Have you been hearing – apart from  within yourself – that 2014 came in very definitely?  By that, I mean we were IN IT without getting blurry  and  mistaking it for 2013 when  we need to write the date etc!  2013 actually feels a long time  ago. I think so anyway. So, what does the mirror of the planets  and their scripts have to tell us?
We are in the midst of some dynamic crossfires and crossroads between the slow moving planets Uranus and Pluto. In every day language there is an on going 90 degree – tension – angle between them  giving us the quest to ‘show up’ and create fresh models of  thought, attitude and action for tomorrow. The past year or so has bred a certain element of fear regarding change  – and thus  impulsive reactions or risk taking.  Self doubt crept in for some of us. Now we are ready to think more outside the box in a life affirming way rather than  feeling like we are being tossed around by different  currents.
How exciting! Even uncomfortable sets of corrections can be timely. And this year is all about regularly tapping into the inner compass, thinking clearly for ourselves and allowing this big 90 degree  aspect to challenge and motivate us in ways we grow to like. It’s new territory but can become familiar as we go through this year.
January 1st began with a  New Moon.  A New Moon occurs once a month but is auspicious at this date.  There is a push forward to learn and work with the vision of seizing the moment when we feel its pull.
No time to rest on our laurels or procrastinate!  We have got used to a certain uncertainty, personally and collectively, and, if we can look at life through a different lens now and not fear  or scuttle into old habits life, quite honestly, will be on our side. Like the idea?
Okay, so let’s look at dividing 2014 into two halves: The first half sees 3 planets – Mercury, Venus and Mars (the personal ones!) in what we astrologers call retrograde motion. An optical illusion like sitting on a stationary train and seeing the train next to us move but subjectively feeling we are the one moving. And the expansive planet Jupiter is in the sign of Cancer. Briefly, we are wise to prepare the ground well , re evaluate,  get to know the inner workings of our goals, vision, and, indeed, ourselves!  Our inner home and land need some refreshing. But we can do this in a paced way and even enjoy getting to know in a renewed manner many aspects of us. This is advisable as, when we greet the Summer, Jupiter moves on into dramatic Leo for the next  12 months. How lovely is it to come on stage all sparkly and ready! And not too clogged with old trappings!
So, till  the Summer, watch for over reacting to things and rushing your fences.  When timing, auspicious  happenings and ‘happy surprises’  occur:  “Coincidences are just  one of Gods ways of remaining  anonymous! “
  So simplifying things these  next few months would be a good agenda.
Venus is retrograde (since Dec 21st )  till January 31st. Venus is about  love, relating, values and money.  So, re – evaluate now and watch for  people re-appearing in your life!  ‘Fated’ connections – meant to be – turn up. Noticed that yet?  And a sense of familiarity around meetings and new people. Think back to end of 2005 early 2006 and see links …  In business, re evaluate strategies to break free of stifling circumstances. With Venus in the sign of Capricorn, go deeply and honestly at this time. Ghosts of past things bring us messages and reveal lessons.   Time for intimacy with ourselves is good now.
What is ESSENTIAL  for your happiness now?  What are your real values ? Personal values – self, people, places, beliefs are – in the  re evaluating process now.  Money is important but is it and your earning power reflecting these values?
Mars goes ‘retro’ from March 1st to 20th May – try to make some solid decisions before it starts that process as things can  backfire a bit if you initiate impulsively. Putting brakes on within those dates works – let others, especially combatants, or competitors, make the first move. You will win – for  who fires first loses at this time! Obviously, careful planning and being prepared are exceptions. Mentally being a martial artist or tai chi player serves you now. Look at your weaknesses and strengthen up . Relationships with blind spots and shadows  which we have masked over with the veneer of politeness, peace and diplomacy  may show up as important situations to blow fresh air into.  The world may be needing  a brake job to take a look at  some of the tangles it has created.
Between Feb 6th and 28th Mercury is retrograde . Use the prefix ‘RE’ before actions and thoughts. Do a general MOT on machinery/ technology  and read small print. Re assess and revisit ideas and places. Old opportunities could pop up, and present ones  get changed.  Check details. A great time for rectifying and using your right hemisphere brain power.
 Including the ‘shadow’ periods when Mercury,  Venus and Mars retrace the degrees they retrograded over, the whole period from now till mid July should be seen and used as an opportunity to rectify and to interface between the messages from both the inner and outer world. Planets cluster together as we approach later April forming 90 degree angles to Uranus and Pluto so, with the volatility it brings in it wake, be centred and pro active rather than re active.
More of that Spring period in my next blog….
If we see this year as truly transformational  and work with fresh attitudes  2014 could prove very inspiring for us all.
To Sum up  the key words for this year:
Positive traits to work with – wise risk taking, and creative breakthroughs, nurturing  new projects and self so in 2nd half of year more full frontal!
Negative traits to avoid – projection of inner fears, escapism/addiction to habits, refusing change.
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Enjoy this next New Year of your Life!