Hello again friends and clients!

It is interesting writing this in early August as we are approaching the finishing post of Mercury’s  journey retrograde. It has been retrograde  since 15th July but after the 8th of August it  slowly moves ‘forward’  and we will notice  definite clarity in decision making, and  correction of muddle ups which occurred these  past few weeks.  Mercury is all about thought processes, communication and negotiations and it has been journeying through the zodiac sign of Leo. Leo is highly creative in its expression and desires and its strong willpower can play out in ego and pride issues. Any injured pride and feelings of personal hurt may have been magnified recently.

We may have felt a bit overwhelmed by the impulse to  be ‘bigger’ – to  make our mark more – and its conflict with a  fear of failure and losing out. Its complementary sign, Aquarius, which was highlighted at the Full Moon on August 2nd,  is the archetypal energy of acceleration and community so this week is positive for   putting that conflict and intensity into perspective!  Having more humour about the importance of  our little dramas and need for appreciation from self and others, will enable us to feel freer and get ‘on with the job.’

At the same time we start now to feel more comfortable with where we are unique and talented. A win win situation when combined with sharing our light with others and being an  example for their own light to be ignited.  With Venus, the planet of love,  having moved  out of its ‘shadow’ period   in its own retrograde cycle this Spring /Summer time on July 31st  this is an ideal month now for seeing  if our needs and attachments in relationships are in alignment with our soul progress and growth.  This is wake up time for situations which are  being propped up by the past and which  need releasing.

This process could accelerate now, and if there have been recent disillusionments and perhaps hasty emotional decisions  based on fear and co dependency and not looking at reality, a feeling of liberation and self nurturing is available as Venus is happily placed in Cancer now  until early September.  When we close the door on reality, it has a habit of getting in through the windows! With Mercury about to go direct in motion in Leo on 8th August,  more healthy pride and self recognition  aids us in honouring our right to live  our daily life and relationships with self respect and joy.   Transactions and pending financial decisions will start to firm up now.

To sum up: seeing things differently and having the courage to live differently, will prove easier than we think this month so if there are areas of our lives  which  need to climb out of the mud now is the time!  Until the 8th use these next couple of days to reassess more objectively the Summer so far;  look at the actors within us who have been playing interesting roles (!) and then bring on the next stage set with clearer eyes.

With Warm Wishes