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The planetary cycles and angles tell stories, past and future, of change,  revivals and opportunities for dissolution of old and new awakenings within individuals and on the world stage. .Do  have a read, if you haven’t already, of my  astrological and timing take on 2016!


In this post I will be covering:

The dilemma – and how to work with it – of the current Saturn and Neptune quarrel.  How structure and limitless boundaries can work together in our personal and world relationships.

Mercury’s three week retrograde cycle from 5th -26th January. Rectification and using the prefix ‘RE ‘ inform of actions. Opportunities returning..

Helpful Jupiter in the self mentoring and healing sign of Virgo

Mars in passionate Scorpio igniting our drive.

My forthcoming “Art of Timing ” workshop in London.

Find out more about the above in this post.


SO, let’s look at some current cycles of  astrological happenings:

Two of the bigger players in the cosmos, Saturn and Neptune – representing the parts of us which struggle with the divide between optimism and dreams on the one hand and pessimism, fear and victimhood on the other- are quarrelling! Their positive traits are inner authority, realism, structure,morals ( Saturn) and unconditional love and vision, limitless dissolving of boundaries (Neptune). To name just a few traits! Their synodic cycle ( synodic meaning travelling together from their conjunction to waning square ) started in 1989 – think what was happening then in history! Structures were dissolved big time.  The Berlin wall came down and since then connectivity and with far less boundaries around has increased.  The world wide web event in the 90’s connected people big time!  What does belonging mean nowadays?  And how far has freedom , without structure and maturity, become a problem?

In a 90 degree angle ( stress and crisis which leads to change) -a  waning aspect  to one another now –  it is easy to project stuff onto others with the resultant blame mentality which accompanies that.
So see this as an opportunity, starting at home and in day to day matters, to use misunderstandings and gripes as a chance to avoid getting foggy and play ‘poor me’ and be mature and open to hearing others’ point of view before criticising and blaming. Fear steps in when turmoil and violence occcur and… we react. Survival! Or so we think..

The more we make peace with our personal worlds, like a ripple in a pond, it spreads and impacts the bigger picture. Otherwise, uncertainty and impulsive behaviour and choices run our agendas.

Uranus and Pluto are also experiencing a separating ‘ square’ as we go into 2016. The upheavals and tension mirrored by that angle  have been all too obvious in recent years. Revolution – Uranus – and destruction – Pluto.  However, new ground and transformation are the flipside and likely to manifest as time goes by. There is still time to go with this influence though  as the lessons have not been learnt fully yet,  but  changes will be noticeable …  Matters aren’t so fixed and stuck as they were. currents behind the scenes are at work. Uranus stops being retrograde after many months and goes direct in motion on Christmas day. things held back and indecision can start to get sorted.

A Time of fluctuation and change
The slower moving planets from Jupiter out to Pluto  are all in mutable and initiatory signs this year. No ‘fixed’ ones. So we can expect a ‘moveable feast’ when it comes to world affairs and decision making.  Again, the message now is to cast light from within and harmonise our inner conflicts to individually play our part in healing the bigger shadows being highlighted.

All in all a dynamic time .And up to us, with our free will, what we do with it..


Mercury at work!

From 5th January till 26th, Mercury is doing one of its thrice yearly, three week retrograde ‘thing’!  Mainly  in the earthy sign of Capricorn, patience wins the day and, after the 2nd -8th January when it has a short time in Aquarius, loosening  us up a bit, it returns to Capricorn for its retrograde patch. Strategy and mastering techniques in communication and focus would be useful at this time. We won’t be able to get away with short cuts or poor communication so  be a teacher to yourself and take steady steps.  The retrograde cycle in both Aquarius and Capricorn asks for a respect and  understanding for what has gone before  as well as for progressive ideas. They can work together rather than be at odds. In mid January, at the midpoint of the cycle, it is easier to move ahead and flow, so ideally  use the first two weeks for rectification, reviewing and being extra clear regarding details and decisions

It is perhaps no coincidence this retrograde is coinciding with the new year, and this tells me that collectively the world needs to apply rectification, wisdom, and understanding to issues where there is inherent trauma, fear and uncertainty. It is too easy to be ‘anti’ things and authority figures. Rising above the ‘anti’s’ and addressing our inner judgments and prejudices ( it is so  easy to criticise in our daily lives and on social media when we are not in leadership positions ourselves …) we can embrace the strength of gentleness and dissolve fear and reactive behaviour.



