Hello  and welcome to my insights on  this pivotal  half way  point in 2016 !


  • Uncertainty and the inner compass
  • Fractures – letting light and space in
  • Referendum in United Kingdom
  • Summer outlook astrologically
  • Mars highlighting new  plans from chaos.


    Well, change is in the air for  sure this year. When  faced with difficulty, our brains make up a story  – a natural reaction as we can’t  tolerate uncertainty easily. Checking all the facts and then  ‘owning’ our stories so there is a positive outlook arising from the unknown helps!

Not just in the UK, and seismic shocks are happening big time here,  a sense of suspension  is present.  I think the words  ‘being present’ are vital as I will explore with you…

Just as the Creator gave us life then when we are being creative, whether with problems or with re creation and new beginnings, that is when we are most alive!



I have been asked by many clients and friends to write a little about the referendum held in the UK on June 23rd – to  remain in or leave the EU. So here are some thoughts and, for those interested in the astrological ‘take’ on it, some  insights from research done.

Running for the hills or panicking or being fearful when there are elections, breakups and an unsure climate in many places, affect us all collectively, but let us remember we live under a common sky and, as  physics and astrology show – as above so below .  That when we recognise everything is intrinsically connected, that we are not separate  except in our  left brain minds and societal laws,  and the bigger cell, the solar system we are part of,  has a web and patterning we can align with, we can take a deep breath within the suspense and choose not to reinforce our sense of isolation and illusion of separateness.

Saturn is in opposition – one and a half cycles on – to its  position in the 1973 chart for the EU, and transiting Pluto, transformation and volcanic action /reaction  activates foundations, associations and destiny in the 1973  chart. Changes were likely if new compromises and agreements could not be  reached.  Rather scary as Saturn and Pluto are  tough teachers hence the need for some patience and new communications,  not  ‘blame and name’ tirades.

Saturn rules gravity so finding your own centre of gravity is the key now. The rebellious planet Uranus is in opposition to its natal point as well. Nothing is cast in stone but fragmented situations politically and in unions are sorely tested with these major transits of planets.  Building new foundations, trust and healthy agreements between countries is the next call as these cycles – as they always do – move. I truly believe that.

Mars and the Euro – astrology take.

For those of you who know something of astrology, I looked at the chart of the  introduction  of the Euro – 31st Dec 1998. Its horizon  lies in  Taurus /Scorpio – important signs of finance and values – and has Mars, (severance and conflict  as well as   positive initiative and bravery, vitality),  transiting over the descendant of the chart – the ‘other’ and partnerships. It is often found  in that position in court cases of divorce, and the spilt from the EU – not Europe, but its federal and political part –  has been likened to a messy divorce.

The pertinent point astrologically lies in the fact that Mars has been retrograde ( appearing to move backwards, due to speeds of itself and the Earth) for a couple of months and ‘coincidentally’ was reaching its stationary degree at the time of the referendum. In other words, it has been at 23 degrees Scorpio  from 18th June until 9th July approaching.  A tricky  time to make decisions and move forward.  And for any action to do with individuation and anger a dodgy time  for leadership!  Interestingly, Mars was at that  same degree of the zodiac  in February when specific concessions were agreed by the EU and UK. That degree returned in late June.

At a personal level  how have you been feeling at this time with Mars in that position? Feedback  I have received from many areas tells me people have felt rather stuck, off kilter. With Mars having moved ‘direct’ as from June 30th, gradually there will be more clarity, positive energy and cleaner type of power to use. So don’t rush things or react too quickly. It’s a bit like an engine restarting or a changing of gears –  a skilful touch is needed.

New season, new growth

At the summer solstice – the ingress into Cancer ( in the north and the opposite in the southern hemisphere) Saturn which rules reality checks, learning the hard way, pruning and  sometimes holdups and endings, was overhead in the charts of London and Europe.  In that position it rules governments, monarchy, reputations and leaders of state. As the solstice around June 21st set the stage for the following  season of 90 days, it  doesn’t encourage rush or  pushing forward. its positive aspect lies in re building, restructuring and gaining a greater sense of authenticity and inner authority. A real growing up time beckons because with a sense of fragmentation, forthcoming elections and the like happening.  it is vital we get a higher sense of unity – and that starts within us.

