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I thought it was timely to write this blog as July has been rather up and down with the planetary cycles. How have you found these past weeks? If you would like my help with timing, and navigating your inner map do get in touch with me  by emailing me  info@ysanne.com

This year  I seem to have been honoured in being approached by parents and grandparents to explore their children and grand children’s birth charts.   I wish I had had mine done as a child. It would have helped my lovely Mum and Dad no end in  understanding their  shy and somewhat unusual child! I have some interesting  testimonials for children’s charts on my website www.ysanne.com

So I would now invite you to read my musings on this time period. These are   interesting times!

       We have recently experienced two eclipses in the signs of Cancer and Capricorn  in July and shortly we experience the new moon in Leo ushered onto the cosmic stage on 1st August.

The word eclipse means ‘to leave’ and changes politically in the UK  and elsewhere have happened. The world stage is undergoing more than usual  surprises.

What has left or been brought into the spotlight in your life? What endings have been necessary? Eclipses zap our energy fields so knowing the art of resting the body and mind has been and still is important. Avoid running scripts through your mind  of how you think things should or could be. The theatre of our lives has more impromptu episodes and changes of plot than we realise now! It is no bad thing to get out of our own way and observe for a while.

Lunar eclipses, which happen at the full moon when both longitude and latitude are aligned with it, affect women more and also the weather. The 16th July one spreads its influence for many months.

The ‘climate batches’ of swoops of temperature and hot and cool are mirrored by Uranus in the early degrees of earth sign Taurus. Its seven years in that sign, which started last year, see unexpected changes and wake up calls to do with nature, our body awareness and resources and values.
Matter is not just of the earth.  We can look at ‘what really matters’ now!

SWINGS OF Uranus governs the liberating breakthroughs and breakdowns of the old and pot bound conditions, and mother Earth, linked with the comfort zones of Taurus, is nearer to our hearts and ‘edges’ of acceptability now.  Climate activists mirror the more rebellious side of Uranus.

Eccentric swings of what we should and shouldn’t eat, extremes of diet choices and media warnings of what can damage us, abound. Yes, it is good to cut down on junk food but we also junk feed ourselves with information, quick fixes and loose opinions don’t we? It is empty, not quality energy, and we then  crave more so as to find a real answer.  Indigestion in all ways happens!

Finding our own inner authority this year as the master planet Saturn and Pluto, planet of transformation and power, conjoin in Capricorn in December and through next year, will be the way through this off kilter time. Uncomfortable maybe, but we can grow up a bit more and parent ourselves in better ways.

Today is a dark moon time –  this  is always so three days before a new moon – and good for retreat, allowing the shadows to have their say and preparing for the new monthly cycle heralded in by  the new moon at 8 deg Leo at 4.12 am BST on Lammas day Aug 1st. In Celtic lore August 1st is the harvest time. Where that falls in your own chart or that of your business is pertinent to growth and new beginnings in  that area..

It coincides this year with the trickster planet Mercury going stationary/direct in motion after three weeks retrograde.
Have you noticed returns of situations, equipment and machines needing repairing or replacing? Opportunities re appearing? The prefix ‘re’ applies now.Have you noticed people coming back into your life and also postponements? Changes of travel plans and delays? The right hemisphere brain wants a say and logic and decisions from that place can go awry.

We all need to pause and step back at times and retrograde cycles such as this are timely.
So…. yes, in the next couple of days don’t rush things or decisions. Trust your instincts and intuition more and wait till early August.

As we move further into August the energy is clearer for action and clarity. Use the new moon on the 1st August for seeding new ideas and wishes. With expansive Jupiter  going  direct in motion  on 12th August, after being retrograde since mid April,  the bigger picture and issues to do with travel, foreign contacts and trade can move forward more easily. More optimism is present.
With Mars, the Sun, Venus and Mercury in the fire sign of Leo in August claiming our inner playful child and choosing creative approaches to ideas and problems will be wonderful.

Self value and a heightened capacity to show,  give and receive love will be even more wonderful!

The NOW is where new starts come from. Let’s use August to re kindle trust in our selves, come  from the heart and recognise that indeed … everything is interconnected. The Leo energy rules the heart where we are all connected. Coming from that place and giving the brain some rest time will help us breathe with life  and our inner timekeepers better.

 For “The mind creates the abyss and the heart crosses it”

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Have sunny days!