Mercury retrogrades 3 times a year  for approx 3 weeks each time. I mention this phenomenon quite often therefore in my blogs , but I find this one – just started – fascinating. Let me explain why – and why at this time…

Mercury went retrograde  yesterday on 7th June,   just when Mars was gathering up speed after its retrograde period for nearly 3 months. Just when decisions and assertion get stronger, our mind sets get a re check and some reflection! It also comes  on top of the dramatic ‘tight’ crossroads – grand cross – of planets in the skies the last week of April. How many boxes and  fears have you chosen to step out of recently? Are you experiencing new inner  freedoms and enjoying the new you? Or, conversely, are you feeling stuck ?

Crossroads are always about choice and this Spring saw a major one. Did you get some realisations of what your authentic self requires now? Even making a stand for your own precious life and allowing yourself to move forward even if it doesn’t please everyone ? Perhaps, as a result, you  surprised yourself by  having turned a corner on your map and liking its terrain!

Retrograde Mercury  (as it retraces previous degrees it has already travelled over) guides us to retrace , reflect and re route . Incomplete  matters need resolution , hence a tip to not push forward too much at this time. Things are not black and white  now and logical thought can prove unsuccessful at times.

This retrograde time sees Mercury in Cancer – the emotional realm – retrograding  back into Gemini – the mental realm- on 17th June, eventually going ‘direct’ on 2nd July. The usual advice applies –  prefix ‘RE’ before words and actions, back up data, double check arrangements and take a review of your life in general. There may be occasion to re visit the past or places, and you can expect the reappearance of people in your life, and find lost objects!

At a deeper level emotional intelligence can be developed more now with this dance between the signs of Cancer and Gemini  going on and as Mercury is good at uniting opposites we have a lovely opportunity to connect up the right and left hemispheres of the brain and our intellect and intuition /feeling life.. After 17th look out for bits of missing information emerging and openings to clarify misunderstandings and communications which may have been brewing when Mercury was in its shadow time the past 2 weeks. Eureka moments pop up so write ideas down because  they are fleet of foot.

The approaching Full Moon in Sagittarius on 13th June 4.11 am GMT links with an opposition between Venus and Saturn and highlights the need to redefine our values and limits and clarify our past mind sets.

Jupiter, winding down its year in Cancer,  asks us to process our links with past, family and heritage.  As we approach mid July when Jupiter enters Leo – for a year-  we can expect to be propelled into a larger sense of self, presence and a re – imagining of our role in life!

Take your time, now though to wisely rectify some matters and be open  and heartful in communications and projects.

Anything re appearing  – be it places you visit now, people or even  unresolved conflicts  –  expect them to be healing and providing you with perspective and flexibility.

I am off to one of my favourite places, Finland – re visiting after 2 years-  to offer my work there for 10 days and re connect with its Spirit!

Keep me posted on your progress over the next few weeks! And, if it is timely to   re visit your birth chart with me  or look at the threads between your past and  where you are on your map  now, do contact me at: