I am writing this on the evening  (here in UK) of a solar eclipse. Can you feel it? As we’ve waded  our way through the 3 days leading up to it there is a sense of pending; a need to take some steps back before moving ahead.  Each month this is useful as we approach the New Moon time,  but, with the advent of the Moon crossing the Sun’s face and highlighting past issues,  unresolved emotions and the  need for necessary endings, this month is especially potent.

In 2 weeks time on November 27th there is a second – in this case – a lunar eclipse at the Full Moon. (Eclipses run in pairs).  And I am sure you will notice,  if you stay attuned to your instincts and rhythms, a strong connection between these dates.  Recognising the presence of desires and fears from the past is the key so we can be discerning and transformative in dealing with them.

A Scorpio  eclipse time is a mixed issue. Our primal side   rears up and we can use it creatively and awaken the passionate side of us in healthy ways or wallow in emotions we can’t fix although we try in self controlled and impatient ways.  Keeping humour helps! As ever!  Eclipses zap the earth’s energy field and, as our bodies are  ‘earth made’, we can also feel that effect. Wisely, pace yourself!  Going deeper within and being gentle with raw feelings and frustrations helps. Don’t be afraid of your power. Feel it like Nature does  in its growing power rather than  sabotage with it.  Over the coming weeks these are important messages from our soul’s knowingness.  Sometimes we have to  ‘allow‘ what we are feeling before it can change!

Saturn – the task master- helps us grow up now

Here in the Uk we have been dealing with authorities and the revealing of sexual scandals linked with abuse and harassment in high places. Heads are rolling and, along with the theme of Pluto in Capricorn (power and authority) since 2008, we have at present taken a side step from issues related to governments, banks etc  and addressed the earthquake surrounding sexual abuse. In early October when this seismic activity erupted re a famous figure in the media, it was the tip of the iceberg.  Corporations   like the BBC didn’t escape.  The charisma of those in power in media  needs to be accompanied by responsibility and  now, as   Saturn which rules authorities and ‘just deserts’ and honour, enters  Scorpio, the sign which rules sexuality, power and transformation, we see the judge and jury it represents at work .  The last time Saturn  ingressed into that sign was nearly 30 years ago.

It will be there now for 2 and a half years  but its entry heralded here and in the UK’s astrological chart  the  truth and reality of what has been covered up in matters of  abuse and power.  The so called innocent, free age of the late 60’s and early 70’s  gets another darker look at.  Mars entering Saturn’s  home sign of Capricorn on November 17th, may escalate these matters and re frame and reconstruct these  organisational bodies.  And how honest are we at the  individual level  being with the use of our inner resources and values?  What are our real desires and fears and  which of those desires enliven us and which  drain us?

Although this all sounds a bit heavy, clarity (quite a bright light!) paves the way and to a view of new pathways, and in our own lives at a personal level it is now a good time  to  get clear and have courage to approach what we have kept pot bound and shelved. In other words to follow our light more. Stuff  un addressed makes one very tired!

With major planetary angles at work until 2015,  change of our own making is important. People waiting for change will feel they are  out of sync very quickly. Blaming the outside and ‘hoping for the best’ doesn’t crack it any more. We have to be more self responsible now and the universe supports us better. Thinking outside our little  boxes, daring to and taking some chances and reactivating previous  positive challenges will energise us.

Fear wrapped around money issues is isolating people more and  we are not reaching out and sharing our lives with others and society enough because of it. We are feeling it is safer to live in the box and we strap the hatches down to the point where creativity and social engaging are  losing out. Even in small ways let us  choose to  see ourselves as one with life and not as an  ‘ island!’

Mercury rectifying what is necessary!

Good old trickster Mercury is retrograde until November 26th  ( It started that process on November 6th) – just before the lunar eclipse on 27th. This happens for 3 weeks 3 times a year and really it is an ideal time to listen to our rhythms more and right brain intuition and not press ahead too readily. Working with words with the prefix RE helps a lot and WORKS!  Re – do things, re visit people and places, rectify and edit, back things up – including technology –  and reassess decisions. Be extra aware of potential mis- communications, travel hitches and  over loading self. On a lighter note, things lost can be re found,  old opportunities pop up and  a more lateral way of looking at things  develops.  Re styling our look personally and in business pays off. I would recommend around the 25th – 27th  November to slow down a bit and  be extra meticulous with details, words and plans. If we cooperate with this cycle we then strengthen our self  awareness rather than play victim to life!  Doesn’t that sound a good plan?

Recognising our lovely Higher self

So, in all a fascinating few weeks up coming  and  a time to respect self and our physical energies  more. Certainly it serves us well to reflect now on what is necessary and heart felt whilst still doing the daily grind. Being unconscious – like a hamster on a treadmill – in our response to life  is not the best way to be joyful now.  Growing our power is a beautiful thing and not something to be afraid of or abused. Making friends with our higher selves  and being aware of its presence on a daily basis assists that and certainly dispels lonely feelings or getting off  track.

I will write again as the eclipse phenomena develops later this month.

Ps: I am running a couple of evening workshops on this subject and   how to work with our  Timing  on Nov 21st and 27th in Guildford.  Would love to see any of you local to me or even those who don’t mind the travelling here!  Check this out at  www.bardesarts.co.uk   or contact me by email or on  (+44) (0)1483 572688

Till then… my Warm Wishes