Have you  started  feeling a lighter energy dancing around?  Maybe our spirits –  our moods and our souls – are experiencing more levity as several planetary influences at this time encourage the lovely saying :   ‘Angels can fly because they take themselves lightly! ‘

So why is this?  Okay –  with the clarity of the recent New Moon  lined up with Mars and the Sun we get a boost of new vision and, with Mercury entering Aries today and Uranus also on 11th March, the cosmic pulse is drawing us to act and think outside the box.  Venus in light hearted Aquarius till 26th amplifies those desires as she encourages perspective and curiousity.

The biggest message in this missive to you? Trust your intuition and trust those new thoughts and impulses coming in on the tide. March is  literally spring cleaning month.  Jupiter opposing Saturn now until mid month balances excesses however and our ‘inner teacher’ and   ‘ inner authority’ figures act as wise parents to our ‘inner child’.  Finding our own answers via the right, intuitive side of the brain and trusting these messages puts us back on ourselves to take chances by being in alignment with the present moment. Even if, metaphorically, we fall over occasionally like a child  physically does when learning to walk, it won’t kill us and we will Grow!

You may recall in my last post I mentioned  that February’s Full Moon was conjunct the royal star Regulus and we might be seeing a toppling of leaders and even a scandal in royal families. Well, patterns followed through, although, I hasten to add, generally speaking the future is  NOT cast in stone. We have choice.  But the likelihood of disruptions and rebellion did  big appearances. Things festering  erupted and people who  felt   they were untouchable and too important to  take a step down got a wake up call .

The important planetary cycle of  30 years  shows up in the  event of the assassination of Anwar Sadat in Egypt in 1981 and now  with the toppling of Mabarak in 2011.  Libya’s astrological chart – yes, countries have charts just as we do –  shows a 2 x30  year cycle with  its Independence chart in 1951 and   now in 2011. These cycles of 30  often show up in turning or crisis points  ( a significant one is  the number 90 and its half way mark of 45 whether in days,weeks, months or years)    in politics and national charts. Oh, and in our personal affairs too! Whatever is overdue for change or re- negotiation  hits the headlines in public or private.

O n a personal note,  this month I celebrate 32 years of working for myself as a professional astrologer. I like to recognise these yearly anniversaries of  self employment and  find it healthy to check in on my inner staff!   Having to play the multi roles of employer, employee, general dogsbody, admin person, and marketing  and time manager , the inner critic is never far away, and therefore ensuring these characters are in balance and cared for is a necessity. So easy to overlook as well! Injecting enthusiasm into them can be fun at this  time with fresh cosmic air circulating after the global and no doubt personal eruptions that have recently been faced.

So those of you who also work alone in a profession or even are running a project alone, does that ring any bells??

Feed back welcome on how you are finding these times and how you are aligning with the cycles and themes I am writing about!