Recently  we saw a tight pressure cooker of a Mars (action) and  Saturn (constriction) conjunction in the heavens. Sorting out what we can concrete and what is fluffy and time wasting has been important.  That may have given us a reality check!  Certainly discipline and timely restraints trained us to mature a little.

On September 9th  there was a full Moon in Pisces aligned with Chiron. It was a super Moon – we have a few of those into 2015 – and, as supermoons amplify our perspectives on matters and Pisces is the archetypal dreamer,  we are being encouraged  this month to  embrace a loosening up time, indulge in our dreams and lick any of our wounds with discerning vulnerability and self compassion. It’s been a roller coaster of mixed  tidal currents this year with confusions and world tensions, but now it’s time to be gentler on ourselves and others.

Take time to care and nurture the beauty around you.

How do we view ‘normal’?

Normal, perhaps, hasn’t been the norm for many of us  for a while. But here’s a thought … even though we have felt the urge to break out of  familiar, ingrained patterns we can actually  find normality, not in the memories of  things left behind but in each day in whatever comes our way or, hopefully, gets created by ourselves. There it resides and to retrieve it from yesterday makes no sense.

It’s scary how we get used to things, isn’t it? Especially in how we put up with things! I had a cataract operation on my right eye the other week, along with my vision being rectified to see at a distance. Gosh, I had got so used in the last couple of years to a slight blur and thought that was liveable with – it had been gradual after all.  Okay, so what have YOU got used to  and  perhaps in other ways are blurring your lens on life and limiting your perspective?

Many ideologies and mental constructs run our world and are so easily bought into. Too easily we play safe and dismiss the unknown possibilities, the invisible worlds which seem formless to our eyes. We stay in the bubbles  which are labelled ‘let’s avoid pain’, even though pain can  often precede new life.

The Full Moon in Pisces on the 9th aligned with Chiron highlights  the need to  accept waking up to the possible concretion of what we hitherto felt was  unreachable.  The inner statements of,  “how nice it would be if….”, or,  “if only I’d done this earlier in life” –  in other words, expecting and wishing the world to hear us and magically change things!  Re-addressing those thoughts, claiming our dreams and, with curiousity,  greet them and smile at them is being highlighted for us now.  MAKE IT NORMAL TO DO SO!

Mythologically, Chiron was the teacher and healer to the gods and higher mortals, above all teaching compassion.  Its message this September, and indeed into the near future, is  to heal our own wounds, not fester and linger with them;  to re capture our dream and the inner gift which always lies behind a wound. Self acceptance and  acceptance of others foibles and flaws  always follows healing  our attachment to the wound, being responsible for it and not laying the blame at the feet of our pasts or people in our worlds.

Just as with  my ‘new eye’ I started seeing the world differently, as a parallel to this  I also started widening  my world, bringing my work to a bigger audience via speaking and writing  after a relatively quieter time doing my ‘art’ in the normal  way.  Being valued and enjoying the comfort zones my background had provided over three decades was great and stepping into unknown pastures was a bit edgy  and  open to risks. But re-creating self is healthy and rekindles that childhood enthusiasm to see what is round the corner.

I would encourage you my readers  – my clients and friends –  to see vulnerability as creative because,  even though for a while  we ‘don’t know’ consciously  the outcome, (not a nice feeling) we start to recognise that being a creator, not a victim or reactor,  is when we are most alive. Just as the creator /universal intelligence gave us life, so it is that when we are being creative with the life given us we are walking that same path and are truly living.

I have encountered quite a few clients lately who have done just that, faced that vulnerable choice and stepped into the unknown (the unknown only being essentially a lack of self knowledge)  finding they can adjust, once the decision is taken,  to a new perception and perspective within a magical  yet very real new framework. it was there waiting whilst  all the excuses and doubts and fears were chattering away as a powerful distraction and barrier.

I wanted to share with you part of a newsletter I received from Irene Brankin who wrote a  lovely book called “The Visible Woman: More lust, less must.”  I really like this exercise…. and do check out her website www.the   Her perspectives on life are very wise and timely.


“I suggest that you make sure you are in a quiet space (if possible) and make yourself comfortable.  

Simply become aware of your thoughts – don’t change them, they are part of you.  Then check any tension in your body and adjust accordingly.

Finally allow any feelings you are having to become visible and simply acknowledge them.

Then when you feel calm and rested, I’d invite you to allow in the possibility of the legacy you are passing on to future generations – remember this does not mean some magnificent thing (and it may be) that everyone is in thrall to.  It can be something or some way that others will remember you.  It may some talent or gift you used to serve your community or humanity as a whole.  

You have been a Role Model for this – your Legacy.

Breathe into that place inside you that holds the answers – whether in symbols, images, words or even pictures.  Be open to receive whatever comes for you without judgement or censoring.

When you are ready, come out and write or draw what you got.  Perhaps you will be surprised, shocked or grateful for whatever it was.”


Please feel free to leave  a comment in the section below on my post in  about your own possible or actual shift at this time.  This may inspire others and remind you of  finding the beauty of the unknown and how, by being creative in our lives, we find and  belong to a very meaningful universe!

Have lovely days ahead and, if you feel ready for new starts and new self perception, I am here to assist with the ‘queen of timing – which is astrology – and highlight your present and forthcoming cycles of growth and re-creation.

Till soon, Ysanne