Hello again my Friends and Clients!

  • A re-imagining of our potential is happening.
  • The Jupiter – Neptune dance in Pisces. A once in a lifetime event.
  • The link between 2009 and now. What is the link for you?!
  • Solar Eclipse on 30th April in Taurus – manifesting a dream.


I thought this was a perfect time to write to you with the messages from the planets as an important conference is happening now between the giant planets Jupiter and Neptune in the watery, imaginative sign of Pisces.

Not since the late 1850’s have these two inspirational bodies been conjunct in that sign! Big changes occurred then, as indeed they are now.

It is always a very interesting dance and meeting when the slower moving planets form a conjunction in the same degree of the zodiac. In brief, Saturn and Pluto met in Capricorn on 12th Jan 2020. Jupiter and Saturn met at the first degree of Aquarius on 21st December 2020. Throughout 2020 Jupiter and Pluto conjoined in Capricorn as well.

The former two conjunctions of Saturn and Pluto and Jupiter and Saturn were the heavy weights! We saw the gradual reshaping of society as well as restrictions and issues of how we handle our inner and outer authority.   There was a fundamental shift in power structures.


And now we have Jupiter, the sky god and Neptune, the oceanic god, meeting at the 23rd degree of Pisces on 12th April for the first time together in this sign since 1856 – a time when the Treaty of Paris was signed and the end of the Crimean war.

Neptune was discovered in 1846 and saw the rise of mesmerism, spiritualism, anaesthetics and photography, the birth of Blues music – all areas of life associated with Neptune, which governs astrologically visual talents and the separating or dissolving of boundaries between matter and consciousness.

Jupiter has a 12 year cycle through the zodiac and Neptune 164 years. They are co-rulers of Pisces, 12th sign of the zodiac. Pisces represents the collective energy and the attunement and openness to source.  How well does that part of us – wherever it is situated in our birth chart – deal with our yearnings, longings and openness to the energies surrounding us?

Some of us struggle with addictions and escapism, the negative tendencies of Pisces, and others feel and express its connection with healing, the arts (especially music) and intuition. The pull between the mundane and the ideal world and romance is not easy, yet we can combine them and dance between them.



Venus and Mars join in this dance now and heighten our desires. We feel drawn to romantic yearning, enjoyment of the performing arts (which have been very neglected as regards financial support in the past two years) and renewed passion for life and beauty.

April 25th and 26th are days when Venus aligns with Jupiter and Neptune, providing a beautiful opportunity to feel heart-love for self and for others.

So let’s look at what this meeting of Jupiter and Neptune is heralding. A cycle of 13 to 14 years is starting now, where new vision and perspective and also emotional intelligence will be more present.

Neptune rules the spiritual quest and the dissolving of boundaries. Jupiter is the seeker and expander of ideas and promotes optimism.

The message from this combination is to take a look at the bigger picture and widen our senses. The five senses and the brain act as filters – necessary for everyday living – but the 5th dimensional way of thinking and perceiving and the importance of the invisible and the dream life are coming more to the fore.


As children we are often told not to daydream or be a dreamer, yet we are being given permission by our higher selves now to be and do just that! We wouldn’t be able to imagine something if it wasn’t there to manifest

Einstein, a Pisces, was known as a day dreamer! To quote this genius, Logic will get you from A to B. Imagination will get you everywhere”.

How can we bring the wonder and awe back into our lives?

I hear time and again people say that they feel a sense of hopelessness about the state of the world. “What is the point?” They feel out of control, especially after the last couple of years.

This is the ideal time to surrender to ‘not knowing’ and instead look at the world through different filters.


Look back 13 or 14 years – around 2009 – when Jupiter and Neptune were last together but in the sign of Aquarius. What dream or idea took root then? Did you follow through with it, or did life take over as it often does and you neglected to allow it to blossom?

What dream do you dare to dream now and what adventure do you want? The inner tutor – Intuition – is available in quantities now. The task is to trust it and have renewed faith! The right hemisphere brain is coming on stage more and a different rhythm is at work and play.


The arts are coming to the fore and we will see big talents emerging, along with themes in the media encompassing fantasy, the sea, mysticism, magic and telepathy (all Neptunian energies). Themes will show up in films and music such as sacrifice, forgiveness, prophetic dreams and healing. References to deep sea exploration, oil and gas production, pollution and toxic waste, will increase in the headlines.

Be especially careful with online security and media intrusion. (Neptune rules the media). Choosing to switch off technology more, and being more discerning with what we invest in, how we use our time and what we believe in, will become increasingly important for wellbeing.

Fake news is everywhere; some things on the world stage are not all that they seem and we are slowly learning to trust our own knowingness.  Where Illusion and manipulation has occurred will become clearer, and we will wonder why we allowed this to happen, especially in the media.

With Jupiter being Neptunes bedfellow for a while now, we are encouraged to feel enthusiastic about a possible new journey, an adventure of self-discovery, and an honouring of the inner teacher.  Settling or relocating will appeal to many of us. What is home for us?  Are we nomads at heart or settlers. And why?


Listening to our bodies and paying attention to our intuition will serve us well this year.  We may eventually discover that many a genius has been born around now. Many great artists were born with a strong Jupiter/Neptune aspect in their horoscope.

The desire for peace is strong. Peace starts within us and eludes us when we look for it – a bit like time itself, which we lose when we try to hold onto it. To be connected with something bigger than our worries and day to day life will gradually gain importance.

Grace is a big part of Neptune’s energy. Allowing ourselves to be open to and touched by it creates more ease and space inside of us for the timely things and people to enter our lives.

The psychic senses are just natural senses which we don’t use or trust sufficiently. This year of 2022 will see a heightening of their capacity.

We have so much potential that we don’t use! An awakening time is happening, and getting back to something you once loved to do will gladden the heart.


The partial solar eclipse on 30th April in Taurus highlights decision making and the clearing of bodily and emotional toxins.

With Jupiter moving into Aries on 11th May until October, when it then returns to Pisces until the end of year, do look at your dreams and creative needs now.  Think outside the box if need be.

In May the urge to rush forward and activate those dreams will be strong, so centre yourself in what you want to manifest as you move towards April 30th.

Allow your old habits and self-perceptions to dissolve, making room for the bigger and creative part of you to emerge. We are really being guided now; it is only the familiar self-image and the fear of shining our light that now holds us back.

We are so much more than we think we are! This beautiful meeting of the sky and ocean gods this month of April is a bright mirror within which we can look and transcend our limitations. Not in an inflated way, but in a graceful and expressive manner. Thinking small doesn’t serve us well, and fear is never a good adviser!


Trusting ourselves by harnessing our inner Creator wisely, with love as its centre and its north pole, we loosen the hold that fears and blind acceptance can have over us.

We are the music and the magic and the dream weavers. When we embody this into our lives, our projects, our businesses and our relationships, we are being true creators here on Earth and our hitherto un-lived potential is lit up. With that joy we can light up others.

Creativity and joy are good and natural companions. Being very present in what we do now will free us from some of the uncertainties and mixed messages we daily receive from the outside world.

Wishing you a creative time to come!

I am here if you feel it is timely to explore your birth chart more, especially with what this once in a lifetime meeting of Jupiter and Neptune in Pisces will bring your way with its guidance and inspiration.