Well, that was  a bit of a gap between my last post and now! I was travelling most of the Summer with my profession and visiting   Finland, Switzerland, Chicago and, very recently, Austria. A big Thank You to my clients and friends there. They were special times.

As we enter September we are being graced with planets in   feminine signs of the zodiac, namely, Cancer, Virgo and Libra.  The keywords , allow, grow and  re-balance come to mind.  Feeling a greater connection with ourselves, each other and mother Earth is very special now. When we feel  separate and we  forget that ‘no man is an island‘  we get out of touch with the roots we have linking us with  Spirit and the planet we all live on.

With so much global uncertainty and tension this month is an opportunity to develop a better balance between giving and receiving and sharing.

Throughout August, we experienced the ‘Mercury retrograde’ test! If you were tested with delays, blockages to activities and decision making, know that as we enter September  a move forward will be occurring and things fall into place more easily.  With the new Moon in Virgo on  august 29th more precision with details  and greater efficiency with handling material resources develops as we go further into September. Better communications technologically and verbally will be available.

Don’t get too impatient or too hasty though as Jupiter on August 30th went retrograde and continues that way for the next four months.  A revising of long term plans and a listening to the gut instinct will become more obvious and, as it is in the sign of Taurus,  there will be a greater capacity to pace oneself and have a healthy  relationship between our actions and their effect on the planet.  In a   strange way this will start to feel comfortable and of service to ourselves.

The Full Moon on September 12th in Pisces asks of us to choose more space and re-align.  Of late there has been a lack of time and space to manoeuvre and be still   partly because we feel an inner pressure  to keep our guard up and pre- empt events. In recent months, the fear of uncertainty and of uncontrollable change creates barriers to our souls, to each other and to Spirit. The universe has a say too and when we can see and respect the bigger picture at work and not just the immediate landscape there is space for new options and answers to come in. Trust is difficult when we don’t allow that connection to Spirit. The fascinating question comes to mind : ‘The distance between you and God  – who moved?’ Something to peruse when we feel out of alignment.

With the global financial instability at large we  can also see how money is an energy and has its atmosphere and cycles, reflecting  and being part of society’s emotions and fears. Emotional or material  ‘poverty consciousness,’   goes a long way to restricting openness to  the connection we all share with Life and   healthy enjoyment. And it isolates us. The feminine energy at work this September can help soften the cold and hard climate of fear and enable us to see the beauty around us more.

In mid September we see Mars,  entering the fiery sign of Leo, and powerful Pluto, after five months in retrograde motion  moving forward. At that time passion for projects and courage of the heart emerge strongly.  A time of more authenticity and taking larger steps to goals.

So the  planetary message for  the first two weeks or so of September is  to get to know ourselves   in a nurturing way  so that  an inner stability can reach out to external instability both in our personal lives and the world outside of us.

Warm Wishes


en you and God – Who moved?’ something to ponder when we feel out of alignment!