I wanted to write about this pivotal time as I believe changes come at the right time, in the heavens and in our lives. Understanding the language of the planets and their messages gives us valuable clues for growth, and handling new chapters. I hope you find this helpful and, of course, timely! Dip back into this from time to time as the eclipse paths approach.

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HOW do those headings sit with you? I chose them as  navigational pointers to address this transformative month of August.

As I  start writing it is the 1st August – the date in the Celtic northern calendar called Lammas, and one of the  nature points in the year which intersect the equinoxes and Solstices. This  festival is the pivot point between summer solstice and autumn equinox  in the northern hemisphere, marking the beginning of the harvest. In the southern climes change and an inner ‘handing over’ to the powers of nature are at work in a different but still cyclical way. The nature part of us is asking us  to be aware of this especially as we experience clearing  grounds  now and upcoming choices.

In the wheel of the year, the sun deity transfers its power into the grain and is sacrificed when the grain is harvested, creating new life and  a reaping of what has been sown.

At this time of  a  pivotal eclipse season, look back at the duo of eclipses in February six months ago  and peruse the connections between then and now. Did events and  realisations  have a resolution or are they returning now? Events this month will shed their lights and shadows in the coming six months. Anything illusionary or unclear will be faced – and I would encourage a re think of what we pretend is okay when it is not.

Simplifying matters, paring them down to what really is happening, is key now. In general, making things a bit simpler will be healthy too,



We will no doubt be hearing much about the coming eclipses which occur on 7th and 21st August.  The latter one sees a total eclipse path right across the United States, ending near the east coast and touching the president’s rising degree in late Leo.  The last one was 99 years ago. Significant, for sure! It is aligned with the fixed star Regulus, also called the king or royal star.

Whilst this can highlight leaders and royalty – history  books tell of  the demise or fall of these people at eclipse times – as  individuals we have the opportunity to address what or whom  we put on pedestals and give our power to without even realising it. Time to leave the stage!  Do remember, after endings and change there is fresh new life – we don’t fall off the end!

What about our inner leader and claim to – if not fame – then new recognition?  Whose light has been eclipsing your own for too long?  Why have you allowed it, even whilst blaming or finding excuses for them?  It is quite easy also for carers and caretakers to have their own needs  gradually eclipsed by another and wake up calls occur when this goes on too long.



Are you open to change and a new relationship with Self? Are you wanting to be truly heart centered and, with courage, clear some decks and patterns of reaction which have become entrenched due to fear and habitual familiarity? If so, this is going to prove an exciting and liberating time period as we journey through the latter part of 2017.

Especially from late August, with Saturn going direct after many months, there will be clarity regarding why some circumstances have been held back – ambitions goals and the like. Seeing the importance of divine timing, seeing  where there have been weaknesses and strengthening our tools of trade can start to pay off now and better roots can grow.



This a time period which gives access to its spirit in the form of a gift!  By allowing it in it provides the ability to know when we are out of sync or lonely due to a mismatch between ourselves and people, places and jobs. Ingrained reactions can battle too easily with new life. Blame and its culture, so prevalent at present, and uncertainty, which makes us feel out of control, thus encouraging hanging onto the wrong things, show up in tiredness, repeating scenarios and distractions.

The eclipse duo this month brings us to the heart of matters. The regal sign of Leo and its polarity sign of Aquarius is having its time on stage – Self and the bigger community. Fairness and shining ones own light can  combine well or… be in conflict. To be in harmony with these necessitates being centred and authentic. Only then can we make right decisions, especially in the matters of the heart – Leo ruled – and inner leadership.

Matters and cause and effect are accelerating fast now, personally and on the world stage.  Circumstances, when we have distracted ourselves or been in denial about something unresolved or festering, arise which are tailor made to  shunt us forward. Bright mirrors and wake up calls occur. The higher self’s urge to grow and not waste our precious life is at work.



There is only one You and it is unique. Nobody else can be you. The new understanding of ego and valuing self grows at this time. Not the  egotistical ‘I am right’ attitude and misuse of power but  the being open to shining our light by knowing the personal and universal soul better (both are big lights.) Honouring your uniqueness is a big message now.

The total solar eclipse on 21st August highlights this message. The  partial lunar eclipse on 7th August highlights both Leo and Aquarius. Aquarius seeks the inner and outer friend and the companionship of walking into a future in equality and not hierarchy. Tall orders!  A theme though to be graceful and open with.

