, what we consume and our comforts.  It is no surprise climate change, plastic and the environment, in general, are front line news now. As Uranus is our inner inventor and maverick, we will find we are endlessly innovative and resourceful.  That is the lovely thing about human beings- we are such survivors and so adaptable. Don’t let us forget that! And cracks are where the light gets in…

We have opportunities to pause as Mercury’s orbit goes into retrograde motion three times this year.  Coming up is its first – March 6th to 28th.  At the end of March it is at standstill point before slowly moving forward. April will see more flow. But the prefix ‘Re’ applies in March and we would be wise to re-edit, rethink, revisit and reflect.

The universe doesn’t want us to keep pushing forward. A dance, a piece of music have pauses for a more enjoyable experience!  Even when we look up at the canopy of the stars, they are only distinct beautiful patterns because of the spaces around them. So the wise cosmos encourages us to take a step back and use our intuitive mind as much as our logical one. July 8th to 2nd August is the next time and then 2nd to 21st November.

Take those time periods to reassess and allow change, especially in March.  Pruning what is dead energy and stuck this year will pave the way, as any gardener knows, for new, healthier and thus stronger structures.

Recognising we are part of the tapestry and web of the universe, we have no need to feel alone. When we truly wake up to that knowledge how much easier it will be to feel more compassion, trust and community.

The language of time allows us to make sense and to be present with the bigger and smaller cycles which permeate this beautiful Cosmos.  We are here for an allotted time, and cooperating with a willingness to find solutions out of difficulties rather than being fearful or reactionary, aids us all individually and for the bigger picture.

Ysanne Lewis has been an astrologer and timing adviser for 40 years. She has an international clientele and is an inspirational speaker and workshop leader.  After her extraordinary journey to the Tibetan plateau last year, when she sponsored a little girl through her schooling days, she is intent on helping to raise funds for an eye clinic in the Spiti Valley. Proceeds from her award-winning book on timing “The Time Catcher” will go towards this. See-  www.spiti.org