Seasons Greetings!

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NOW for more news from the cosmic clock and its cycles!

ENTERING these last days of 2010 and the end of a challenging year for tests of clarity and timely decision making, the clearing paths of this Winter’s eclipses – amplified Full Moon (21st December) and New Moon (4th January) – draw our attention to old and new directions.

In tandem with these is Mercury in retrograde motion until the 30th December. Taking the Solstice time late at night on the 21st into account as well, (the word ‘solstice’ means sun standing still) what a remarkable two week period of time between the 21st and the 4th January 2011!
Throughout history, the Solstice time – when the inner ‘Sun’ and stillness are brought to our attention – has been associated with the divine birth of kings and gods. And of course the Christmas event of the birth of Christ.
These days are a special time for connecting with  the spark of life within ourselves, reminding us – lest we forget!  – of the commonality we all share. The inner Sun, invisible though it is, connects us with the light within, even more than with the light outside. And now at this quiet time inside, even with the habitual – for many people – frenetic Christmas rush and holiday season, a re-cognisance  of Nature’s rituals and a greater sense of belonging,  bonds us as humans.  The so prevalent fear of aloneness at this time can be dispersed by recognising that.

Here in the UK, with the huge dumps of snow we are challenged with, we find we can’t ‘get out there’ as much as usual.  We are thrown back on our selves more for company, and  there is a draw to reach out to connect with  ‘strangers’  sharing the same challenge.   A  kind of bonding occurs!  Nowadays – and this is in general terms of course – we live in a de-localised society. More than in the past, our families and friends live distances apart and long commutes to work from home are normal. When we find travel plans blocked we have an opportunity to rekindle a comfort zone with being alone or by looking at those people we live with with renewed eyes.  Also, the opportunity when  out and about by choosing to communicate with others by way of a greeting or helping hand.

I know this climatic condition does not apply to some of you because of geographical difference, but, hey, maybe the message in it still can?

Back to the Eclipses….  A Lunar – at the Full Moon (21st Dec),  and a Solar – at New Moon (4th Jan)  follow each other and provide a window of opportunity to release and then embrace change. Next year I will be writing more about the ingress of Jupiter and Uranus into Aries, when we are invited to choose whether we just await change:  a  ‘when it happens’  attitude, or to BE the change.  It is the year for initiating and not being victim. We know we are the latter when our experiences are always slightly ‘off.’   With this two week window,  the more we can lighten our inner burdens and re kindle the spark within, the more we will be in alignment with 2011. Whether our lives are tricky or happy,  the message applies. With the third and final conjunction of Jupiter and Uranus in Pisces on January 4th, along with the Solar eclipse at the New Moon, we can start re inventing the practical areas and playgrounds of our souls which have got stale and fearful.  An innovative attitude is key at this time.

But just for now, eclipses zap the earth’s energy fields and hence our own physical energies. A lot of  ‘old’ stuff comes up and is amplified.  The need to slow down and pace isn’t easy at this time, and  so this brings me to the message of Mercury in retrograde until 30th December.

I have been using the prefix ‘Re’  in words a lot so far and indeed those words are on target as Mercury which rules travel, decisions and communications in general holds sway.   In the last 12 days  it has been in the sign of Capricorn, suggesting we re assess our commitments and re think options. Sometimes our sense of commitment and responsibility put a big burden on us and we dutifully carry through with them – if only to get brownie points(!)    At this time, especially when obstacles occur, we need to check into inner guidance and intuition, and occasionally change plans. Not an easy choice at this time of year. But in hindsight, will be confirmed as wise. Contacting the wisdom within is top of the pile when it comes  for dealing with. Like a finely tuned instrument, we get familiar and discerning with the rhythm of the moment….
These next 8 days Mercury is in the  ‘ let’s get-going’  sign of Sagittarius. What can I say?  Maybe pace yourself, yet keep the enthusiasm and goals in mind!  Bright mirrors appear when we get off centre.

Especially around the 29th/30th when Mars (action) and Saturn (restriction) form a quadrant in the heavens and Mercury is stationary, keep the concepts of balance and patience in mind!  Again, listening to the inner voice and not letting it be overloaded with distractions and clutter, will make us feel nicely proud of ourselves!  Healthy self esteem is always good for growth. When Mercury goes  direct in motion on the  30th,  more clarity and forward motion are there for us to co-operate with.  I would suggest however that after the eclipsed New Moon on  the 4th January,  the decks are clearer for action .  Go with the tides. What’s the rush?

I mentioned in my previous blog that when Jupiter and Uranus went direct in motion in late November and on 5th December respectively, we could expect educational reform and discussions coupled with rebellion and upsets. And, yes, we saw that recently in London with the violence and anger re tuition fees in quite a startling way. In your own lives, look at the rebel in you this month and find ways to create change and discuss new terms of agreement which are overdue and healthy long term for both parties – you and the other in work, authorities and relationships.

This is a time of a plethora of revelations and realisations. Shake up of plans and habits are on the agenda, which leads me to believe in the necessity of acting as though we have ‘chosen it’  when obstacles and crises occur. They have appeared in front of us, so make friends with them, allow – actively engage in – letting them have their say, and then clear space within for change, new openings and connections. We are only stuck when we don’t Allow Change its place. We often try too hard with the  old mental agendas running, and  we write clauses into how change and newness should appear.

As we approach the New Year,  sense the turning mechanism of the cosmic clock and our inner clock towards re birth and new response to life.  The word  ‘Universe’ means ‘Oneness’, and,  by re -connecting with ourselves in a healthy way and  by choosing as a conscious act  to feel the light within each morning, we breathe more  easily in harmony with life and our goals.

May I wish you all a gentle, enjoyable Christmas and Holiday Time.

And a Creative, Loving and Healthy 2011!