Hello Again!  As promised I am jotting a few lines to complete  insights  I shared two weeks ago.  On November 28th the Lunar eclipse (14.46 GMT)  completed a process started on 13th November at the New Moon/ Solar eclipse. The unusual thing about this eclipse dance is the fact that Mercury has been retrograde (see previous blog, Nov 13th) and turned ‘direct’  late at night on the 26th. Quite a lot of ups and downs, reversals, standstill  situations and confusion. Well I am sure a lot of  good things happened as well but it’s an interesting few days  this week for being flexible and awakening to new possibilities and approaches.

Eclipses cause us to move forward in our soul’s journey and provide  a chance to look at hidden aspects of ourselves. Mercury gone direct now unclogs communication channels and  if  we are able to be discerning, not overloading ourselves with too many inner and outer voices and choices as we leave November this week we find ourselves in a  valuable place within  for  eureka moments where we see the light in some hitherto darkened and stagnant place.  The more we can pace ourselves and feel the connection with our higher self as a friendly guide we can feel a new lightness in our step, experience humour with matters that previously irritated or irked  and step out of our preconceived notions and boxes!

Venus and Mercury  in Scorpio  until mid December heightens our desire to feel and think things more intensely.  Relationships get an overhaul and shadows lurking in the background start to be addressed more. More courage is available for commitment and or endings. More than we are doers we are deciders – if we have courage – and with decisions being made a relief  which is healing surfaces.

So… in all a good time for  facing our inner demons and fears and, by making decisions, realising  they weren’t as scary as we had thought.  Mars in Capricorn  until the end of December helps us to  industriously  build on new or revised plans and projects.  Timing is everything and these planetary positions now suggest the route we can follow. And finally glance back over the past two weeks and see what shifts and messages you have been receiving.

Till soon!