Well, the planetary script is changing its look again this year, and with it our opportunity to widen our perspective and think more outside the box.

Saturn, the planetary energy of learning, boundaries and restriction, in its home sign of Capricorn, has seemingly held us hostage over the past couple of years but has loosened its grip as, with its fellow teacher planet Jupiter, it moved on into Aquarius – the energy of expansion – at the end of 2020.


We have had to look at our inner authority, rules, outer authority and common sense – all relevant Saturn themes last year- and to look at them with new eyes as we entered this year. For two months on 14 May, expansive Jupiter will enter the water sign of Pisces dispersing the tiredness of ingrained responses and activating our sense of magic and vision.


It seems timely to write this blog now as we are in the earthy sign of Taurus, a sign which can help us focus and be in touch with our senses and values. It is also a stubborn, fixed sign of the zodiac and patience can run out, at this time when we start wanting real facts and growth.

Whether this applies to our personal lives or the bigger picture, astrologically we are moving into a month or so of awakening and habit changing.

This is not a time so much to be an observer as of a participant and creator. As we travel through the next few months an awakening of our inner authority, a healthy questioning of what fear is and how it controls us, along with a periodic reality check, engenders inner power and a release of any victimhood. It has been easy to feel numbed down somewhat by the way society has been changing and feeling a lack of life-giving spontaneity.

The fertile ground of Taurus, started with the new moon in that sign on 11 May, encouraging us to recognise we are deeply connected to our instincts and resourcefulness.

The picture of the tapestry of the starry world above us at present is encouraging us to keep things simple and steady as we navigate our course through this year. No easy task, as there is an impatient energy that sprung into motion after the new moon in Aries in April.

None of the planets were/are in retrograde motion in March, April and May (until 29 May 29). So, a ‘moving ahead’ scenario surrounds us at this time of writing.


We can look on the signatures of the planets, as they weave their angles to one another and journey along the ecliptic, as music scripts. To recognise the tempo, the pauses, the harmonies and the dissonances also in our own bodies, helps us to dance with those rhythms and feel part of the weather vane of the cosmos.



We are leading up to a lunar eclipse, super moon, on 26 May at 12.14 pm British Summer Time. Recharging our batteries is good before then, as the eclipse in Sagittarius will challenge our thoughts, beliefs, and opinions. At a lunar eclipse often something that has been hidden or overlooked comes to the surface. And gets clarified.

Two weeks later on June 10th, there is a solar eclipse at the new moon in Gemini, highlighting communications, and choices in direction, both on the world stage, politically and personally.  It is quite common that leaders or other public or celebrity figures are in the news more or there are demises leading up to and during the eclipse (the word eclipse means ‘to leave’). Whom or what is eclipsing your life path now?

Between those two eclipses, Mercury, the ruler of Gemini, is in that sign and turns retrograde for three weeks in its motion on 29 May. Revisiting ideas, places and people will be on the agenda. Indeed, do use the prefix ‘re’ before some actions and decisions.


Ideally, the best way to handle this changeable and confusing time is to harness the playing child within us and live in the moment more. Being at the hub of a wheel, the eye of the hurricane, are good analogies.

Finding joy in ordinary, everyday things brings out the magician in us and helps us clear out the past and its conditionings. Mercury stays in that sign of Gemini till 11 July, promoting new ways of looking at problems and decisions.

In its retrograde phase, we may well feel we are being pulled back to the roads we have travelled, but resonating with the inner child allows us to follow new tracks out of curiosity, and to explore new landscapes. Thinking outside the box works well for us then.


Between 14 May and 28 July, Jupiter, which is journeying through Aquarius this year, hurries on into Pisces, taking us into a more mystical, reflective realm for a while. Compassion is the keyword to aspire to at this time, including compassion towards ourselves.

With Pisces being a water sign, let us, without slipping into victim-like behaviour or lacking in boundaries, empathise more and trust the invisible senses. In December Jupiter enters that sign for most of 2022.

As I mentioned earlier, Jupiter’s restrictive relationship of late with authoritarian Saturn will ease and we will feel more expansive in our inner freedom and decision making.

Because both Jupiter and Neptune will be in their domicile, or home sign of Pisces – a rare combination last seen 160 years ago – between mid-May and late July this year and then through 2022, our attitude towards beliefs, death and the meaning of life, helps us to think more for ourselves and be less attached to fear and being risk aversive.