It is natural to want certainty  but, with the mirror of the aforementioned Saturn/Neptune aspect, we need to feel safer at a different level and operate  in a different way to what we have been used to. These are exciting and creative times as well as challenging ones if we can be more present and willing to see life through different lenses. Waking up to that vision is the challenge and grace of this dynamic. We can always run from things and pretend but  being truly alive means not telling the old stories to ourselves but rather embracing what is happening and being a creator with it and  not a reactor.  Doing the same thing again and again and expecting a different result  as Einstein -who knew a thing or two – once said, leads to  insanity or at least a foggy inner world which we pretend isn’t there!  familiarity breeds habits and then stuckness leading to fear of change. We see this enacted in the world in religious wars and the like, so let’s not have the same patterns operate in our personal lives. It’s really quite wonderful how in our own lives we have freedom to heal conflicts and communicate with grace.

The retrograde of Mercury in January (starting with its shadow period on 19th December) will encourage this possibility and, on 22nd and 30th January  when Mercury conjoins with Pluto, we look for deeper reasons for our problems, along with  an opportunity to peruse why we came here in the first place! it is too easy to lose sight of our purpose and that we can let the spirit of that purpose accompany us.

With  assertive and passionate  Mars in Scorpio till early March and then during   late May till the beginning of August, having the courage to reclaim our inner ‘guardian’ and choosing to detoxify old scars and recurring resentments, we can look at what is important.  We can choose to use courage and intent and focus on direction. Venus in the seeking sign of Sagittarius in January encourages this bravery to’ go beyond’ and be more self honest with desires and  openness in expression in love, whether in committing more or in  asking  for more freedom to be oneself.  Commitment to authenticity will become more significant generally this coming year.

Jupiter in Virgo till early September aids this process by suggesting we become better mentors to ourselves and improve in small but essential ways our lifestyle. The media is full of advice – and contradictions- about foods,  body image, habits etc.  The year  2016 can see us getting more real about this kind of thing.. pulling back the veils of self delusions  and sensing what is timely and right for us now. The answers have always lain within, and the planetary messages coming up  are about dispelling the ‘fog’ in our own psyches and not avoiding  illusion by getting caught up, as many are doing, in fear regarding  the state of the world.



By being more authentic and having a better intimacy with self as well as with others, it would be no surprise to observe the bigger conflicts dissolving some of their fogs!  In essence we are all connected – the word universe means ‘one’  and, just as we have reached, with the waning angle between Saturn and Neptune which started in 1989, a huge lack of boundaries and information available it seems  at  a ‘ touch of a key’ –  we  do not need to create new barriers  but have a healthy respect for self and clearer self images.  Neptune is indifferent to boundaries and enjoys limitlessness, but we live in three D space and in physical bodies so balance needs applying.  Saturnine common sense and the     reality check master has a say too!

Believing in Self

I would like to apply the word Magic to next year. Magic in the sense of knowing we can manifest our dreams once the fog of the old ways of looking at self and the world is dispelled.  Energy and the capacity to evolve  is more malleable now and we can create  and harness ideas, intuitions and imagination to  business, health, relationships and timing  very easily if we walk through the doorway which has always been there but we have generally not  been too good at noticing!

The Art Of Timing

On the subject of timing , which is my speciality and is indeed an art, I am running an evening in London on February 3rd  2016 offering a unique and easy to understand approach to being in Time with our lives.

  After 36 years of working with timing, via astrology and related subjects,  I feel more than qualified to offer my expertise. It is a lovely and fascinating subject which I feel grateful to have walk beside me in my life.

Here is the link to book if you would like to learn more about how cycles and  the importance of beginnings – whether with  events, projects, businesses, relocation etc –  can help you.  Tips to navigate your life and daily cycles will be given as well.



                                                  THE ART OF TIMING

                          “Timing is what keeps everything from happening at once”  A. Einstein

An opportunity to look at your business cycles in a new way and gain a new slant on timing!

                We all have internal time keepers – so do our business – and Ysanne will describe how she works with business owners as well as individuals helping them with growth and timing of change. Good decisions  require right timing, don’t they? Cycles permeate life from the smallest to the largest events, commodities and organisations. We generally don’t go out on a journey without consulting satnavs, weather, time tables, maps etc…

Ysanne uses the core coordinates – date, time and location (longitude and latitude ) of a business or project to look at the starting points, turning points, troughs and peaks. And describes how the planetary angles and cycles help us align better with our timing, our day to day cycles and business plans.

You will go away with useful tips from her rich long background to apply immediately to your direction and skills.

About the mentor:

Ysanne Lewis has worked as a professional astrologer, forecaster and timing consultant for over 3 decades, both here in the UK and also in the USA, Dubai, HK and Scandinavia. She uses a bespoke and tailor fitted approach to businesses and uses the planetary angles and cycles to navigate her clients through change and highlights optimum times for start ups, launches, events and contract timings. Her tried and tested techniques, guidance and accuracy sees many returning clients in the fields of finance, small businesses, events and projects management. She is an entertaining speaker and makes her subject very accessible to people from all walks of life.


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               May I  wish you a  truly inspirational , rewarding and  happy, in so many ways, 2016

              A big thank you also  to  you my readers , clients and audiences for your support and interest in 2015!