Hello Again!

Let’s reflect for a minute on recent weeks. It’s a good time for reflection in any case as, being part of the great cosmic plan, we are poised on the threshold of big planetary changes.

Mercury was retrograde  between 18th April and 12th May. Not the best of times for decision making and moving forward in a fast way.    A causing  of some chaos in the areas of communications, arrangements and technology. { oh, and election difficulties as well} The prefix ‘re’ as in reassess, renegotiate revise etc    is useful to be aware of!  Since then have you  felt the need to change decisions   made during that time or have you found contracts or other agreements made then get changed or re-considered?

This year of 2010 seems to me to be a year of choosing Clarity and getting Real. Last year was decidedly unstable and prone to anxiety attacks! So now is the time to get clear about endings,  new beginnings and feeling more centered inside.  The fact that most of the planets are in the later signs of the zodiac as we go through the second half of this year  suggests that collective issues take precedence over personal ones. There is a push towards perspective and ‘the larger picture’.  Get your big ideas going then. But the really big Astrological news is the ongoing ingress of Pluto into Capricorn – where it will stay for the next 10 years.  The last visit there was 249 years ago. In future ‘Catching  the Wave’ news, I will be reporting more about this phenomena, but for now some thoughts and intuitions.

Pluto entered Capricorn on January 25th 2008, giving it a brief respite between June 15th and November 27th as it retrograded back into Sagittarius for that time. People like to use the expression ‘business as usual’ when things stay the same and the status quo is upheld. Capricorn is the sign of structure, status, ambition and organization. Also of authority – inner and outer. As Pluto reveals and destroys when things are outmoded, we are in an important  time period  for addressing of the status quo, ‘how things look to create a semblance of security,’ and the pull between the need to have the kind of jobs to give us status contra the coming from our core essence and what that is drawing us to do

Capricorn is an ‘earth’ sign and asks of us to be ‘real’ and grow up. Its spiritual message amplifies that by taking us into a deeper maturity when it comes to aims and inner authority. Expect some public structures and personal ones to burst like boils if they are not appropriate to the Now. Governments and other authority bodies may feel the whip here.

Capricorn marks the winter solstice time, traditionally the time in the northern hemisphere of the ‘return of the light’ and the darkest day. In times past, tribes would sacrifice a goat and then set another free. The latter would be a symbol of cleansing the past and its shadows and taking away the sins of the tribe. It was called the scapegoat. The symbol for Capricorn is the goat.  Many saviour gods, pagan and Christian, were   linked with this time of the year.

So – a thought – some scapegoats may emerge on the world stage symbolising the need for change and the breakdown of the old. There will also be charismatic leaders.  Think Obama in this case. But there will be more.