Eclipses have been seen since ancient times as clearing houses, endings which are overdue and, especially with the solar one on 21st, a re setting of consciousness and re awakening of  a latent part of us.   As I mentioned, the  ancients associated eclipses with the demise or fall of  leaders and other public figures. Indeed this is not uncommon. Things needing to be eclipsed are the shadow side of Leo –  arrogance,  concern with how people see us, pride and dominance.  The  light which emerges afterwards of new possibilities arising out of the inner death of old identities we carry can be joyful. With the eyes of a child we see life anew.



With a stellium of planets in fire signs in August we have the opportunity to get a jump start in areas where we have been stagnant or unconscious. Avoiding impulsiveness and anger and accidents is  a message at this time too.  Again, feeling  centered and avoiding the powerful emotional charge and  burn out that eclipses  can bring is a test which. as individuals. we can choose to work with. Being very present in our actions and  decisions  puts us in contact with our creative source which is healthy and empowering.

Being creative with problems and  solutions  and using the passion of the heart – the word ‘courage’ comes from the French and Latin  for heart,  ‘coeur’ and ‘cor’ .  These eclipses allow us to move our passion, the creative fire through us, and be used.  It is easy to let our hearts deaden and play safe. This is not the time for that.



So… what needs ending and what needs new life? At heart we know the answer !   It just demands being self honest and not letting the  pasts which are up for releasing get misplaced on a shelf in the future.

Clarity is the hardest task as some spiritual writings say.  However, when we allow the dust to fly away, we see ourselves in a new light. With the eclipses highlighting the line up of the Earth, Moon and Sun on 7th and 21st August, we have a window in time to take a new look at the past, present and future and, with the freewill of the creative spirit within us , navigate new pathways.



I have over the years heard from many clients how, when they have put off making timely, authentic change; maybe they have been stuck in disempowering situations, that, when they have harnessed the muscle of  courage knowing their life is precious,  in time the result becomes increasingly liberating!  Even when change has been forced on them the same applies.

Unlived parts of themselves come on their stage of life which otherwise might not have done,

Choice or ‘fate’  have stepped in and removed the road blocks!  Cul de sacs had no place any longer.

When we fear  for example losing some earnings or  some familiar but toxic situations because we might just fall into a waiting hole instead of a new and more healthy and vibrant situation, there is a tiredness, a  tightening feeling and a deadening of the life force. We don’t know who we are any more it seems!

So what do we choose – Love or  Fear? The body will always tell you if you are dragging old skins into the future. Life is full of guiding signs to alert us!

Our birth right and lineage is highlighted with the Leo /Aquarius eclipses in August. The creative spirit to solve problems and shine our light – Leo- and the friendship for self and other;  the walking in equal companionship with them – Aquarius. Leo represents the child and play and Aquarius the perennial curiosity. Both keep us young. We do not have to think old as we get older, unless we choose to. The body follows suit if we do the latter.

The  ruler of Aquarius, Uranus, the maverick and reactionary, went  retrograde on 2nd August and, as it stationed this past week of late July and first week of August, you may be noticing an increased impatience and  dislike of others actions and responses. Look within!



Leading up to the 7th,  allow things to show themselves more and provide some overdue answers. As we then move through the two week window leading to the solar eclipse on 21st, it might be wise to not initiate big matters. In astrological research it is found that things started  at eclipse times can get eclipsed, even falter later on . It is a healthy time though to see what needs to go, change its form and use the power to  come out from any shadows and start shining.  Strengthening our inner resources – our store house- is good policy now.

Eclipse energy can zap and weaken our physical bodies,  just as it stresses the Earths crust. So be wise. Get more rest to avoid the  burn out of its powerful emotional charges,  and take time to be centered so new pathways can show up. Reacting in old ways now will be a sure way to sabotage this!

With transformation times, there is always guidance at hand. Just be aware of its presence.   What needs to go now will go and what is really ours and best for our growth in all areas of life will stay.

It is indeed a clearing house time and approaching this with love as a companion is helpful.

Enjoy the child within this month knowing re generation at the heart centre is underway. From this all else follows.

Lighten up by knowing happiness is king when we acknowledge what needs to pass so we can turn the page into the next chapter.



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