So… here we are in the midst of Eclipses, the 4th of  7 ninety  degree angles between feisty Uranus and confrontational Pluto and the tail end of Mercury’s 3 week retrograde cycle.

It’s been a bit of a rollercoaster recently.  How turbulent, or just exciting, is dependent on how real we are with ourselves and our lives. Whose script are we acting out!? The wake up calls – health, relationships, money etc – have been getting gradually louder if we  have put out heads in the sand these past months….

Essentially,  it is a liberating time period this  late autumn;  an opportunity to stop acting like hamsters on a wheel – or the like – and be aware of the dangers of  not recognising when things are overdue for change.  The  tense astrological aspects at work help us make overdue decisions and break patterns and addictions. I am sure we have found that if we don’t then others around us do it for us. Or our bodies give us a wake up call and so on! Playing victim now doesn’t solve it and we are fast finding that. Time to gently and willingly take charge of our own lives.  What a fascinating time for discovering and re inventing ourselves.

The recent hybrid solar eclipse (Nov 3rd) in Scorpio combined with Mercury retrograde in that sign bring out the detective and psychologist in us all. These  wise teachers  are saying:  “Let’s re work things and re frame them. Let’s go deeper into  what we have avoided in ourselves and re consider an aspect of self and the world  we have been afraid to look at,choosing to see it in an entirely NEW way”.

The intensity of late,  much of it run by fear, begins to lessen as we  move through November 10th.  Have we been feeling overwhelmed  because we have  been ignoring inner signals         which were suggesting change and release? Or have we  chosen to go a different route and indeed  even dared to take some chances and opportunities, knowing we are more than ready?Excessive tiredness recently can suggest too much of doing things in old ways and even doing too much because of fear of loss and security.

This is a great time for individual growth and this growth starts to spill over into the bigger field assisting, without our trying, other people and the community as a nice result.

The ego gets a chance to feel comfortable with assisting our selves now and by not distracting ourselves in fixing others, or feeling over obligated to them. Before we can step forward with our lives, we need to attend to our own awakening, to take a special breath and know the world won’t die without our attention during that choice time!

Mercury goes direct in its motion on November 10th. Look back at the past 3 weeks and how you have employed the prefix  ‘RE’ in  your actions and intents.  Mercury goes retro 3 times a year and this one  since Oct 21st, has amplified the emotions and the things which drive us. How have they been serving us – or not?

How many discoveries have you been making? Especially about what is important at core.  How  far do we go sometimes in placing value and stress on  the areas  that unconsciously run us!

I like to think of this Autumn as quite magical  if we are open to doing things differently and  if we are adventurers at heart and  see the humour in how seriously we sometimes take ourselves.

The coming Full Moon on 17th November harnesses the balancing creative force of Taurus enabling us to get a full perspective on the last few months.

Wishing you lovely days ahead.


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