These past first weeks of 2011 have flown it seems. I was very aware at  the Celtic  ‘ Imbolc’  time on February 2nd  – Candlemas in the Christian calender of the year – that this marking of mid way between Winter solstice and Spring equinox  felt very special. Did you feel the need for more silence and clarity?  It still hangs around as the Earth draws breath – as we do too –  for a creation of more space within and for a  re – prioritizing of needs. Simplicity works well now!

For those of you who were too busy over  late December and New Year to read my last blog on 23rd Dec, do have a look and see how my musings at the time have shown up  in your lives and on the world stage.

Leading on from those thoughts,  now in early February we see Jupiter nicely ensconced in Aries – the initiatory, pioneering sign If you start to feel a pull to the challenges which overcome habitual fears,  and  even a pull to adventures and out of the way places, it is timely. This is amplified  in early March with the Moon’s Nodes  (our spiritual direction) shifting after 18 months  in Capricorn/Cancer into the signs of Sagittarius and Gemini.  Ideas and information – Gemini – want to get into motion  – Sagittarius!  A re -orientating of our beliefs and  of what we would like, via learning, to add to our repertoire will prove observable and applicable at a practical  level  in our lives.

Jupiter is slowly moving into a 180 degree angle  to Saturn and we can choose to listen to the inner firm but encouraging teacher – Jupiter- or the critical fearful one – Saturn.  A well balanced Saturn in our own charts  has well defined boundaries and self respect and authority.  How about this? –  the words ‘authority’ and  ‘author’ are from the same root  – to ‘grow’.  So,  how are we authorising and authoring our own lives? And being in charge of our own ‘story? ‘   Something to muse on…

On February 25th, there is a dynamic angle of 90 degrees – decision- between Jupiter and Pluto.  As Jupiter rules education and Pluto finances and power, ‘fairness ‘  issues may rear their heads regarding students, fees and also cuts in public sectors. Links with late November/early December2010 suggest a need for governments to readdress matters.  Speaking out in general for one’s rights and principles will be observable.

On 18th February, the Full  Moon at the last degree of Leo, is conjunct the royal star Regulus. Apart from Full Moons bringing things to a  head, the last degree of a sign is useful for dumping outmoded ideas and emotions. It is in opposition to the Sun, Mercury, Mars and Neptune mirroring our need to take a look- and no doubt  judge, – people in power:  their motives and hidden sides, and of course our own need to shine, or conversely hide our light and the motives therein.

On a larger scale, on February 9th, we have the planetoid Chiron moving into Pisces after 5 years in Aquarius.  Chiron has a 49-51 year orbit and highlights our innate  wise teacher and healer. In myth, Chiron was highly skilled in  those arts but he also had a wound he could not heal or fix in the usual ways. In our charts he shows up as the wound  to which  ironically we are so attached , and, by transit the timings  of – hopefully- choosing to clear and understand it. Thus,  by quiet example we help others still stuck in that same pattern. The 49- 50 year mark in our lives is an opportune time to do this and release latent skills. These wounds vary according to the sign and placement of Chiron in our birth charts and include self nurturing issues, victimhood, power issues, our own authority,  shining our light, loneliness etc.

People born in the early to late 1960’s  have  Chiron in Pisces  and will now be finding  opportunities to re connect with their innate compassion and healing and artistic skills.  As well as looking at  where they feel victimized by the world and  by their oversensitivity to others pains.  Healthy boundaries will help.  Babies born from now and into 2018, will have , especially with the outer planets ushering in remarkable new impulses and awarenesses,  very strong psychic and healing gifts. As adults their capacity to influence via peace and vision will be welcome.

Okay, so with Chiron in Pisces now until well into 2018,  arenas of life  such as the co dependency of the victim / rescuer will be high lighted for all of us. On the world stage, how we address our need to help warring  and distressed countries will raise increasing  questions.  With Uranus in independent Aries  running alongside over the next 7 years we start to look more at where we enable others by placating and putting up with their behaviours which are  in sore need  of some boundaries. Growing up will be to the forefront. The wound associated with ‘lost dreams’ and  ‘if onlys’ will be addressed in our personal lives. How we handle toxicity at an emotional, addictive level in the environment as well as personally, will become an urgent task.

There is a subtle vulnerability and  grace available in these coming years even with all the dynamic planetary influences around, and holding on to the openess and love within those states strengthens our foundation to  handle change and challenges.  Gentleness is the greatest power when combined with self respect and boundaries. Some interesting  astrological messages  at this time indeed! But then, when slow moving outer planets change signs new time guardians and messengers speak to us and show the way.

In some beautiful way a connection to not just our physical home – Earth- but also to the Spirit or unseen world will  take on a greater sense of the sacred, and Eureka experiences, personally and  in the scientific world,  highlight the interconnectivity of  both.

Looking at things with new eyes is underway this year- the journey will be fascinating…..