Time is a strange and wonderful thing – and it’s what keeps everything from happening at once.

The robbers of time are the past and future! Think on that for a moment or two. How often are we in the present moment and in alignment with our inner timekeepers and natural diaries? in small ways and our life plan?

There is outer clock time and our unique inner timing. To me astrology is the Queen of timing – the cycles set into motion at the start and birth of a person, business, event, decision and their patterns of  future troughs and peaks.  Going with the flow is great yet it also helps to work with our inner Sat Nav or GPS  which is intrinsically linked with the planetary cycles. Navigating them is a skill which I have learned to bring to my work  and am constantly amazed at the divine order and maps between the macro and micro worlds.

As we draw closer to the end of this calendar year I thought I would highlight the shared journey we are all on as mirrored by the planets and their timely cycles.

In prior blogs I talked about the sequence of tense ‘squares’ (90 degree angles) between Pluto in Capricorn and Uranus in Aries covering spring 2012 to spring 2015.  Pluto can mirror our collective fear base  and Uranus in Aries the drive for a quick fix and impulsive behaviour. Their initial conjunction in a 150 year cycle  was seeded in the mid 60’s, a time of massive shifts societally, nutritionally (the start of processed food) and  individualism and liberation. Now in its quarter aspect we see fall out from that and also the increase from normal warfare to cyber warfare. What have we learned and gained? A new understanding of what freedom means , and a heightened concern with what we are putting into our bodied from the earth take precedence now.

We have changed, the world has changed and so our options have also changed. It is vital now we can take timely risks and go through new doors and not allow the past to rule us with its habits and fears.  It can be easier than we think…

These dynamic, quite explosive, angles completing their  squirmish and indecisiveness mission next March ask of us to risk being more alive by then by willingly stepping with excitement, not fear, through the doorways awaiting us.  Is the new portal more acceptable than clinging onto falling rocks? We all have ‘edges’ where we get edgy and draw back. In the past that might have been okay and time served us that way. now it is different and if we feel lost, out of alignment and stuck, take a new look at that edge.  When you use non-resistance with wisdom nothing can walk over you!

With Saturn leaving its two and a half year sojourn in Scorpio on December 23rd we collectively shift from the digging deep – or resistance to – of a clearance of abuse patterns, intimacy issues, handling of power and debt,  to its entry into Sagittarius.

For the next two and a half years, with a brief retrograde back into Scorpio between mid June to mid September next year – a good time to do more clearance –  issues to be addressed are woven around walking our talk after making shifts regarding  our personal stories   and belief systems. The clue is in disovering if our stories and beliefs are useful now or rigid and self-sabotaging.

We can expect to see a speeding up of immigration issues, transformation of religious and belief systems and international boundaries and agreements. All institutions or bodied based strongly on belief systems will reveal innate cracks and either know their time is up, or be strengthened if in accordance with these new times. People will be drawn to working or supporting  causes which resonate with their timely path.

Neptune, after a year retrograde in its home sign Pisces, goes direct this 16th November.   Opportunities to rise above confusion and find more peace and release from self doubt are available in the coming weeks. But use the 16th and 17th for reflection moments and you will sense the tide turning with its art of making things simpler for ourselves.

So, yes, these are globally uncertain times, and with the completion of the seven Pluto/Uranus  squares next spring there’s no quick solution. The message though of this overlap time into 2015 asks of us to start being more responsible for our own change and have a  sense of adventure in small and large ways. You know that when we rush too much it is usually because of a sense of urgency. Well, the bigger urgency we sense collectively and the sense of time speeding up necessitates action but in a conscious and willing way. Only we can do it for ourselves – we are stronger now than we know. Open those doorways – the heavens are in agreement!

I came across a lovely set of words (sorry I don’t know who wrote them):

“Today I am feeling like a puzzle piece, wondering what my fuller expression is. I seek to match the contour of my life against the unknown nextness that edges in on me. I am alternately frightened and elated in my knowing that the larger pattern I am yearning to reveal will build itself upon the shape I give this day! ”

I will get back in touch before the end of the year, but as ever I am wishing you gentle and adventurous days ahead.

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With Warm Wishes