In this first half of May we can expect sudden endings and powerful beginnings. A bundle of planets in active, restless Aries, attracts the extemes;  we see  celebrations, and,  at the other end of the spectrum demise of leaders.  The Royal wedding in the UK at the very end of April and the death of Bin Laden recently being strong  examples.

The primal part of   us wants a big say, but applying that urge to our everyday lives can cause impulsive waves.  Trusting our spontaneity is a task now.

However, as we enter  mid May there is a sea change.  New nourishment comes our way!  We see the Sun, Mercury, Venus and Mars  enter the earthy, grounded  sign of Taurus which asks of us to let our ideas and needs gain substance and blossom.  Use that timing well and,  like a sculptor,  allow shape and form to  develop in our projects and emotions. We are creators after all –  and if we believe the creator gave us life, then surely when we are being creative  that is when we are most alive in our  mental expression, artistically or with sensual and loving relationships. Remembering how to enjoy and feel comfortable with simple things will bring a smile to our faces.