Hope and even luck are big keywords here for those astrological energies. It is not a time for thinking in cramped or small ways. Music and dance will be a great and healing factor and have an important part to play in the coming year.

The arts have suffered much of late and deserve our patronage. We often forget that the arts have, and have always had in society, a therapeutic role, especially in live performance. Whether we think we are artistic or not!


The western world has a strange relationship with denial and mortality. We have been faced very much via news and media with that fear over the past year or so.  How are we addressing that fear now and how are we understanding loss and compassion? Educating ourselves in these matters is a strong theme this year.  Jupiter, the philosopher planet, in Pisces, mirrors this.

Healing will take on new forms along with a renewed, increased sense that the body, mind and soul are interconnected, providing their own wisdom.


Solar flares and sunspot activity are very active this month of May into June. Noticeable effects show up in disturbed weather patterns and sleep patterns and tensions creating an intense time.

7 May saw an exceptionally strong sunspot flare causing much radio static and disturbance.  The Schumann resonance has increased also and research shows how its waves affect and ‘wobble’ our energies. Intensity is in the air! If you feel off-kilter through May into June be as much in nature as you can and try not to over-react to frustrations.

The Schumann resonance is the global electromagnetism, and when it spikes as it is now we, who are heir to the changes of Earth and its cycles, especially its magnetic field, can experience more anxiety and tiredness.

Again, it is important we take our time this month, find ways in which to calm our bodies, and not overreact.  Feeling settled within can of course be helped by breathing consciously.

Techie problems and power cuts are not uncommon now. The clearing of old toxins is happening so drink lots of clean water and tune into your heart for information. The heart does not lie, unlike the mind.


Honouring our inner timekeepers is important so we can be in necessary rhythm both with ourselves, the earth’s pulse beat and with the beautiful timekeepers overhead – the cosmic clocks.

It is easy now to quickly swing from centredness to tension, feeling wired up and feeling out of control with this. Changing your activity can help and, if you have trouble sleeping at this time, get up and walk around or look at the stars! Shift the energy and attention.

Our consciousness is heightening now, and the poles of negative and positive energy are amplified. Being aware of our breathing patterns and taking more time out from technology and the like, replacing it with being around nature and feeling our roots in it, will help hugely.


A major signature for 2021, which overshadows the planetary conversations overhead, is the ongoing Saturn Uranus ‘square’. At 90 degrees, which is an angle of tension, the pull between old and new ways, between fear/control and the need to break free, are not relaxed bedfellows, and these sky gods do like to battle! They were exact in aspect on 17 February and will be shortly again on 14 June and lastly on 24 December this year.


We often write scripts in our heads and converse with opposing parts of our psyches. Mental health issues as we know have risen greatly since lockdown. Medicine can help, but so also can knowing that “no man is an island”, and collectively we need to start healing the deeper wound at this pandemic time.

How we label things and how indeed we use language which instils fear will become clearer as we experience the transforming effects of the eclipses this year – the lunar and solar ones in May (Sagittarius) and June (Gemini) and then the December solar eclipse also in Sagittarius. These two signs are those of the messenger, educator, explorer and communicator.


We need to learn how not to use harsh words and put labels on people who think differently to us, especially regarding guilt and the ‘shoulds and musts’.  By questioning and educating ourselves about true facts and searching for helpful language in the way we converse, we will go a long way in moving forward.

In this year of navigating the choices put to us, of thinking more for ourselves and really strengthening our immune systems, physically and emotionally (remembering that fear depresses and constricts our immune system and decision making), we can be creators and ‘magic’ workers in how we weave our future.

Reality is how we see it, and 2021 holds a time of opportunity to come from the heart, where healing and courage reside. In widening and cleansing our doors of perception (as the author Aldous Huxley wrote about), we find the vistas that Jupiter and Pisces offer, which include peace and hope, allow toxicity to disperse.

Realising that how we see things becomes how we think, now is the time to blink and wake up more to our higher mind, rather than being stuck in our conditioned mind, and to grow into our own educator and decision-maker.  Being brave and not fearful is a positive choice now.

The Soul of each one of us is a big country and a free one; there is no need to feel limited or hopeless.

Wishing you healing and loving days of exploration to come!


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