A Return To Love – Venus Retrograde

Venus has been in retrograde motion since October the 8th (2010) and will remain so until the 19th of November.   A planet going retrograde can be compared to the appearance of the train beside you appearing to move backwards when stationery as the train you’re on moves forward…it’s a strange optical illusion!

During this period of time, the prefix “re” applies to the areas of life ruled by the planet in question. In this case, with Venus, love, money and creativity are affected. It’s a window of opportunity to return to lost loves by either re-kindling or releasing, revisiting unresolved emotional wounds and addressing our creative potential.

Re-learning gentle ways to love oneself at this vulnerable time is essential.

Also on the 19th November Jupiter (retrograding since 24th July) will also go direct….I’ll post more on this subject very soon.