On the eve of the monthly New Moon it seems significant to write a few lines about its importance as this month we have two eclipses – they come as a pair! On the New Moon tomorrow morning  September 1st at 10.30 am BST we have the solar one when the conjunction of the Sun and Moon in Virgo line up with the Earth creating an intensiy of energy.

As the Moon momentarily blocks the Sun’s radiation, lunar issues such as the past, old programming and habits come up for re assessing and releasing. As we have been moving into this the past three days, during the dark of the Moon, it has been and still is important to rest more and allow a leting go and sieving of stuff! We may have noticed more tiredness and an inner pull away from moving forward in the usual manner! resistance to the inner tides now is more stressful than usual. Don’t worry if you have felt more locked into past patterns, memories and imaginings. They are coming up for release. The Earth herself feels this too with earth tremors being usual and  unexpected weather  patterns.


Eclipses mark turning points and where this one is in our charts they highlight transformation and upgrading of perception, Without beating ourselves up it is timely now to be more discerning where we are of service to others and to ourselves. To upgrade or reboot our inner teacher and intuitive, discerning self is helpful now.
Eclipses zap the earth’s energy – electro magnetic field- so our physical bodies feel perhaps a bit clogged and tired. But in Virgo,  where also Mercury and Jupiter are at present, we need to be aware of our nervous systems and and mind sets  as well  and how they are running us. Simple disciplines help now or resting more and being ‘mindless’ for spells of time. Virgo is the sign of the harvest – what do we keep, what do we eliminate?  It:’s the ‘digestive’ sign of the zodiac in all meanings of that word. How do we assimilate /digest life and our thoughts?At this time how is that affecting our health, weight and vitality?

This theme leads us into the Lunar eclipse in Pisces/Virgo on the 16th September when there is a Full Moon,
highlighting the need to heal as well as connect the heart and mind, body and soul. These two eclipses , two weeks apart, fall in the axis of Virgo and Pisces , the polarity of  assimilation and releasing, analysis and intuition.  A very sensitive polarity which we all have somewhere in our birth charts, regardless of our sun/star sign. How we look after the environment , the Earth’s body, as well as our own plays a big part and I can envisage issues relating to health care, medical institutions and conservation being paramount this month.
So quite some healing month this September will be with perhaps some old wounds being activated with the opportunity to gently heal them in ourselves and others. We may see new discoveries and breakthroughs with medicine and alternative healing. Above all choosing to heal ourselves in gentler and wiser ways will come more easily to us.


With the planet Mercury having gone retrograde since 30th August in Virgo (until 22nd Sept) , we recognise the possibilities of re negotiating and revisiting ideas and contacts in new ways, Right through September we realise we don’t know it all and can allow new perspectives and tecniques even to provide answers which are timely. This applies equally to day to day matters to affairs of the heart and soul! The prefix’ Re’ should accompany our actions and thoughts.  Areas such as health, how we mentor ourselves, and employment issues will take precedence and rectification possible.

Strong aspects to outer planets of our solar system at these eclipse times challenge us to look at where we have given our power away to illusions and addictive tendencies, and urge us to extricate ourselves from fear based beliefs which create poor choices. Saturn and Neptune form their third and final square to each other – a journey (this time round) started in in 1988.  Are we ready to  address the pull between Saturn – boundaries healthy and otherwise,  and Neptune – escapism , compassion and no limits?

This aspect is exact on September 10th. It will be exactly 180 months since 9/11 –  A wake up point and opposition point in the zodiac wheel of 360 degrees.  Let us personally and globally take this opportunity time  not to create division and  tense opposition, but to form new and healthier agreements.  This may not seem too likely at present in the world, but the on going planetary transits show the need for new co operations and different ways of thinking. The Saturn /Neptune fog of recent years acts like a melting pot so new life can emerge. These eclipses in September  indicate new pathways emerging from it which we can CHOOSE to follow.

What stories we tell ourselves, what activities and routines we employ, come under the microscope now, and wake up calls this coming month can be welcomed so we can adjust the lenses we see ourselves and the world thrtugh. We are told the mind with its thoughts affect our bodies. In this month of September we can enjoy aligning those two and gain a more comfortable relationship from being in a body and choosing how we see, think and thus relate to things.