I COULDN’T let this week go by without sharing my insight on these remarkable eclipses at the New and the Full Moons this month.

Eclipses clear out what needs to be cleared out casting their effects beforehand and for many months afterwards. Where their path is  most visible we can expect to see more obvious events  occurring, The Solar eclipse on 9th March at  1.54 am GMT, when the Sun and Moon align, is most visible in the west pacific and Indonesia. You will recall the recent  7.9 earthquake  off the Indonesian peninsula. .

Natural disasters, and earthquakes political earthquakes and upheavals and demises with and of  leaders and people  in prominence, are not uncommon at these eclipses. The ‘fifth Beatle and producer George Martin  passed on the other day, and ,with the Piscean archetype linked with music and the arts and inspiration, he chose this closing of his life here at this synchronous time.

For us all we have the opportunity to look at the past and our future goals in new ways.

The shifts may be big or subtle but shifts there will be. We can make it hard or simple by our approach to it.



The eclipse of the New Moon on 9th March was  in the sign of Pisces at 18 degrees. Where that  point falls in our birth  charts and also  in the charts of countries indicates what is ready to change or be taken to the  next level. As eclipses occur in 19 year cycles look back at Spring 1997 and see if there is some kind of link; also to  September 2015 when an eclipse was in the opposite sign then of Virgo.



It is easy at this time to feel more exhausted and ready for  a releasing of old habits and responses.  The 12th sign of the zodiac, Pisces, collects  all the experiences gleaned through the other signs and encourages flow and whole making. Acceptance of our bigger self and the awareness that everything is spiritual in the sense that our experiences and growth are part of our spiritual journey, can help us be gentler and more compassionate towards ourselves and others. Saying it’s okay to  make some  mistakes, not isolating spirit from day to day experiences and not fixing things but allowing the larger picture to guide  us can be a relief and we grow in stature by allowing old mindsets to have a holiday!

Recognising that a sea change or weather pattern moving in our lives is timely and restorative, especially as the theme of the planets this month is one of changeability and flux, could be experienced as going with the tide and resting on the waves. Areas of life wherein we have not been authentic or  too fixed in our ways will see some overdue  change in these coming weeks. A detoxifying at a deep level  is at work.  Areas relating to travel. learning and trade (and migration issues) will be prominent, even to bursting point.

A need to expand, mirrored by Jupiter in opposition to the Sun ( very bright at night these weeks,)  encourages the overdoing of  things, and that is where good old Saturn has it’s say and gives us reality checks. These energies reside within us so listen to them and be a good self mentor. Our inner healer Chiron is strongly in aspect to the planets now  and highlights the difference between compassion and co dependence – that’s  a fascinating thought to ponder on!

Who do we trust? I always think that our higher selves are our best friends.There is a difference between being naiive and real trust.. Taking time out this month to inwardly say we don”t know and to  choose to listen to our intuition more will prove valuable. At a higher level we know our cycles and answers. This eclipse time is lovely for really acknowledging that  fact and taking a side step to look at things and the nature of reality in a different way.


With so much mutable energy around  try not to overload. There are always moments we can take time  to pause, to look at something beautiful and, in wonderment,  be grateful for the magical world we inhabit and so often take for granted, whether by trying to escape it by daily concerns and frustrations or polarising the material and spiritual worlds in the mind. The serendipitous happenings all around us can remind us of the awe we  can feel at being alive.

On 23rd March at the Full Moon there is a lunar eclipse – a good time to see how you have unravelled parts of the old self over the previous two weeks. It happens just as we enter the Spring equinox and the sign of Aries and, with the Moon in Libra, we have the opportunity to  put the spotlight on our relationships to one another and to the world at large.  Looking at boundaries or the lack of them is high on the agenda personally and on the world stage.

Be prepared to be flexible, learn in new ways and, like with the wondrous eyes of a child seeing new things, activate this ability and suspend judgment. Be the observer!



By late April, five planets are retrograde which will mirror our need to rectify what has been moving too fast  and enable us  to firm up what is authentic and productive in our lives.

The simpler we can make this time period the more we will benefit! Eclipses bring up fears and primal feelings so not over reacting but keeping centered  might prove valuable. It’s time to be an explorer in new ways, not least in how we see ourselves!


Wishing you easy days ahead

Till soon