AS WE REACH THE END OF THIS UNUSUAL, HIGHPOWERED APRIL we experience the important Solar Eclipse at the New Moon in Taurus at 6.14 am ( 7.14 am BST) on 29th.

2 weeks ago we felt the tension of a Lunar Eclipse at the Full Moon  and a tight configuration of a grand cross of feisty planets, encouraging inner change and  an urgent call to un – stick ourselves from old patterns of response. If we have resisted  the flow of change feeling the weight of ‘ourselves’  is and would have been obvious.

A Solar eclipse is an amplified new Moon and the past wants its acceptance before we move into lighter ways . It helps us to more quickly move through the past obstacles blocking our path.  As long as we choose to  make the appropriate changes necessary ( and, yes, we do know what they are!) So much better to initiate them rather than have them forced on us!

I thought I would  like to highlight some points in my blog at  this time as we go into May!

The Solar eclipse in the fixed Earth sign of Taurus  struggles a little to allow change. It likes to pace itself instead so take a deep breath – find your centre – and, from that steady place,  assimilate the experiences of recent times and allow the eclipse and the coming weeks to make sense of and a new commitment to life and the future . In this earth sign we are asked to connect more deeply with new comfort zones and ‘appropriate’ people and places.  It  feels good when we do that, doesn’t it?

Embracing simple solutions is going to be surprisingly easier than we think.  Many of us have been re tracing steps  and solidifying new beginnings. Impulsively resonating to the past now doesn’t work.

Mercury – the messenger – joins in with the eclipse, bringing in new relevant information and new perspectives awakening us from ‘blind’ states.

People may surprise us by entering and leaving our lives and be assured it is timely. Like actors on a stage there are cues, which,  for our ‘play’ or life story, have to  be timed well for the complete picture to take shape..

Giving attention to practical matters which  support our self worth is timely now as well. Our bodies, homes, finances and possessions provide  an important framework to accompany us  in life so let’s make sure they are valuable in the heart- sense way, looked after and honoured.

Focus on what you really want (simplifying things in your mind helps) and be less concerned with what others think or how they plug the empty holes in us!

Feel at home with you! A solar eclipse in Taurus reminds us to be at home with ourselves and  where we are meant to be at this time.  AND that the past is another country! It anchors and helps growth where and in what ways we need it most. Listen to your inner voice..

As we journey into the coming months remember we are travellers , not tourists. Really experiencing the inner and outer changes as adventurers we can feel a heightened sense of being  enjoyably alive, even with the sometimes chaotic and insecure world  at our doorstep – or in the media!

When in doubt find your centre  and, even though we are constantly dealing with adjustment, know that this month of eclipses and ‘grand crosses’ in the heavens is a truly remarkable month . Even if it looks dire rather than positive  at times  we can be assured new foundations and the possibility of renaissance and re invention have rarely been so available.

More to come! And know I am available for readings to assist you with your timing and decision making at this significant time in 2014…

With my warm Wishes