How have you been feeling in this past week since  Jupiter and Venus turned  direct  in their tracks and moved out of retrograde motion? Maybe your values and needs  have had a wake up call and got more clarity, and maybe you feel more enthusiasm for future plans?

With planets turning direction in a forward motion, we can always expect  a whoosh of energy and action in their relevant spheres of life.  With Venus, more clarity and decisions regarding matters of the heart and with Jupiter more zeal  and wanting to put  ‘ things to right.’   As we enter December  there is a dynamic angle between  the Sun, Mercury and Mars in Sagittarius and with Jupiter, which is  traditionally ruled by Sagittarius, encouraging a look at the messages we give to others –  and to ourselves.  A tendency  towards impatience and speaking ones mind  could prevail as well as bright inspirational ideas. Sagittarius rules education and  social reform, so expect ongoing ‘discussions’  here leading on from  the 19th November.

In the last five weeks of this year, Jupiter travels the final seven degrees of Pisces the zodiac sign it has been in all year ( apart from   a short visit to Aries this Summer.)  I feel it is timely to look at how we can surrender old reaction and behaviour patterns, especially where we play ‘victim’ and project the’ inner moaner’ onto  society.  At the end of this year, Jupiter conjoins  with the innovative planet Uranus mirroring our capacity for a renewal of belief and connection with our higher selves. An opening of our heart – where non conditional love lives  – is growing now and, with Venus  still  in Scorpio as we end this year, we dive deep into the transformative power of love and self healing. This is important as otherwise old wounds reappear and we trap ourselves in regrets and resentments.  It is rare this conjunction of   Jupiter and Uranus in Pisces – the last time was back in 1334!!  Hopefully, compassion will be observable in big dollops now. Acts of  ‘random kindness !’ won’t go amiss.

These few weeks are a preparation time for next year when,  with  Jupiter and Uranus  entering Aries then,  we actually will be ready to spring clean our old ways and, yes, behave differently!!  Self change has to be the most exciting adventure – our futures change because of it.  It is no bad thing to be getting bored with the old self expression. If I may liken this past year to weather patterns this has been a low trough or low pressure time but with the worlds’ big challenges and our personal ones, at least we are pushed towards new solutions.

The major planetary alignments at work force decision making at a soul level and a new kind of resourcefulness.  We are certainly learning a lot about ourselves and with that knowledge, new beginnings can happen.  When we feel we are in the unknown, the best way to handle it is by not knowing and, without the old behaviours, we actually get into  a magical alignment  with life and we don’t get so tripped up by our mental constructs. I know it works for me whenever I allow myself  ‘not to know’ in any crisis or low patch.

In my next post I will be talking about Mercury doing its retrograde thing for three weeks from the 10th December,  and Uranus, the awakener and maverick, going forward in direction on the 6th – some surprises in store!

Many of you have asked me  about the astrology of the forthcoming royal wedding and   Prince William and Kate Middleton’s  charts.

Both Kate Middleton and Prince William are  in their 29th year, the year  which, astrologically, coincides with the return of Saturn, ruler of contracts and responsibilities, to our natal Saturn . An ideal time to get’real’ and cement things. Many of us find the age from     29-31 significant for endings and beginnings. As a Capricorn sun sign, Kate is more than ready  as Capricorn is Saturn ruled.  William has his progressed Venus – love planet- on his Sun next year. A major progression for soul connection.  Sweet!  Kate Middleton’s Moon sign is the same as his indicating empathy, similar habits and the love of sharing home space. Moons together are traditionally a marriage likelihood! And her social and communicative planets , Venus and Mercury in Aquarius , align beautifully with William’s  Mercury in Gemini. Mental compatibility is vital in a marriage  and they seem to think in harmony. Along with their Mars’s in conjunction almost on the same degree in Libra I am sure the physical chemistry is high. To avoid spats  a shared project outside the personal relationship is vital – needless to say, they really do have that ‘project’ with the roles they will be  playing in the public arena!  That’s how I see it anyway. They have a lot going for them.

I have a concern though regarding the wedding date.  As the Moon in late Pisces at the time is in what we astrologers call ‘void of course’  it is not forming any major aspect to the planets until the evening. I have honed times and dates of weddings for clients over the years and a void of course moon is not the best choice. Things get altered or have hiccups.  Although logically, the date is unlikely to be changed, though who can say…, the energy may not be as smooth or centred as  would be desired. However, the relationship chart is a good one in the main.  It will be interesting to observe…

Looking forward to your Comments