The planets are weaving lovely, if somewhat challenging, patterns in the heavens this early autumn (spring in the southern hemisphere.) More than usual they are active in our personal and collective psyches.

Earlier this month we had the solar eclipse  and two  weeks on  we are about to experience the lunar eclipse  – the last of the eclipse cycles this  year. On 28th September in the early hours we can see in the southwest in the northern hemisphere a super moon, so called because  it is  in perigee – closest approach  to the Earth – whilst in opposition to the Sun.  As the Moon astrologically represents our self image and responses to life  we can expect already to be feeling  the inner urge to address matters which have been building up of late.  The eclipse phenomenon heightens this and , if we are wise,  we can allow life to take us into the mystery of what we need to release and resolve. As the Moon passes the Erath’s dark shadow (unbra) between 1 am and 6.22 am, total at 3.47 am, we can link our thoughts to the fact it is also a Harvest Moon  which suggests we look at what we have sown and are ready to reap, Working with gratitude is a happy attitude now!

The eclipse sits at the 5th degree of Aries and Libra , so where those degrees fall in your own or a country’s horoscopes will highlight  specific areas of life and intensity.

Traditionally, eclipses govern the affairs of leaders and royalty. At the solar eclipse on 13th September, Tony Abbott the Australian prime minister resigned – as an example. Let us wait and see what events occur around public figures. Certainly earth movements are common around these times of eclipses too, but in this post I am more concerned with pointing the way to the earth changes needed within our psyches as individuals.

As this coming eclipse is in the polarity signs of Aries and Libra, be conscious that these signs  together teach  about balance and relationship – to oneself and to others. Be extra discerning and sensitive to interactions and impulsive behaviour; pace yourself and try not to be uncoordinated!


With Mercury retrograde until  October 9th also in the sign  of Libra, you may have been finding  negotiations, plans and decisions coming up against hiccups and delays. And, as Mercury rules technology, hiccups therein too. It can also be a time till then of lost or delayed opportunities  returning and a re appearance of people and lost objects! Discernment really is the operative word at this time. Even cancellations can work to our advantage!

You may have noticed the lovely dance of Venus and Mars in  recent weeks. At present it is still in dramatic Leo, and our creativity and passion are being encouraged to flow more. What brings you alive now?

A bit like the white rabbit in Alice in Wonderland the dance of these two planets  is racing with the clock to enter Virgo and align with Jupiter. The weaving of the different parts of our inner landscape is getting finely tuned now and, as Virgo likes finding new methods in which to be useful, this later Autumn bodes well for new ideas and innovative changes of routines regarding work, health and being of service to ourselves as well as to others.  The conjunction of these two planets in  the earth sign of Virgo from 9th October to 8th November will remind us to sift through what is useful and growth oriented in our lives.

On the world stage, the refugee crisis may start getting more organisation and practical help. Recognising the global arena needs to be involved and not just individual countries will allow us to get a bigger glimpse of the interconnectedness we are part of on Earth.

As this is a clearing house time at many levels, and a time of fresh air coming in please contact me if you would like some insights personally or for your business life. Working with cycles and timing is my forte and I very much enjoy giving clarity on this subject to my clients and friends. I am so  grateful I am working with this skill!

Till Soon