It is lovely to be writing to you again and shedding some light on the conversations the planets are having as we move into the autumn of 2022.  Astrology is a language. Interpreting it and navigating it is my vocation and long life passion! It is a very active time now and how well we communicate and listen are to the fore during the next seven months!



  • MARS IN GEMINI NOW – words and language as weapons or connection tools. Our choice!
  • MERCURY retrograde on 10th September – The Law of ‘Re’ for three weeks.
  • MARS retrograde on October 30th – The art of dodging and adapting.
  • FULL MOON in Pisces on 10th September.
  • USING discernment in decision making.


This autumn is mainly about shifting gears – from the planets perspective!  They are always a mirror of life and timing here on Earth; we can go with the tide or against it! I know which I prefer. As a starter, assertive ‘let’s do It now’ Mars entered the communicative, chatterbox sign of Gemini on August 20th, and will twist and turn though that airy, mercurial sign until March 25th 2023.

“Why so long?” you may ask, as it normally only sojourns in a sign for approximately eight to ten weeks. Instead it will transit Gemini, and thus a specific area of your own birth chart, for seven months. This is because it goes retrograde – retracing its degrees from Oct 30th to Jan 12th – during that time, slowing down the process. More haste less speed comes to mind if we push ahead too fast. The last time Mars was retrograde in Gemini was January 2008. Have we learnt something from that time? What was going on in the financial markets and our personal worlds then?


Just as some of the keywords for Mars are action, vitality, spontaneity and initiative, so some of the keywords for Gemini are discernment, polarity, mental variety, diversity and connection. In the time period Mars is direct in motion, we can find new ways to use language and to relate. When retrograde though, we are asked to re-frame and re-think the ways in which we inhabit our minds and to also carefully consider our choices of words. With any retrograde motion, the Law of re applies: re-consider, re-view, re-think, re-visit and re-do. It might be really useful to educate or re-educate ourselves in how we use words in general.  Relationships of all kinds will be open to problems if we don’t do that.


In martial arts, the art of aikido incorporates the skills of avoiding direct conflict by movements, mental and physical, where stepping aside and the use of circular moves are employed. Resistant or offensive moves however are not utilised! Do watch a live or video performance of aikido to see what I mean. It will be only too easy between the end of October and mid January to reverse into grudges and old ways of communicating. Find out by recognising what these are. Trigger words can be unhelpful by causing impulsive reactions. Tactlessness is also more likely now. It is easy to drift into scattered thoughts and to allow our attention span to shorten now. This is an area to be aware of.

Deep breathing will centre us at this time. Especially ‘square breathing’, a simple but very powerful exercise where we breathe in for four seconds, hold for four, breathe out for four and hold for four. This grounds and calms us. The keyword discernment is so very important as we traverse the terrain of the next months.   Responding to and discussing issues, rather than reacting, will serve us well. This is not always easy, but this transit of Mars is timely and valuable for our growth and for peace, not war!  Allowing differences of opinions and really listening without judgement, ennobles the art of communication and relating.


We can have conversations with our inner warrior as well.  What are we at war with inside, and what do we project? How good are we at saying ‘no’ and having self respect?  How well do we use language in all its forms? How careless are we with language and can we learn to love it anew? With Mars being the warrior and the god of war, these upcoming seven months are an opportunity to re-negotiate and form new agreements on the world stage as well as in our personal lives. Curiosity and truly engaging with life keep us youthful. Gemini is a master at this. In these coming months, the need for variety, multi-tasking and exploring new creative pathways will draw us onwards. Be careful though of being too clever with words and of being overly mentally active. Choose with discernment what intrigues you, what you want to learn and what distracts you!  Don’t lose the forest for the trees!


From September 10th – on which date there is also a full moon in Pisces – until 2nd October, we have Mercury in retrograde motion. A good preparation for the Mars retrograde time starting on Oct 30th, as Mercury rules Gemini, the sign Mars is currently transiting. With projects, decisions, planning and journeys, give space for pauses, reflection, revising and re-editing.  Legal matters, clauses and details will need extra care. Again, more haste less speed! On that full moon in Pisces on September 10th, look at what you can release and really trust your right hemisphere brain – the side which governs intuition, patterns and meaning.  Around September 10th is ideal for surrendering to what is not working, and for contacting your higher self (which in many ways is your best friend), and using meditation and dreams to solve problems.


Things seeded, and thoughtfully intended, on the new moon in Libra on September 25th will help us move into the autumn – spring in the southern hemisphere – with grace.  Use the following few days for winging your wishes out into the world. This September 25th new moon opposes Jupiter, encouraging us to take some chances and think big. What and where do you want to spread your wing towards? With Venus entering Virgo on September 5th and Libra on 25th, those of you who are born under those signs, or have them prominent in your birth charts, can take advantage of the blessings of being given to as well as expressing your love and creativity more.

So what is the overall message for these coming months?

Certainly it is a complex time, and therefore a great opportunity to untangle the webs we weave around us.  By occasionally stepping backwards or sideways to get a wider perspective on situations, we won’t miss out; rather we gain time and advantage in our activities. This certainly applies in our relationships and we learn to re-value what is meaningful and real at a core level. Mindsets and opinions divide and polarise. We have seen plenty of that since lockdown in 2020. So much mental energy is wasted in petty fights with self and others.  Exhausting at many levels! These seven months until later March 2023 provide a window of time to empathise, to listen and to hold the space for others to have a breathing space to review their mindsets. Treadmills are too easy to hop on and not so easy to get off. Timely retreat is the mark of the spiritual warrior. Creative confrontation is far superior to being aggressive.


Fear sparks adrenalin. The Mars energy, which we will be learning much more about in these coming months, can be a cleaner, less toxic energy when used with heart courage and clearer goals in mind. We need to use this autumn to re – frame and understand our fears, angers and impulses.   This will not happen overnight of course, but a commitment is required to begin that journey. There is huge collective fear in the world at present – especially fear of the unknown. Raising our vibration a notch or two will help us see with new eyes the scripts being written and played out on the world stage.  We all have a say!

The more we keep our vibration up with healthy eating and conversations and not overly complying with ‘what we are told’ (especially from the media), will help de-toxify the density and fear which have built up, and dispel the mixed messages and the isolate and divide mentality which has been so prevalent in the last few years.


Saturn and Uranus are still hanging around in their tense 90 degree angle to each other. They represent the old and new ways, compliance or seeing beyond the picture presented to us by powerful forces in the world. We feel that energy especially in our solar plexus and nervous systems. What we do with it is up to us, but avoiding excess techie involvement, media and self-created stress and anxiety, will go a long way to aid us. The eclipses on October 25th and November 8th this year will see a clearing of some old beliefs, and a definite wake up call in many of us who have been gradually feeling that we have been sleepwalkers going along with the global currents of recent times.


So… a fascinating landscape is being spread out in front of us in these coming times.  Are we creators now or re-actors?  What is real and what is illusion?  What prism can we see our life’s direction through now? The exploration has begun and unless we ask questions, how can we ever evolve and change? The planetary movements now are mirroring our need for a stimulation of new ways of seeing things and an honouring of our individuality.

By choosing to know ourselves better we can help others better. A win-win situation, stemming from love and awareness.

Wishing you courageous and positive days ahead,