Hello Again!

These next two months are indeed inspiring ones of courage and of a revaluing of what we have. Also,  of what we might be missing or need to release.

Yes, you may have noticed I  am still using words which start with ‘re’. In my last post I talked about Mercury, our inner communicator and ‘techie,’ in retrograde motion. This three week cycle  in May/June time  highlighted the opportunity to adjust our thinking and retrace decisions and ideas so as to move forward with more clarity.

I introduced the upcoming retrograde movement of Venus, and, as it is approaching shortly, would like to enlarge on it  – hence the heading of  this post.


We have a New Mo0n  in Cancer on 16th July  at 1.24 am GMT. It’s message is  “Are we rooted in the right place?” Dynamic aspects to it  encourage us  to  be very honest with our needs and where their values are really coming from!  May I  suggest a need to renew our capacity to nurture ourselves and to be fully present in what we commit to.  Resolve the real issues underneath,  not just the surface veneer, and, although this time period can be somewhat volatile, know it is also fertile ground for weeding out the root causes so to avoid problems regrowing. A good time to forgive and open to love more.


On 25th July until September 6th Venus goes retrograde, appearing to move backwards through the degrees of the zodiac it recently transited through. She does this every 18 months, compared with Mercury’s thrice yearly event.  When a planet retrogrades it brings about a change in the flow of things that relate to the planet in question.Venus rules our values – self value, personal values, valuables, finances and  relationships. A great time to reassess and reflect on these things more than we might normally do. Or so it is recommended!

A thought… “The fact that we think of nature as a resource rather than as a companion means we think of  each other as resources rather than companions.”  

Current relationships may go through a period of reevaluation and reprioritizing. Flaws can show up, and the shadow side of love – necessary at times  to brush off the illusions,  shiny bits and past issues and hurts- can keep nudging us. Confrontation now is seriously to be avoided. Finding ways to make conflict or assertion creative and come from authenticity (not the fictional self) works well now. It’s a win win situation when we can engage honestly and not from defensiveness or fear,  or having a big expectation as to the outcome!

We are also likely to glamorize new and returning loves and attachments and things we purchase. Make sure there is a ‘you can return’ label on  purchases, or have  flexibility in new associations.


There are always deeper patterns and workings, some call it karmic energy, in relationships and this is a time to gain understanding of why they are in our lives. Anger, denial or suppression don’t help.  It is not unusual for returns from the past,  maybe to be fully resolved or healed  or enjoyed. New attractions may have a feeling of strong familiarity and thus seductive,  and things may happen in a current relationship that seems oddly familiar. “We have been here before,” we may think. Remember to look closely and await later September when Venus goes direct and also Jupiter enters Virgo and heightens discernment and solution solving. Where this important cycle is currently in your birth chart  reveals  which area of life  is open for change.

Venus and Jupiter, you may have noticed, are close in the skies. A beautiful sight indeed!  Their first conjunction was July 1st and the other two on August 4th and  October 25th. And, for us here on Earth, a special invitation to  draw beauty and creativity into our lives this summer and autumn.

To have true beauty and loving relationships we need self value and self respect first. So why not use this Venus retrograde time to get just that and to move past making decisions and moves that take us to the same soul deadening places? If your relationships are in good shape, this time is also wonderful to have fun with your creativity, like a child does. Like a dance, it doesn’t have to go anywhere – it is there to be enjoyed, and where there is joy there is always a creative flow!


Venus retrogrades last for 40 days and 40 nights and transforms from evening star to morning star. She stations in the same vicinity of the zodiac every eight years, forming a beautiful rose shaped and pentagram pattern. Our timeline and journey unfolds over these years,  so look back to August/September 2007. What was happening then?  What are you returning to in your heart and what needs releasing?

Above all, what story are you creating in your life now? And what is the next creative chapter?

These have not been easy times, whether collectively and/or personally. But I certainly feel they are portals for renewing and knowing ourselves  anew  in this busy world. It is always liberating when we are being authentic and doing things with grace. Our inner  Venus loves gracefulness!

If you would like to explore your relationships both to self and others in your life now,  you might find  my astrological insights  of help. If so, I am here to contact and set up a reading with you.