Inner Compass

With the mirror of the planetary cycles highlighting our pull generally between boundaries (father time Saturn)  and dissolving the status quo and flowing, (nebulous  Neptune),   knowing  how to use our hours wisely- when to ride the waves and when to  drop anchor temporarily- can be empowering. Not  reacting in impulsive  ways but resonating with the spaces in between words and thoughts would serve us this  year. The Saturn /Neptune cycle I wrote about in my May blog got going this time round in history in 1989. Its quadrant phase is now and just as walls came down  and new freedoms found in the former phase  we now  see new crises,  new urges for freedom and major decisions regarding boundaries and reality checks.

The final square of these two very different planetary energies is in  early September this year when we might expect some solutions arising out of crisis. At its highest -holy grail- level, the boundary dissolving power of Neptune  is a catalyst for compassion at a global level. Saturn constricts this compassion with more earthy concerns and fears, some worth  pragmatic discussions and some definitely not, for fear is never a good adviser!

It may seem life is a bit confusing at present and the normal guidelines have taken a hike, but just as the planets mirror perfect timing whether in their short lived cycles like new moon to full moon or longer ones, we are at some level always ready when crossroads face us. Embracing and being tender with uncertainty first  as a friend not a foe, and then bringing on stage the magical creator which so often doesn’t get an airing,  allows in the words from a song : ” There’s a crack, a crack in everything; that’s where the light gets in.” 


Finding your Pivot to find security

Security is a word and state of mind that has come to the front of affairs. It is easy to say inner security is the important thing in life but not always easy to harness. However, as long as we  know it is  there for us to explore now and to find its pivot within us in whatever way we know best, we are then flowing with the theme of this year. Spreading kindness, listening to others more and being and growing in the moment  stabilizes and puts into perspective uncertainty and the unknown.

Being creative with change when there are wake up calls is a gift from the universal spirit, and,  just as on the world stage countries are making big  decisions with resultant fear and mistrust, now is the time to find our  centres inside and move forward in positive ways with what is happening. Trusting our inner compass when diverse opinions and advice are rife, is not just a test but a huge step forward to finding the way home to a larger part of ourselves which has been waiting in the wings.

The New Moon on 4th July in  Cancer feels symbolic of new birth and the capacity to receive, reflect more and  surrender more to our intuition. There are six planets in water signs at present, water being the in breath and flow of the zodiac. There are beautiful water signs ‘grand trines’ between the end of June and July 22nd in the heavens linked with Venus, Mercury, Chiron ( the healer of wounds) and Mars. Take time out to feel their gift and meaning. Time to contemplate, heal festering wounds and misunderstandings and be open to Source – the latter being so much bigger than issues around us –  can give us the gift of a gentler and creative July.

In later July the Sun, Mercury and Venus in Leo encourage  the courage of the heart and bigger steps forward in our personal lives and sense of purpose, but these coming couple of weeks are best used for gestating ideas and plans and  replenishing inner reservoirs!

Expansive Jupiter in Virgo  until September 9th  is refining yet expanding our vision of where and how best we can be of service to ourselves and society. Together these messengers support and protect us when we tune in to their inner counterparts – in our hearts. When Jupiter enters Libra, the sign of balance and agreements and partnerships after September 9th, politically there will be decisions  of import, especially with – hopefully- fair and balanced trade and societal issues, including the migration crisis.

There is huge potential at this time.  I see the planetary cycles as mirrors  which  enable us to be guided here on Earth when understood with the wisdom inherent in them – known for millennium. Recognising also that  our bodies are part of nature  we can cooperate with our inner natural diaries and timekeepers at this pivotal time and feel a real connection with everything around us. Becoming more alive is part of the gift of the configurations in the heavens this year – mutable, questioning and changeable energies.

Find your inner pivot and gravity whilst allowing the bigger picture to elevate you  and inspire love, not fear and excitement with changing, not resistance.

This is an important journey for our hearts and souls right now : this is where we can feel unity with the whole planet.



If you feel my guidance via your personal  birthchart or  business chart would be timely now at this awakening time please contact me at info@ysanne.com

Wishing you creative and regenerative times ahead!